Monday, May 18, 2015

We Are HOME!!!!!

We woke up to cloudy skies but NO rain this morning!

That made Louis Dean happy! He was all prepared to have to load up with it pouring down!

Dean brought Lucy up to us and said he felt like a traitor when he woke her up and said to come on.
He knows she loves it here!!!

He pulled our last load to the truck for us and then it was time to say our good byes.

All I have to say is - it's a good thing we have such a BIG truck because we sure do carry a ton of stuff with us where ever we go!

Can you tell Louis Dean was excited to leave the mud behind him???

I still felt a bit of a pang at leaving.
I work so much harder in my 'real' life than I do on the ranch.
I'll be back.......

The drive home was not all that pleasant as the truck A/C wasn't working so it was HOT!
I was looking forward to coming in and cranking up the house air and being HOME!

The good mood did not last long......
as soon as I came in the house I noticed it smelled old and musty.
A walk around soon let me know that we had a water problem! Again.

The gutters Louis Dean had not cleaned out and that he feared would cause excess rain to back up and come inside - happened.
I spent the next 5 hours sucking up wet carpet. The rain had come in the kitchen French doors and rolled on into the den. Plus there is an area by the front door where we step down and that was soaking wet. The sewing room step down was sopping and squishy.
Poor Louis Dean was so overwhelmed he had to take a hot bath and go to bed,
I sucked up water with my Rainbow - for a very long time. I turned TV on and pumped the volume up on HIGH so I could listen to the news and programs while I vacuumed up a few gallons of water.
It could have been worse - and it HAS been worse before,
The good news is that the kitchen floor held up well and there is no buckling or damage that I can see - yet.

After LD rested he rallied himself up and cleaned out the gutters.
They were totally stopped up!!!

Our whole deck is a solid mess!!!!
Plus the rains made everything grow like crazy - including the weeds.

So we are right back where we started!! Bone tired and having to work like crazy to try and catch up with everything! The quads are coming Wednesday and we must get the decks cleaned up and the gazebo ready plus Louis Dean will need to move all the dead tree branches and limbs that fell on the sand box. I just felt so sick to my stomach over all this that I actually took some Pepto Bismol thinking it would help.

Louis Dean had to take a second hot soaking in the tub after the dirty work was done on the gutters. Then we decided to just STOP and prop up our feet while we sip a glass of wine and count our blessings.
I will be totally honest here and admit that I did a bit of ranting and crying before I got to the 'Count Your Many Blessings' part. But I DID get there.

Tomorrow is another day and I am going to take a shower and go to bed.
In light of eternity, these problems are so very small!
I am also so grateful that we were not in Waco on Sunday and that we live a fairly innocent kind of life style.

So all in all - I am going to bed with a weariness in my bones and  an aching in my muscles but with a grateful heart.

We are HOME!
And that's always a GOOD thing!


  1. There's no place like home! :)

  2. OH LINDA! I am so sorry! What a wretched homecoming. And now you have to hurry to fix it all up as well. But you have such an amazing joyful and thankful attitude. You really have your priorities straight and know what is worth true sorrow and what is not. Sleep well, my friend.

  3. Oh dear, so much LABOR to get things safe again. Be so VERY careful, no tripping or anything like that. Welcome home and bet you sleep deeply tonight. Hugs.

  4. So sorry to hear about this wretched business. Maybe you could fey some kind of cover for your gutters so that the don't get clogged. Take it easy and just do what you must. The work will still be there the next day.

  5. So sorry sweet friend! Hope Tuesday is a better day!

  6. Linda, If you have fans , get them all want to dry everything out you do not get molds. I hate that you and LD had to come home to that . I can absolutely see where it would be stressful. Texas had a lots of rain and bad weather. Yesterday evening we had a monsoon. The water stood in the fields and the sump pump came on. You know how I hate that...I am always worried of flooding. Well by flood here I mean water in the basement. Please use your fans. Love you, Susie

  7. Well, the silver lining in all this fiasco and hard work when you arrived, and more still have a HOME!!

  8. My goodness, when it rains it pours. I'm sorry that you and Louis Dean had to come home to that. Hugs to you, my friend... :)

  9. Oh, you poor dears!! Praying that you are able to get things put to rights as quickly as possible!

  10. Linda, I can't believe your house is flooded. Well, actually I guess I can with all the rain we've had. It's supposed to pour some more today so I hope it doesn't happen again. Our friends just had a french drain put in two days ago because they were having problems in their back yard. It's working!

  11. Oh my....after a week relaxing to come home to work work work!! Hope you are feeling better today!!

  12. your state has been lambasted with weather and violence and i am so glad you are safe home. so sorry your house is flooded and i would be doing the rant rave to.. and like you finally get over it... i do hope the rain is gone for all of Texas.. we saw the horrible flooding today on TV from Texas through 4 states. get lots of rest between all the work that faces you

  13. There is just no place like home even in bad times.

  14. Oh, so sorry to hear about the water in your house. I can see & hear the excitement about leaving the mud behind and going HOME and then.....more hard work. ***sigh*** Glad you were able to 'suck it up' in more ways than one and have a better attitude now.

  15. Not the kind of home coming you would want but you are home without the mud:)

  16. Oh God love you both. What a thing to arrive home to. I am going to stop whining about the squirrel in the basement mess and whatever else I've been moaning about following your food example. May today be a vastly better day. Give each other a big hug and a pat on the back for all the work you've done and all the annoyances you've faced and Praise God you were safe on Sunday. Love to you both...

    1. Say, do you have a food example? LOL!

  17. Oh dear! Not a nice thing to come home to. Glad to hear your time away was so relaxing and wonderful...and that in the end you could 'count your blessings'. You always do!

  18. I hate to come home to a mess. We have water problems, too. A spigot broke off in the wall and we didn't catch it right away. The only way to fix it is to tear into the wall which is behind kitchen cabinets....they have to be removed. What a mess.....and yes- I understand being mad before you get to the blessings part. xo Diana

  19. Bless your heart. I am so sorry you had to come home to that. Praying you get a good nights rest tonight.

  20. Well, Darn! The rains have been brutal. So sorry you're dealing with all of this again. Not the welcome home you were expecting. So sorry!

  21. Linda I am so sorry to hear that you came home to wet floors, how disheartening for you to have to start a big clear-up as soon as you arrived home. You and Louis Dean are a great team. Don't feel bad about having a little rant, we all need to let off steam now and again X

  22. Linda Linda Linda. You attract water. That's it. You need to build a new house and turn this one into a pool. LOL All kidding aside.. I'm so sorry you keep having these water issues. I don't know how you couldn't rant and rave. I'd be a basket case as if I'm not already