Friday, May 8, 2015

Lucy is Having the Time of Her LIFE!!

 She spent the night down at the house with her friend, Rufus, and she is down there now as I write before bed. Dean is down to just one dog and he and Lucy are best buds.

I took this pic of her as we sat with coffee outside our camper this morning.

Louis Dean got his courage up, and with Sherry's help, they tackled getting the awning open.

He had not used the awning but a couple of times back when the camper was new - 15 years ago!
Thanks to a group effort, it is UP and will greatly add to our comfort here and give us extra time to sit outside. It came a light rain shortly after it was up and there we sat!!!

I took my new bike on a short ride today - and didn't even fall off!

Louis Dean's right knee has been hurting him for months now and he has been putting off having to go to the doctor. It has become so painful now that he is eager for me to make him an appointment for as soon as we return home! Riding his bike has actually helped but he can't stay on his feet for very long any more.

Lunch was a glorified pasta salad (my contribution) and Sherry made Pear/Gorgonzola Cheese Ravioli with Alfredo sauce and some shrimp!

We talk about and plan our next meal as we eat the current one.

We all got sleepy after lunch so they went home to take naps and so did we.
Thunder, lightning and a lot of rain followed!
Perfect sleeping weather!

No fire tonight!

This is the window of the girl bunk......

It doesn't get any better than THIS!!

Louis Dean has continued with his new found love of reading and started Killing Patton this afternoon. He just finished up a book on the Comanche Indians and it has caused him to look at things in a different light. The Comanches were just down right MEAN! Louis Dean is, himself, part Cherokee.

The sun came out and the rain blew over!

Beautiful sunset as I walked down to the bathhouse.

My Coach mud boots have come in handy!

'RUNNING water!!'

Amazing how fast the weather can change!

All kinds of pretty here!

Little ponds appear here and there and Dean said the ducks were swimming in their front yard - again.

There are a few things in this camper that remind me of my friends.
These pot holders were gifts from Kathy years ago and I think about her every time I use them - which is every day!
My friend, Candie, knitted a denim colored cover and I have it over me as I write.
The weather has been mild and the A/C works very well in the camper.

We are calling it a day! Time to blow out the candles and crawl in bed!


Ginny said...

What a wonderful first day! The sunset is beautiful, and the mud boots are perfectly beautiful. I bet the blue bike is yours. The dinner looks delicious and I am tempted to try making a similar one! Great pic of Lucy, she looks so happy!

Jutta said...

What a lovely day indeed!

Wanda said...

Another wonderful day at the ranch. I just love checking in and seeing what you all are up too. Lucy is a doll. Sorry Louis Dean's knee is not doing well. When we moved, we gave our two nice bikes to the grandkids. Not good riding in the city with so much traffic..even the bike lanes scare me. Dinner looked so good. Happy Mother's Day . Hugs

Penny said...

Sorry to hear Louis Dean's knee is painful. Please pass on healing wishes to him from me X

Sandra said...

OMD Linda, I saw your title and said to bob, OH NO Lucy died.. the relief when I saw the pic and read the story was immense... when i could not walk on my knee, it turned out great, all i needed was to excercise it.. hope that is what LD needs. that pond pic is gorgeous and i love the bike pic to.. you are off to a good start.

Susie said...

Linda, Where ever you and LD go, you sure make the most of it. I hope you do not get more rain. Sure would be nice if it dried up a few days. The sun is trying to come out this morning. It has rained during the wee hours . We are in for rain this weekend and Monday. I hope LD knee gets better, maybe put some ben-gay on it. Bless his heart. I loved your boots. I bet Lucy is like wild child running around now. Take care of yourselves. xoxo,Susie

bj said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a great glad.
We've been getting rain here in Lubbock, too. Flooding in areas but not too bad...we're so flat out here and not many places for the water to go.We can always use rain out here.
I, too, thought at first that your dog had died...sure glad to know she didn't...

Vee said...

Those vernal pools come up fast...glad that you are prepared...and glad that you are enjoying the rain, and even the thunderstorms. Keep having a blast! Must say that your meals do sound gourmet and delicious.

Estelle's said...

It's just heaven. Oh how I enjoy tagging long to the ranch. We have had rather big storms the past few days and are expecting more for the weekend, so be careful of those high winds if you have any down there. You took some award winning photos Linda....have a great time love!

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Wow Linda, this all looks so peaceful and fun. Your lunch makes my mouth water!


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

That kind of dog heaven!
Heaven on Earth!
I was worried for a sec!
There you are . . . back at the ranch . . . peaceful . . .yummy. . . pretty.
Make sure LD makes that appointment. It will be very uncomfortable if that knee blows. ( Although they do fix them masterfully.)
Happy Mother's day, Linda!

Linda said...

Your photos are beautiful, Linda, Lucy, the food, the brilliant views...everything!

Changes in the wind said...

Such a special time....enjoy.

Debbie said...

oooooo thank goodness, i thought lucy was in real heaven....i read that part 3 times!! lunch looks sooooo yummy!!! you guys are livin' the dream!!!

Nita said...

Looks like Lucy loves the ranch just as much as you & Louis Dean. I love your mud boots ! Thank you for sharing pictures and videos , it let's everyone be part of your adventure.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to see that y'all are having a nice time at the ranch. Your title startled me though! I thought that Lucy had died. I had to re-read your title and realized that Lucy was not literally in heaven but "dog heaven"! LOL!

Gypsy Heart said...

So sorry about LD's knee. Yes, he needs to see a Dr. My knees are not as bad as they once were and I'm so grateful! Now, if my back would just do the same. So glad you're enjoying your time away!


Carla said...

I guess we may buy a RV trailer for the farm to stay in. Now if We're lucky may have found one that we can live with.
Love your pictures.