Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to my One and ONLY Step Son! Berry Picking and Other Thursday Things!

I sent Louis Dean outside to play this morning!
He is just so cute I could pinch his cheeks! And I DO!!!!

It may or may not surprise you to hear that it rained today. Again!

It rained and then stopped but was cloudy and the forecast called for more rain!

Once the rain stopped, I took my 'goat food' - which was leftover lettuce, tomatoes and such - down to feed Buddy! He ate them right out of my hand!

While the sun wasn't exactly shining - it WAS bright outside so I was enjoying my nature walk!

I don't think I have ever been this far on the other side of the big tank before!

Wild grapevines - hopes of grapes on our next visit!!

Poison Ivy! Beware!!!

See this thicket??? I went right through it!!!

I followed my fearless leader!!!

THIS was what we were searching for - and FOUND!!!
Wild blackberries aka 'Dew' berries!

We walked up and around  the big tank and all around back down past this 'little' tank.....

Birds and bees!

I traipsed through a lot of stuff! AND I loved every step I took!!
I figured the snakes and critters that had gone before me were well aware of our thrashing around and would be more than happy to stay out of our way!

My step son led the way and I would never have gone on this berry picking excursion without him!

Cheers to my step son's birthday!!!!
Louis Dean wanted to be sure we were here on THIS day!!!

I always enjoy watching this father and son just being together!

I made quite a haul today thanks to my step son!!


I dropped a few berries in my evening glass of wine.....just because!

"Would you like for the rain to stop, and the sun to shine? 
Well, I can't do that...
But I can sell you some Wine!!🍷🍷🍷"

Quote from the winery that is practically down the road from us!

This was formerly 
Tehuacana Creek Winery where Dean, Sherry, Louis Dean and I visited in December 2013!
Pronounced 'To walk in a creek' winery.

We harvested three small bags of berries which I dusted with sugar.
I froze two and the other one I am going to use to garnish slices of this......

a make do birthday cake!!!

Dinner tonight was Swedish meatballs and pasta in Vodka sauce.....

with Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits!
It was YUMMY!
Louis Dean and I sat out by the camper and ate while watching the magic of the fire flies.
I remember them from my childhood but do not see them much any more.
I guess it's all part of the beauty of spending some May days in the country.

Tonight I drank wine with my beloved husband and his son.
It just doesn't get any better than this!!!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday to your stepson....yeah Berries!!!

Linda said...

Happy birthday to your stepson, Linda. Looks like a fun time!

Ginny said...

Gosh, you cannot get a break with the weather! But at least you got one really good walk in! Your pictures of the grapes are splendid. And Louis Dean really does look so cute in the first picture!

Kathy said...

Happy birthday to Dean! Another perfect day on the ranch even if it did rain a little bit.

Joy said...

What a lovely place and company and celebration!
Thanks for sharing a part if your world!

Wanda said...

What a lovely walk, and fresh berries.....yum. It was one of my favorite things a couple of years ago in OR when Jill and I put up 10 jars of wild blackberry jam. How nice to be able to celebrate Dean's birthday. It's pouring rain here at the Villa tonight...did you sent ti to us...we need it.

Penny said...

How lovely Linda! We call those berries brambles in Scotland. Sometimes I make bramble brandy with them to give as Christmas gifts, it is delicious! X

Susie said...

Linda, I just hate poison ivy. I always got it as a kid. Happy Birthday to Dean. That is a good picture of him and his father LD. You sure made a good supper. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

Hmmmm...those berries look wonderful! I would be nervous without a fearless leader, too. Hope that Louis Dean's son had a fantastic birthday! It must bless him that his dad works very hard to be with him on "his" day.

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! May birthdays are the best!!

Changes in the wind said...

Sounds like a great day and love the wild berries:)

Linda said...

Wow! what a great day! I remember going berry picking with my parents as a kid. Love the name of the winery.

Sandra said...

It has been more than 50 years since i last picked fresh black berries. YUM and i do buy them once in a while. they are really expensive in the stores. love the view of the TANK... and the sounds of trickling water. hope the rain lets up soon. although to much sun might make it really hot like it is here. happy birthday to LD son.

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet step son! Fresh picked berries are one of life's simple pleasures - so delicious. Looks like you had a fantastic time and a yummy dinner. Jane

Beth said...

Your time at the ranch really sounds like perfection. Great company, great food, great relaxation with few diversions or responsibilities. Ah.....wonderful indeed! The ponds are lovely, and the food sounds great! (You always make good food, Linda!) Well, at least what you blog about is yummy yummy food. Keep up the enjoyable vacation. I'm happy for you and I have enjoyed reading about your time at the ranch. :)

Jan said...

Sounds like you are having a great time.

Carla said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday to the step-son. You are way more trusting than I would be of the slithering kind of critters. Do I a blackberry pie in your future? ;o)
You've got me drooling over your food so I guess I'm gonna go find me some cherries to snack on till lunch.