Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday in Quadville!

I spent the afternoon in Quadville with Mike and the kids. Amber has been away on a Quad Mom Retreat and came home tonight! In her absence, both sets of grandparents have pitched in to help the Quad Father!

Mike and I fixed a quick lunch and I was impressed at how they have already trained the quads to empty their plates into the trash and then put them in the sink.

Naps followed! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE nap time?
I read two books and then joined them in a nap myself!

When we woke up, Kailey and I made some Fairy Dough. 
I've seen this on Facebook and thought it sounded like a fun thing!
It was super easy! 1 cup of hair conditioner + 2 1/2 cups of corn starch.
I mixed it in a large zip lock bag and then added a few drops of food coloring.

It worked great and smelled awesome since I used a fragrant conditioner!

It was such a beautiful afternoon that we played outside for a good while!

Is this not the BEST picture of Trystan??

She is so beautiful!

Logan wore some of her favorite necklaces today.
Their daddy made a run to get chocolate shakes and they were a big hit!

He brought them home and put them in the cups to make them kid friendly!

I was excited to see this photo where I caught Harrison just as he was jumping up to catch his baseball.

He is going to be a natural hitter!

Just a father and his son!

I love how these kids genuinely LIKE each other!!

Precious little boy.....

The kids are more fun to watch than TV!! AND a LOT more entertaining!!
They were fascinated with a rolly polly!

I fixed dinner while they continued to play outside.
These biscuits are SO good!!!

I made some old fashioned Rice a Roni with added chicken and chicken won tons.

We ate most of it tonight but I did save a serving of everything for Amber just in case she was hungry when she got home.

Granddad joined us for dinner and it just so happened that Kailey had wanted to wear her overalls this afternoon. These two do have a special bond and it is a beautiful thing to watch!

Baths followed and Amber arrived home to four happy, clean, fed children!
They were all so excited to have their mommy back and WE were glad she's back TOO!!!
2 sets of grandparents + one quad father = 1 Super Duper Quad Mom named AMBER!!!

Welcome HOME, Amber!!!


Deanie W said...

Ahhhh all the kiddos are so cute.
Happy Amber went on the annual quad mom BFF trip. If mommy is happy everyone is happy❤️

Amber B. said...

That's right Aunt Deanie!! And mommy is very happy! I'm also very grateful for such wonderful parents who help out with the kids so I can do things like take a trip, it truly takes a village at home! Thanks mom, I love you!!

Krista said...

Linda, thank you so much for helping Mike out because spending the weekend with your daughter was the best ever! She is an amazing mom, wife and friend.

Ginny said...

What a great Sunday! I have to say that these pictures of Trystan are the star of the blog! So tell me about the Fairy it messy, does the color come off? Is it better than Play Doh? I would love to make it for the little girls.

Kathy said...

I've been wondering about that Fairy Dough too. If it works, I'll make it for some little girls I know.

You had a wonderful Sunday. I haven't had Rice-a-Roni in years!

Love the pictures, as usual. Glad Amber was able to get away.

Arlene said...

I am going to try that Fairy Dough recipe Linda. Thanks for sharing. Amber is so fortunate to have helpful grandparents.

Sandra said...

dinner looks devine to me and all the pics of the quads are beautiful.. i am so glad they like each other.. the fairy dough is easy and looks like fun to me.. welcome home Amber

Beth said...

What a fun time! I love hearing about and seeing the children. Amber and Mike are doing a great job with them and I know they appreciate you being there and being part of the quads' lives. Your dinner looks good. Will have to try that. Have a good week!

Changes in the wind said...

Got some great pictures of the kids today and yes that one of Kristen is the best!

Susie said...

Linda, I loved your math quotation there at the end..:):) The children do seem to get along well. I am impressed with them dumping the scraps in the trash. Good training. It's little things like that , that will help Amber so much as they grow. It's a blessing you all pitch in , so Amber can have a break. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

What great action shots - it must be hard to know where to point your camera with so much fun stuff going on all the time!

Penny said...

Lovely photographs as usual Linda, those children just get more and more beautiful every day! X

Vee said...

Gotta love the teamwork! It won't be too much longer and dad will be able to handle it all on his own. They are growing so! Hope that Amber had a great time away.