Monday, May 11, 2015

It's all 'Louis Dean' Pics Tonight!!

Today was a slow day on the ranch and I am not complaining one little bit!
It came a glorious storm in the night complete with a lightning show and a lot of thunder!!!
I parted the curtains in the bedroom so we could get a good view!
I do so love a good storm!
Since we were up in the night admiring the weather, we slept in until almost 10:00!

As I snapped this one of Louis Dean eating his cereal, I quipped, "I may have a slow blogging day!"
It's true. Today WAS slow and how in the world it passed so fast is beyond me!
We ate and read and napped and talked and soon it was time for a late lunch.
Since the rain came in and made MUD, we stayed inside for nearly all of the day.
Actually, now that I think about it, I HAVE been IN all day and I totally enjoyed that!
I cooked a chicken crock pot dish and a pork loin since we have been here so we have had some pretty good meals on it the last few days. Lunch was glorified nachos made with that chicken and cheese, sour cream and hot sauce!

Naps followed. We took turns. He napped and I read. I napped and he sat outside watching the ranch and listening to the birds. They were singing crazy loud all day long! Must be the weather!

The only thing Louis Dean misses about home is the Fox Business Channel.
So after Closing Bell he used my laptop to check on the stock market.

We had good news from home that all was well with our house and it had weathered well the storms of the weekend. We thank God for good neighbors who watch over our property while we are away!

Today was the first time I had turned on our TV.  
We traded out the larger TV we had while we were living in the camper down in Katy for a smaller one that has a built in DVD player we had in our guest room at home.

I played a bit of Thou Shalt Laugh this afternoon......
I liked it. Surprisingly......Louis Dean was not impressed.
Perhaps he didn't want to miss the country sounds outside our open windows and door.
That's right! NO A/C on today at all!! The weather has been that pleasant!
As the day progressed we went from bird song to distant - and not so distant - dogs barking to the frogs and other night sounds.
I do not need my sound machine down here!
Speaking of dogs! Lucy has acted like she LIVES here on the ranch and she's not quite sure who WE are! (Although she CONTINUES to bark at Louis Dean!) This evening Dean went into town to teach his Karate class. Lucy began to feel abandoned and after he was gone several hours, she came down here to the steps of the camper looking all forlorn and pitiful.
I let her in - mind you she has not been in here since we arrived last Wednesday! 
I put her food and water down and after she finished there she turned to go under the table to her dog bed. There was a bit of a stand off! Maddie had claimed the bed as HERS and she was NOT giving it up! At last I spread a bath mat out and that is where Lucy is sleeping tonight!

Louis Dean is already in bed sound asleep and he has been there for a couple of HOURS!
I have enjoyed a bit of 'alone' time which is hard to come by when at home - let alone in a 31 foot camper!

I know it's hard to believe but I have done NO work today AT ALL!!!
No projects. Nada. Nothing. Meals were fashioned from leftovers. I DID make up the bed.
I read. I napped. I read. I did some research for my book. I did some writing. I updated a new address book which includes a section on passwords. THAT'S a job to keep up with - PASSWORDS!!!

After I finish off this journal entry, I will read the last few chapters of this wonderful book!
It won the British Book Awards' 'Best Travel Book of the Year' in 1989.
I have decided it is less expensive and less strenuous and less STRESSFUL to be an armchair traveler than a real life one.

I have traveled just about ALL over the United States including several trips to Hawaii as well as a few vacations in London.  Louis Dean and I spent an entire month in Scotland. That was the trip of a life time! I have seen New England in the fall and Colorado in the fall and winter and San Francisco in all four seasons. I have toured Washington, DC as well as Washington state and all along the western as well as the eastern coastlines. I have enjoyed Cape Cod and hiked in Maine and  loved Vermont. I have visited Niagara Falls and led Amber's synchronized swimming team through a portion of Canada as well as trips in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Maryland and more. Louis Dean and I drove to Florida and back going through every state possible. He and I have visited Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado together. We have enjoyed trips to Galveston.

While I would love to do it all over again - I am tired.
I am crying uncle and will now begin my new adventure - reading travel books!
I hope to 'visit' places I haven't been before - but revisiting old friends is always a good thing to do!


Ginny said...

I had no idea you were such a world traveler! But I think it is good you are settling down now, I think the Quads would not like it at all! Even now, I bet they are missing you! I believe when the bible talks about a Sabbath, it means just what you did today, do nothing! Some Jews even have ovens with a button to set so they do not have to turn it on the Sabbath. It is so good to relax and refresh for a whole day, and what better place to do it?

Kathy said...

I call these "down days". They are days when you do just nothing. I have quite a few of them. Especially as I get older and my health deteriorates. They are refreshing days and just what you need.

I had no idea you did so much traveling! That's wonderful. I love to travel, but you have me beat!

Say What? said...

You had me until nachos. LOL Thank you for your sweet words on my blog today. I do try to keep it real. ;)

I enjoyed reading about your travels. I've always wanted to travel, but in this day and time I'm sure scared to leave our country. (And scared to visit some places in it. Sad, isn't it?)

Susie said...

Linda, The last trip I took far from home was to Utah last Sept. Things have changed in the airlines and I do not think for the better. Cramped seating and ridiculous baggage prices and handling. I used to love to fly. Glad you are enjoying your quiet time there on the ranch. Take care. xoxo,Susie

HoundDogMom said...

This place just sounds like a little piece of Heaven and I want to come camp with you. I have a rescue dog that after 2 years still barks at the husband every time he comes in the house. So at least I know I am not the only one with a barking dog at the husband.

Arlene said...

I envy all your travels Linda...especially a MONTH in Scotland. What a dream come true!! I am slowly marking some things off my bucket list....all are here in the US as I do not foresee traveling abroad. I do travel by armchair via books and via my friends who are blessed to be able to travel extensively and they share their photos with me. We are planning a trip to Las Vegas in two weeks, no gambling but visiting some friends we had as newlyweds. We will also visit the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. Of all my travels in the USA, the northeast is my favorite...Vermont in particular. Enjoy your rest at the ranch! You deserve it.

Sandra said...

your day sounds like what we do every day... except for the ranch part and the sounds of critters in the night. so restful and stress free. it is good for both of you. i wondered if Maddie was with you. to funny on the bed thief. keep on having fun...

Carolyn said...

Since you're writing a book you should check out: She wrote a book and takes us on that journey! It's very interesting.

Beth said...

Your vacation sounds absolutely perfect. Travel is great too, and I am glad you have had the opportunity to make precious memories in your travels. Getting away to the ranch sound absolutely relaxing and a chance to recharge your batteries. Good for you!
I was amused by the Maddie/Lucy standoff! lol
Hugs, Beth

Linda said...

Livin' the 'life of Riley', eh? Good for you.............enjoy it! I am envious of all of the places you've been. I believe that if you have the chance to travel you should take advantage of it, glad you've been able to.

Stacey said...

Linda, you make sleep sound so good! You have the best way of describing night time sleeping and napping. I noticed this because it doesn't come easily to me.

You and Louis Dean are on adventures every day. You don't need to have your passport punched!!

Wanda said...

Linda, you were putting me to sleep in the first few paragraphs about resting, reading, napping...etc...then I got to your Life Travels, and you wore me out.

How absolutely wonderful that you have been able to travel to so many places.

I didn't not get out of Caif. till I was an adult.

The trip of our life time was years ago when we flew from Paris CA, to Portland Maine in a 4 passenger plane. We were going to a church conference in Maine and our pastor/pilot friend...who owned a plane few us. It was so wonderful flying at 10 thousand feet, and seeing the lay of the land. Flew over Niagra Falls....=Being a Pastor.of a small church...doesn't lend itself to much travel.

Love your trips and your stories. Hugs

Penny said...

This sounds like such a lovely day Linda, and such little housework to keep your trailer-home tidy gives you lots of time to relax X

darlin said...

Linda, it's about time you took time out in my opinion, you're like me, always on the go and doing something or another. Good on ya for just chilling out and relaxing... something I am to do one of these find days now that the studies are finally finished, I'm just not sure which day this might happen though just yet! lol

I always enjoy reading your posts. Have yourself a wonderful week and I hope your storm has since passed.