Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday on the Ranch!

Saturdays always feel special no matter where we are!
They just seem to be EXTRA special down here in the COUNTRY!

My step son brought me a bouquet of wild flowers!
You can't get these from a florist!

Louis Dean was up early and sitting outside sipping his morning coffee when he said, 
"LINDA! Quick! Get your camera!"
I love how Sherry and Dean love each other!
This picture says it all!
They are very private people and I don't splash their faces all over Facebook like I do Louis Dean's!
Still, I hope they don't mind me showing everyone this one.....
Notice they have all three dogs with them!
Lucy is in front, Blue is Sherry's dog and Rufus (white and black) is Dean's.

They came down to visit a spell this morning!
We are loving every minute of our time here!

I stay entertained with just the birds!
There is a pair of red birds - don't know what the real name for them is - but try as I may, I cannot seem to get a pic of them. I will keep trying!

This is on the walk back from the small tank (aka - POND!).

The rains have made for an abundance of wild flowers!

Ranch time means coffee, breakfast, rest, naps, music, naps.....

Lucy is really loving it down here! She always does! She acts like SHE lives here and WE are visiting! I WISH!

Meet Blue! This is Sherry's dog and he is a sweetie!

Dean loves all animals!

I love this pic!




It was cloudy this morning, rained in the afternoon and we had blue skies this evening!
Sherry and Dean went to 'town' and Louis Dean and I walked down to the bathhouse.

This was the view from behind our camper when we got back.
The sun rises in front of the RV and sets behind it!

So here's to a lovely Saturday night!!!

This is SO true!!!!


  1. Linda, you really paint the picture of a relaxing experience filled with the simple pleasures in life. Thank you!

  2. So happy you are getting so rest in the country! Awesome photos!

  3. Could your camper hold two more "old retired folks" My dearest would love your life at the ranch. I just adore the pictures of Dean and the dogs. And that picture of the two walking hand in hand with the dogs..priceless.

  4. Must be in the genes - Dean loves the life and all around him exactly like his dad. So gentle similar faces too.
    Your photos are precious, Linda!

  5. I don't think I have seen Louis Dean looking happier! He just looks so relaxed and contented. The photo of Dean with the dogs is wonderful,too. That bunch of wild flowers is so very beautiful, so natural and free. I am enjoying your holiday Linda! X

  6. I am in love with all the pics of Blue, Rufus and Lucy. they are really beautiful dogs and your photos are wonderful of them. i would be in DOG heaven living where there were dogs and wild flowers. i would have to nap a lot to make up for snapping myself silly with all there is to see. i love the photo of the hand holding

  7. I love the last image....tho I don't drink wine or coffee, I can say it and mean it!!

    The one photo of the bird is a lark's a gorgeous bird. Did you know it's the only sparrow that WALKS instead of hops along?

    Love the ranch photos Linda...and of course the love seen all around you.

  8. Oh what a marvelous day....sigh.....beautiful memories...such a gift! Your pictures are just spot on it all!!! Happy Mother's Day sweet girl!

  9. Happy mother's day Linda. So glad you are all many storms in Texas. Nice to see you guys relaxing for a change. LOL. Hugs to everyone, xoxo,Susie

  10. These are pictures of pure LOVE! I love Sherry and Dean walking with their animals. And Dean surrounded by his fur friends just LOVING it!! Now you are all of you one huge, happy family! How could it be more perfect?

  11. Every time I visit, I smile to think of life easy and uncomplicated. So glad that you both are getting some rest and relaxation.

  12. Happy Mother's Day Linda. I love seeing all the peeks into your life and family. So reassuring. Hugs. Joy

  13. Those wild flowers are fantastic! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  14. What a relaxing time! Lovely! The wildflowers are beautiful, Linda. Glad you are having a good time. Happy Mother's Day!

  15. Looks lovely! Happy Mothers Day to you!

  16. It sounds like you've had a perfect Mothers' Day, Linda. I hope you continue to enjoy your ranch sojourn - it sounds lovely!

  17. Wonderful photos! Love the dogs and wildflowers...and wine. :)


  18. Love all the pup pictures. Great pictures of everthing.
    I can't wait until we can relax on the farm like that