Monday, May 25, 2015

Sand Bags, Sun Flowers, a Yellow Rain Cape and Magic Red Shoes!

We are still drying out from Sunday's rain and have had big fans blowing non stop since yesterday afternoon. Louis Dean has been busy getting the sump pump and parts all in order to install and I tried hard to keep house as best I can considering lots of furniture is piled up and debris is stacked here and there and carpet is pulled back and everything is generally a MESS!
Never mind all that! I still made up the bed and did laundry and cleaned the kitchen - dodging the huge wet vac and extra chairs standing in my way!
Just as soon as I finished packing my bag to go over to Quadville, I thought to check on the weather. 
The skies had grown dark and it seemed so much later than it was.

Sure enough, heavy T-storms were forecast to arrive within the hour!
Louis Dean needed more time to get that pump installed so that wouldn't help us tonight.
I gathered up all our extra pillow cases; Louis Dean stopped what he was doing and we quickly filled the cases with sand from the sandbox.

They were pretty heavy!

We lined them up and ducked back in the house just as the rain hit!

I got in touch with Amber and let her know I needed to stay with Louis Dean in case we had to fight the water once again. 

We stood together at the kitchen door looking out and Louis Dean noticed a large cut stone that we should move so the water has a chance to run out over there.
He was bone tired so I whipped on my cape and magic shoes and trotted back out in the rain!!!

He stayed in and decided to take some photos!

I kind of LIKED playing out in the rain!

Okay! Enough!

Every husband knows it is NOT okay to take pictures of a woman bending over!!!

He said it was pay back time for all those shots I take of HIM!

I moved the heavy stone and hopefully the water will run THAT direction!
We aren't counting on it though but every little thing will help!

We dodged the bullet on this one!
It rained and it rained hard but NOT the drenching gully washer like Sunday!
However, rain is STILL in the forecast for the next 7+ days!!
Can you BELIEVE this??

I went out in the front yard and admired all the GREEN greenery we have this year!

Everything is blooming profusely!

It was rather nice to walk around and admire it all.....

No sitting down in our normal chairs, though! The cushions were all sopping wet!
I forgot to put them up on the porch!

I clipped off some mint to add to a fresh pitcher of tea I was brewing.

Our gardens are rather a hodge podge of plantings. I have always liked the overgrown English garden look. I have to admit - sometimes it is the WEEDS that are the 'overgrown' part of MY gardens!!

Ah, but the birds and I both do love the honeysuckle!

I walked up and down the driveway listening to and watching the birds while admiring the flowers!

I sat on the porch for a good while waiting for the birds to come to the feeders.
I had filled them all up after the rain and they flocked to them - until I came outside!

So I contented myself with seeing them from afar.

You can see we still have some ominous looking clouds!
What was Louis Dean doing all this time?

Cleaning the filter of the older shop vac with a match stick!
It will suck up water at a record rate now!!

I wasn't in the mood to cook. It feels rather like limbo around here with everything helter skelter and out of place. Simple salads were our dinner and we COULD have sat at the dining room table to eat.
We didn't, though. We ate in the den and turned the big fans and A/C off so we could watch Bones.
What a relief to not hear that ROAR for a little while!

Mint tea with strawberries and lemon - and a handful of wild blackberries from the ranch.
I froze them and am rationing them out to myself!!!

It's only 9:30 but it feels so much later.
Perhaps we will actually go to bed early - as we so often promise ourselves that we'll do but it seldom happens.

First, an evening glass of wine and maybe a short sit on the front porch - where it's dry!
And if it's raining....well.....



Stacey said...

Oh no! The rain came in your house? Can you even believe all of this rain?!! I'm still trying not to complain.....

Jutta said...

You really get some serious rains out there! Hopefully the forecast is wrong and the heavy rain will not continue for a week!!!

Penny said...

Linda I am exhausted just reading this post, you are having a hard time of it. Sending a hug X

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Oh my goodness Linda, you surely have had more than your share of rain. Beautiful for the flowers, but filling sand bags doesn't sound like much fun. Love that you have kept a positive attitude - even with Louis Dean's photo of your posterior, lol! Hope things dry up a bit for you all soon. Jane

Sandra said...

I am so glad you stayed home, we jsut watched all the horrific flooding and cars that were swept away in Dallas, Houston, Austin from people out on the roads. they said more is on the way until the end of the month. hope you don't get any more heavy downpours...

Sandra said...

forgot to say it felt odd for you to be in front of the camera and not behind it. i loved all the LD pics, he did a great job including the butt shot. LOL

Arlene said...

I am so glad you averted another catastrophe Linda!! And that LD...taking pictures of you bending over in the garden. Shame Shame!! It has been overcast here but only occassional showers thank goodness.

Linda said...

I remember putting on my swimming suit and playing in the warm , summer rain when I was a child....haven't done that in a LONG time. I was listening to the newsman talk about all the flooding and such in Texas this morning. I can not imagine and I will not complain about the showers we are getting.

Susie said...

Linda, It is a fact that you and LD do absolutely dance in the rain. I love your toughness. I watched the weather this scary all the rain. We are to have on and off , pop-up showers, storms whatever. Good thinking on your part about the sand bags. I am praying for all of you. Bless your hearts, xoxo,Susie

LV said...


Linda said...

It's something when my Texas daughter comes to Oregon to get away from the rain!

Vee said...

I read about your recent troubles...the additional flooding and Summer's help in hiring a pro. Sweet girl! Oh my, I don't know how you remain so it the good food? Another week of this and Louis Dean might need to switch from the wet~dry vac to ark building. Enough already! Praying for a return to brief, gentle rains every few days instead of this. (Had to laugh at the photo~taking session of you looking like a Gloucester fisherman. You just know that Louis Dean was having way too much fun!)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love that poster...about dancing in the rain! Who knew you could have so much rain in Texas? Enough Vee said.