Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Therapy!

My sweet neighbor, Stephanie, sent me a text message this morning before I even got out of bed!
She knew we had been working hard since we got home yesterday so she had left lunch for us on the porch bench!

What a way to start the day!

We enjoyed the salad for lunch and she sent meat and potatoes as well and that's what Louis Dean is eating now as I write today's journal entry.

I worked from 10:00 - 2:00 doing laundry and cleaning and a little decorating for therapy.
I am changing out spring things to the patriotic red, white and blue - at least in the kitchen!
So far. I didn't ask Louis Dean to get any of my tubs down because I knew he didn't feel well.
His knee has been so painful it has made him sick to his stomach.
I am calling the doctor in the morning and setting up an appointment for him.

Ruth Ann and I didn't do our normal Tuesday but we DID decide a LITTLE therapy was in order so we had pedicures.

It felt good to be pampered a bit!
It came a torrential downpour before we left so we just sat in the salon and visited while we waited.
Terrible storms, hail and tornadoes were all around but none really close to us. My cousin lives in the path of one of the tornadoes that touched down, and while she didn't have damage at her place, the town area did.

After the storm passed, we went on our thrift store rounds.
The longer the day went, the better I felt.

Summer came over right after work and she put together this awesome metal rocking chair and had it waiting for me when I drove up!!!

My first 'sit' in it!!!

Louis Dean looks so much better than he feels in this photo!!

I can't tell you how much I love this rocking chair!!!!

Summer remembers me sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch waiting for her and Jesse, Jr. to come home from school. They rode the bus and I would be out there watching for them.

Here was my haul for the day!
A cute top for me (upper left corner) that looks a little like a camouflage design; 
Two cute pair of rain boots for the quads;
A baby doll;
A wallet for Harrison;
Tin watering can;
My FAVORITE - a round vintage tablecloth!!!
Brand new - still in the box - arm chair tray that clamps tightly to the couch arm. 
Louis Dean will LOVE this!!!
Dr. Comfort white shoes that feel SO good!!!
A bag of fragrant pinon wood;
Fall wreath and pillow - we are just 100 days or so away from September 1st!!!
Last, but not least, and NOT pictured! A vintage croquet set!!! All six mallets, the metal stand, seven wickets and FIVE croquet balls. Just five.
As Ruth Ann and I were standing in line to check out, I saw a bin of baseballs and thought perhaps I could use one of them when we play - especially with the grand kids! Then, lo and behold, what did I spy but the SIXTH croquet ball!!!!

**just in***

Summer just sent me this photo of my chair AND the croquet set!!!
Louis Dean will sand the metal parts and paint it - I just LOVE it!!!

Summer and I already played a round together this afternoon!

Art class was fun tonight!!
Cindy and Sherry came - and Ruth Ann, of course!
We made some really good nachos using some chicken I made last week on the ranch and froze. Ruth Ann brought chips and salsa from El Fenix and Sherry had  some special cheeses and sliced turkey and ham from the HEB deli.

We spread papers on  the art table and then ate before getting the oils and turp out!

I love my Summer DEE!!!

For dessert we had Amaretto Cake - with tiny glasses of Amaretto!

The cake was from Big Lots and it is DELICIOUS!!!!

Some of us added milk to the Amaretto.....
and some of us drank it straight......while some of us sipped it both ways!!
We laughed and talked and painted and had fun!
Summer made some gorgeous wreaths and I did NOT get a photo of them!!!

I worked about an hour on my wine bottles and background using a palette knife for texture and interest.

That's a wrap for this Tuesday!!!
The floors are mostly dry and the laundry is all done.
Progress was made.

I am so looking forward to sliding into bed - the A/C is already on in there chilling the sheets nicely!
The rain and weather has given me a sinus headache so I slathered Ben Gay all over my neck and shoulders. I can tell you now exactly what Louis Dean will say as I pull up the covers.
"I like your perfume!"


Goodnight, all.......


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Goodnight dear Linda and sleep well. Hope LD can sleep tonight and that he gets to the Doctor tomorrow.

Ginny said...

You have really gotten around considering the mess you came home to. You bounce back FAST! Poor Louis Dean! I have had bone on bone arthritis in my knee for over 10 years. But have managed to put off the surgery they wanted to do by different types of injections from my orthopedic surgeon. Is this what Louis Dean has? Let us know what the doctor says. Fell free to ask me any questions. Your bottle painting is awesome!! I love the rocking chair! You must have a huge Goodwill! But everything is bigger in Texas!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful day! And you deserve it after coming home to a flooded house. Love the rocking chair. I'm getting one for Joe for his birthday. He's wanted one for so long. I had a croquet set growing up. We used to play all the time. I wonder whatever happened to ours. A lot of things got lost when I moved. Yours is great.

Hope LD is feeling better. I understand about bad knees. Oh boy do I! Let us know what the doctor says. Will be praying for him.

Penny said...

Love your new rocking chair Linda. X

Susie said...

Linda, God bless you, that is one of my all time favorite sayings..at the end of your post. I love the pretty toes. :) Girls need a bit of prettiness at times. , don't we? I think LD has a great sense of humor...I laughed out loud about the perfume. You two are so good together. Summer's memory of you waiting touched my heart. She's a sweetheart for sure. I will be wishing LD a good report from the dr. and a good day for all of you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

You take the cap off each new day and pour it full! I consider these posts your popping the lid back on tight. Hope that Louis Dean gets some relief for his knee and that you are feeling much better. Time for a nice high weather system!

Sandra said...

I love that metal rocker, hope LD knee is ok.. hope the rain is gone for now.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Oh my GOSH!
Your Tuesday was filled with enough yum, fun, cuteness and love to fill a week of Tuesdays! You live life, BIG, Linda!

Kelly said...

Poor LD! I hope he can get in to see the doctor soon. It's awful to be in chronic pain. I've had my fair share of aches and pains with my arthritis problems. That was so nice of your neighbor to leave you all some food. That's a great neighbor! Your rocking chair is cute. I know you will enjoy that this summer.

Carla said...

mmm Amareto, Add a shot to a milk shake. Oh so yummy
Poor LD. Hope he had a glass of amaretto.
You have the best neighbors and friends but I have a feeling you're just as good a neighbor.