Thursday, May 21, 2015

Catching Up! Again! Quad Wednesday and the Day After!

'Quad Wednesday' happened for the first time in three weeks!
It just so happened that all four kids plus their tired mama were all sick and/or 'under the weather.'
As a matter of fact, Amber made a group appointment at the pediatrician's office so they went there before coming over here!

Louis Dean was still not feeling well, so Ruth Ann came over to spend the day and helped me take care of the quads AND the Granddad!!

Amber said they would be hungry when they got here so I had already started cooking lunch.
When I asked them where they wanted to eat, they all said, "Outside!!"

The donuts I picked up at the Dollar Store in Mart were a big hit!

Naptime in MeeMaw's bed! They loved it!
I read one chapter of Farmer Boy and the first chapter of The Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Treasury and they were all sound asleep! They napped a good while in which time I set up the things for an afternoon Tea Party!

Earlier when it was just about time for naps, Kailey told her mother they were going to sleep in the camper!! ( That is where they napped the LAST time they were over here.) Amber told her the camper was gone and Kailey narrowed her little eyes and stared her down! It didn't change anything.
Amber even had to TAKE HER OUT TO THE DRIVEWAY to show her the camper was GONE!!!
They so did not understand WHERE it went.
After they woke up, I opened the laptop and did a slide show of the photos form our time down on the ranch. They understand a little better now but Kailey has already demanded we TAKE her to the camper! I heard her tell Harrison, "The camper is in the SUN in the COUNTRY!"
We hope the sun is shining in the country! It is still raining everyday here AND there!!!

Tea Party!!!
This time we used real China tea cups and saucers and tiny spoons to stir in tiny bits of sugar.

They did really well!!

Kailey wanted the whole plate of crackers and pulled it over to her. I said, "No, just take some and put on YOUR plate." So she did! She took them ALL and then said, "Now they're GONE!"

It just squeezes my heart to hear Harrison say, "Good tea party, MeeMaw!"
Earlier, before naps when I told them we would be having a tea party, he said, "I LOVE tea parties!"

We had cleaned up enough of the mess outside from the gutters being blown out to allow us to go out on the decks and in the gazebo.

I just turned the A/C off and opened up the French doors and let them traipse back and forth at will.

While at the ranch, my step son taught me a little bit of Tai Chi.
I was showing it to the quads and Trystan really caught on to it!

Ruth Ann to the rescue today!!!! 
THANK you!!!!
This isn't the first time a family member was sent by God to help me out!
Luann and Deanie have both served time with this adventure and it is so TRUE - 
it DOES take a village!!!!

Louis Dean wasn't able to do much but hold kids!
He was still nursing that knee and just hurting so! Especially after he made a Sam's run while the kids were napping! You know you have to lift all that heavy stuff INTO your cart, then lift it INTO your car and then lift it OUT of your car!!! It wore him out! Dog food, bird seed, detergent, it seemed like we were out of a LOT of HEAVY things!!!

Before dinner we made thumbprint caterpillars to go with the footprint butterflies!
Meant to be finished in time for Amber's Mother's Day gift from them - it was presented just a bit late!

Thanks to our neighbor, Stephanie, we had an easy peasy dinner last night.
I made mashed potatoes and served the delicious roast beef she sent over. Fruit and garlic toast rounded out the meal.

Trystan dresses for dinner!

This little girl would NOT let Granddad out of her sight!!!

He wasn't complaining about it, either!

Baths and reading and bedtime!!!

Logan slept with me in our bed and Harrison and Trystan slept on piles of blankets on the floor while Kailey slept in the guest room with Granddad. Louis Dean said she went right to sleep and kept her arms locked around him all.night.long.

I was going to get up and write my journal after they went to sleep - but I just decided to stay in bed myself!
A funny thing happened about 4:00 this morning when Trystan woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. I was sitting on a small chair in front of her holding her on the BIG potty when she looked up at me and said, "You look TIRED, MeeMaw!!" The next morning she noticed some of my wrinkles and lines and said, "Your skin is DIRTY, MeeMaw!" I do wish I could just wash them all away but it just doesn't work like that for me!!

Kailey and Granddad woke up first and had breakfast all ready for us!
I shut the bedroom door at 10:00 last night and we didn't open it until 9:00 this morning!
All of them were feeling much better by now!
Amber has taught Louis Dean well.....
he had even sliced up strawberries and apples because he knows she always serves fruit at every meal.

He got extra Brownie Points for watching Bubble Guppies with them while I made beds and such.

The Mother's Day cards were a HUGE success!!!

Impossible to get a group picture!!

Kailey is wearing a pair of overalls so she could be like Granddad!
At first she had on a pair of John Deer ones but she took them off and put these on with the pink roses all by herself. I told her to put the other pair in the hamper where I keep extra clothes for them she said, "I take them to GANDDAD so he can wear them like ME!!!" And she marched herself into the den and stood in front of him (he was still wearing his pajamas) and said, "YOU wear THESE!!!"

After Amber and the kids left, we got ready and went to the doctor to get Louis Dean's knee checked out. 

They did  x rays on both knees and will do an MRI next week.
The doctor believes it is most probably a torn meniscus. If so, a day surgery will repair it and he will be back to feeling better in no time!

To celebrate we had a late lunch at El Fenix.
We saw a jam session friend and her daughter just as we walked in. They had also just arrived so we all sat together and had a good time visiting over lunch.

I bought a bag of the chips and a pint of their hot sauce for Louis Dean to take to his jam session tonight. Ruth Ann had done that very thing on Tuesday so I copy catted her!!

On our way home, just two blocks from the house, the power steering pump went out on our car.
Praise God for our good neighbor and distant cousin, Joe! He does side jobs and will try to fix this before they leave town for the holiday weekend.
Good thing I don't need to go to Fort Worth tomorrow!!

I stayed home and enjoyed three hours of glorious ALONE time!!!!
For the first hour I stayed in bed.....where I had been for an hour before he left!
While I meant to do great things and clean the bedrooms and bathrooms.....

I only managed to clean our room and my bath.
The house still smells musty to me from all that water - even though the back of the house was not affected at all! Even so, the candles help.

Everything looks cleaner by candlelight!

I am out of my favorite Morenci Candles but I plan to order some soon. 
One candle can scent your entire home!!!

Louis Dean is back and waiting for me in the gazebo.
It's chilly tonight so I will need a sweater before going out.
I love that!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You are having too many vehicle adventures ! Love seeing the grands and catching up a bit. Hugs

Kathy said...

How funny Kailey was singing "Happy Mother's Day" over and over. She is so full of energy. Good news about Louis Dean's knee. Hope it can be easily repaired and he can go on without pain. It's chilly here too. I even put the heat on in the car on the way home from work tonight.

Ginny said...

You have so many wonderful pictures today. The one of you and Louis Dean is he best one I have ever seen of you together! The Mother's Day gifts turned out so good! What a scene when they gave them to Amber! Now this makes me ask: Where IS the camper anyway?? What a funny story! So is the overall story. Little Trystan looks beautiful in her sweet pink dress. The black and white portrait is gorgeous! I had a torn meniscus, it was torn badly. It was so painful! I had the surgery and they had to remove a third of it. But it was so good to have it fixed, no more pain. And it only took me about four days to get over the worst of the recovery. It wasn't bad at all, and I got out of cooking.

Vee said...

Awwww...what a tender heart with the noticing that you looked tired. Precious! Is it getting easier? The caring for the grands? They seem to do such a good job of eating, playing, napping, and going to bed for the night. You do give the most amazing tea parties and always a little something new to keep their interest piqued. Love that Harrison loves tea parties!

Vee said...

Praying for that knee! We understand about all the heavy stuff...we stagger in with the cat litter and John's been staggering about with the bags of cement... Oh dear! This getting older...

Penny said...

Sounds like you are still a little tired from the flood Linda. I am glad to hear that it is only a torn meniscus that LD has, I was worried incase he would need a knee replacement. They will trim that torn meniscus and he will recover really well. (I used to be an orthopaedic nurse!) much love to you Linda, and healing thoughts to Louis Dean X

Susie said...

Linda, Those beautiful children just touch my heart. Your friend Ruth Ann, is a true friend. Bless her. I pray LD is going to be fine. When that man isn't moving around and doing a million things at once, you know he isn't feeling well. Same goes for you. LOL. Take care of each other. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

if you find a way to wash off dirty wrinkles let me know. trust kids to say what they think.. to funny. love the pic of them all in one bed and gathered round the computer to watch the photos... they are truly blessed to have you and LD to love and care for them and you are blessed by them and Ruth ann to... hope the rain has stopped on your camper and that it is sittting in the sun

Arlene said...

So glad Louis Dean's knee seems to be an easy repair. I know you need him as back up with the quads.:) It is chilly here as well...I am going to enjoy it before the hot muggy days arrive!!

Marsha Young said...

Honestly, Linda, you manage to cram more into a few days than most people do into a few weeks ... or even months! Glad LD is going to recover - and hope you get some REST !

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Oh my goodness... they are so sweet, I enjoyed the videos!


Sweet Tea said...

The quad group is all looking so big these days. I always enjoy reading of your adventures. Sorry about LD's knees. Hope they can get him "back in step" very soon.