Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Therapy and MORE Sand Bags!!

This morning Louis Dean and I were both a bit blue. We woke up and tried to find a place to have coffee together in the house. Everything is all torn up. Our Bible basket is somewhere in the den and there are extra chairs in the living room. The kitchen is crowded with a big wet vac and extra chairs. The gazebo was piled high with stuff from the sewing room. We do not have 'sitting chairs' in the bedrooms. We finally squeezed into the living room and contemplated our day over coffee!
We decided it would be a good idea to buy regular sandbags - looks like we are going to need them for awhile - so I went online and ordered 50 bags. We pick them up Thursday at Ace Hardware.

We tried to go about our day - he worked in his music room trying to find the paper work on an extended warranty he bought for our car - which broke down last Thursday and has been sitting in the driveway ever since!

I put fresh sheets on our bed and then sat down and cried.
There's just been so much going on - one thing after another and I was just so tired!
Then I visited a friend in Blogdom - Lynn at Dreams on 34th Street!

THIS was there and I so needed to be reminded of these things!!!!
Thank you, Lynn!!!
That's when I got up and dressed. I put on perfume, make up and jewelry.
I still felt sad but I looked good!

Louis Dean was a little depressed over the lost paper work and not being sure what to do about our car. That's when I did a very good deed!

I offered FOOD THERAPY!!!
Louis Dean dearly loves to eat when he is stressed.
I, on the other hand, do NOT want to eat at all when I am stressed!
Since I know how much he loves Golden Corral, I invited him to take me to lunch there!!!

He was thrilled!!!

We did cheer up just by getting out of the house!
Our carpet guy (the professional) called while we were eating and said he would be at the house at 2:00. That made us feel better. The den carpet was still soaking wet in places.

Sure enough, Johnny and his helper arrived and extracted more water, pulled up more carpet and did a treatment to prevent mold.

See? Things are topsy turvy!

Only two rooms are still wet but these two rooms impact the three others.
Only the bedrooms, hall and bathroom are 'normal.'

That's when I did some nap therapy!
While I am grateful things aren't any worse than they are - it is still distressing!
I was tired and decided to just curl up in bed and HIDE from the world.....for just a little while.

THEN I decided to do some MOVIE therapy!!!

I love it when friends give you good movie recommendations!!!

Just about the time Louis Dean and I were all chilled out and relaxed - we were jolted back with impending storms and more rain! I ran over to check  the exposed concrete along the window side of the den. Sure enough!!! Water was already seeping in!!!

We ran out in the rain and started filling the last two pillow cases I had with sand!!!
Not enough!

We hauled the green and blue sand bags from the patio out to the front!

I sewed up some MORE bags using an old sheet and we filled them to use by the kitchen doors.

I have one tired husband tonight!
He said, "Just when I don't think I can do another thing, I DO!"

I close tonight's journal entry with a pretty picture of the flood waters in Dallas.

This beautiful shot of downtown Dallas and the Trinity River was taken by our Facebook friend Joseph Haubert. You can see more of his Dallas photography at You can also follow him on Twitter: @josephhaubert

This is the photographer that did the wedding pictures for my niece's wedding.
He is amazing!!

It is now after midnight and Louis Dean has an appointment for an MRI early tomorrow plus we need to go to the Ford place about our car after that. Louis Dean DID have them come get it and then later this evening he DID find the paperwork on the warranty!!!
After that the guys will be BACK to do another treatment on the carpet and put down new carpet tack strips.
Needless to say - this was NOT my usual Tuesday nor will it be a Quad Wednesday!
Oh, MY! The lightning and thunder has started up again!
I am going to BED and covering up my HEAD!!!



Far Side of Fifty said...

So sorry to hear about all the water in your house, we were in the Great Flood of 1997 and it isn't easy:(

Jutta said...

So so sorry for you two fighting there with sand and pillows and drying and all. WHAT A MESS INDEED! But the quote was right - keep your heads up and you will some day see the beautiful dry home! Love from me to you both!

Kathy said...

I hear on the news each day about all the flooding in Texas. I am so sorry to hear all of this that is going on. There is no way I would be able to drag sandbags around so I think the two of you are wonderful. Praying for LD's appointment today and that things turn around for both of you.


Our son is having the same flooding issues in Houston!! Rain comes, floods again, and then begins to recede with more water coming with another storm!! It IS stressful...but thing I see in the whole scheme of things is he is still alive, as you two are...that is much more important than the material things in life...those can be replaced in time...but a life can't.

Hope this all stops very soon. For everyone.

Estelle's said...

Oh poor darlings...have you possibly checked with your Homeowner's Insurance to see if they would cover damages?

Susie said...

Linda, You have to know you and LD are in my prayers....along with all the people in need. MY gosh it seems to be unending rain. You may want to check into a perimeter drain system. I know we need our redone. I can see why you would cry, doing the same work over and over to safe your home and belongings from water is exhausting. Are all your neighbors going through the same thing?? I am wishing you dry weather. all of you. Bless your hearts. love you guys, Susie

Arlene said...

Linda, I totally understand your feeling down with all that is going on! My son and his family went through something similar back in January. Marvin and I packed up the car with groceries and diapers for the babies and hit the road to encourage them. I love that saying.....Get up Dress Up and Show Up. A great motto for helping those who are discouraged. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. And as soon as you get those sandbags, you know it will stop raining!!( I hope so any way!) Blessings on you and LD.

Changes in the wind said...

You guys are having abnormal rain and it is causing terrible havoc...please be careful and watch the news. Stay safe.

Debbie said...

I have been behind in my reading and I am soo sorry to hear about all these troubles going on for you. I did wonder too hearing about all the storms and flooding how you were doing. What a mess....praying that it lets up soon and you get things settled and back to normal over there ASAP!! HUGS!

Sandra said...

so sorry all this is going on and i would cry to and crying is good for the soul. so is getting up and dressing and going out to eat.. both good stress relievers. Texas flooding is horrific, we have watched it all on CNN.... pray you will be safe and get no more water in the house. i loved it could happen to you movie.. hope the sunshine's soon for you.

Kelly said...

Oh Linda!!! I'm so sorry to hear this news. I've been seeing the flooding on the news and it looks so bad. I forgot you live in that very area. I'm still in awe that you manage to find the strength within you to smile in some manner. I love the way you ended the post with a quote from Forest Gump! I hope that God will give you all a break during this difficult time and you will be able to get your house back in order and that you continue to keep your chin up through it all! You are an inspiration to me. Good luck with LD's MRI and getting your car fixed. I guess the saying "Sometimes when it rains it pours" is very fitting right now. And yes, I believe there is a pun in there!

Vee said...

There was a particularly rough ballgame recently where my grandson's team looked like The Keystone Cops. My grandson was pitching. He was beside himself with all that was going on around him with his own team who knew nothing of throwing him the ball so he could stop the carnage. His mother stood up in her seat and yelled, "Let it be over!" That's what I think when I see all you poor Texans trying to hold the line. I get the sense that you're showing us how it is done. We are praying for you both. We are praying that this will be over and that God will Himself intervene. Toss Him the ball! Sending much love...

Wanda said...

Oh Linda......My heart is so heavy for you, but your wonderful attitude is just inspiring. I had to laugh at your last comment from Forrest Gump. I read it to Don with a Forrest Gump accent. But your problems are no laughing matter. I will be holding you both in my heart and prayers.

a portland granny said...

i think about you every time i have the news on--and i pray for your safety--we have rain here in oregon a lot, but nothing like what you are experiencing now. blessings on you both as you fight through this.
joan in portland

Beth said...

Linda, I am so sorry yo are dealing with excess rain and flooding. It is exhausting and a lot to deal with. Praying for you and for all affected by the flooding. Hope that very soon this will be just a memory.

Carole said...

Linda, all the best for dealing with the floods.... we have even been seeing about them on NZ tv! That poster is such good advice to me and I am now going to follow it! Take care

Diana Ferguson said...

Linda, I just got over to see what has been going on at your place. I am so sorry. Here up the road we have had the rain and flooding, too, but fortunately no damage. Praying for you as well as all that have been affected!

bj said...

O, bless your hearts..I am so sorry for the flooding of your pretty house. And, the mess, I know, is SOOO stressful. I can't believe all this Texas rain..we live where there's no lakes much to speak of so we haven't been flooded like ya'll and Houston. So sorry for all the lives taken..people still is all so sad, i just want to cry.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

This is all so sad. Your state has endured so much this month!
Look at beautiful you! I am so happy that my post gave you a little added inspiration.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Carla said...

Oh Linda I'm so sorry. I imagine y'all are very tired indeed. A moat or french drains might help. That just sucks.

Don't y'all wear yourselves out to the point of getting ill.
Hugs and prayers