Friday, May 15, 2015

Best Laid Plans......

I so related to a drawing on Facebook this morning!
We had PLANNED to celebrate my step son's birthday with lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse in Waco today! Sherry was to meet us there and then we would drive on home and they would come back to the ranch.

That's US in the water!
We were having our first cup of coffee with the door open to the country air - when it started to rain. Again.
No matter. I continued to pack up our bags in preparation for going home. Dean called down to see if we wanted him to drive us out. We said YES and I packed faster.

Even Dean's experience with driving in the mud, we weren't going anywhere!
The truck was not so much STUCK as the tires just kept spinning and rather than really and truly getting STUCK, we decided we would just STAY!!

Folks, we have some serious MUD down here!

Sherry was on her way from Irving about this time and Louis Dean -  who may have worked himself up into a discombobulated frenzy - decided that fried chicken would solve EVERYTHING!!!!
Our Sherry - who was already GOLDEN - shined even MORE as she came to the camper door with chicken - BUSHES chicken, which is pretty special in these parts! Chicken - both on the bone and tenders - and fried okra, French fries, rolls and gravy!

All of a sudden, Louis Dean was back to being a calm, sensible man.
Amazing how food does that for him!

After we ate - and I put Louis Dean down for a nap - we walked back up to where Sherry had parked her truck to get the groceries she had so graciously stopped to get for us!
She very WISELY left her truck up by the good section of road so she can get out Sunday!
She works in Irving during the week and it's not an option for her to be stuck in mud!

At least the rain STOPPED along about 1:00 this afternoon!

It is SO muddy that even this sweet face could not sweet talk me into letting him inside the camper!

Blue comes out every week with Sherry and loves his time on the ranch!

What to do after the rain???
Dean is a Master Teacher in the martial arts and I count it as such a privilege that he is willing to teach me some Tai Chi.
I am NOT a quick learner and you can see by our postures that I haven't grasped it all yet!

Dean makes it look like a graceful dance......

It's beautiful to watch!
Sherry video recorded it and I can now practice it on my own.
I came back to the camper and went through it several times. I cannot dance and I also have two left feet - but I am determined to learn this!!

Have I mentioned that it's MUDDY down here???

This is on the way from our camper to Dean and Sherry's house!
That mud will try to suck the boots right off of you!!

I went out with Sherry to chain up the goats.
She puts them in the areas that have good grass for them to eat.....

thus getting that spot 'mowed!'

They are cute little kids!

These goats are regular lawn mowers!!!

The rain stopped and all the ground is wet and soggy.....but oh, so beautiful!

This 'road' is in front of the new house they are working on.

Under all that green grass is WATER!! It is soggy everywhere!

I am beginning to identify with these ducks!!

Still! I need to stop and enjoy the beauty all this rain has wrought!

View to the west this evening......

and to the east.....

and the north.

I have been in the camper most of the day so I walked up to the gate early this evening.

View of the road to our camper.
There are some tricky spots in it!

Thank you to my dear step son who made sure the old folks were comfortable tonight!
He came down and dipped all the rain water out of our fire pit and built us up a good camp fire to sit by. After spending some hours outside gazing at the stars and enjoying the flames of the fire ....we are sitting inside the camper now and gazing out at the still burning fire pit.
This day did not end as WE planned but I'm absolutely certain it ended just as HE planned!!!

"I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."

Philippians 4:11


Ginny said...

Your nighttime fore is beautiful! I bet you have never had so much rain before on these trips!! So sorry. I have been wanting to learn Tai Chi. It is so good for your balance, and believe me my balance is awful!! Are there many moves? I hope you have a video of the Quads upon your return, they will be beside themselves!!

Kathy said...

Your philosophy is right on target. We don't always understand why things happen but they always turn out for our best. How nice of Sherry to bring the chicken and other groceries for you. I guess you are there for the duration. That ground looks saturated. And I saw on your forecast that there's no end in sight for the rain.
I've been wanting to learn Tai Chi too. I think I'll get a video out of the library and give it a try.
Love your campfire.

Susie said...

Linda, I think you and LD know how to roll with anything that comes your way. My gosh the mud...that would make me nuts. LOL The weather forecast for Texas looked like lots of rain. We are to have today, Sunday and Monday with possible storms and more rain. I am ready for Less rain. Be careful . Tell LD here's his new motto, Stay Calm and Camp On !! Love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

wow that is a LOT OF MUD... good idea to stay put... when the sun comes out it will bake it hard in one day i am thinking. hope the rain is gone for a while. i am queen of discombobulated frenzy, so i can relate to Dean. and also food does calm me down

Arlene said...

Maybe yall should just get some oars and row home Linda!!:) You are right about fussing and fuming. I am learning that is a waste of time. I rely on the fact that God has placed me in a certain place at a certain time for a reason so I will just relax in His plan. What a nice son and daughter in love you have!!

Vee said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all that water and mud. Glad that you have learned to adjust to the flow. God has a plan and you can trust Him in it! Keep relaxing, keep the critters out, keep enjoying the fire pit, keep each other good company. Another day or two at the ranch will be a very good thing.

Changes in the wind said...

Wise people learn to be flexible and so you are:)

Pondside said...

That mud is familiar to me Linda! We lived on the prairie years ago, and our son lives on the prairie now. We call this mid Gumbo. It will suck the boots off your feet! Your step-son and Sherry were so good to save the day with the chicken and the lovely fire. It looks like all ended well!

Debby said...

How have I missed so many posts. I hadn't read any of you being on the ranch. trying to catch up. My goodness you have had a lot of rain. But you still are having a good time. Love your camper and it's coziness. I love that you paint every Tuesday. You have talent. So many reasons to love that ranch. Hugs

Kelly said...

I believe you're right! I love that little cartoon drawing you shared. We have been without rain for a couple of weeks and are finally needing it. Can you share some with us? Looks like you're getting too much and we're not getting enough.

Debbie said...

Linda, you are so good at this "blooming where you are planted"!!! And that's quite appropriate with all the rain and mud you are dealing with!! Nothing's going to rain on your parade, figuratively of course ;)

I really enjoyed all your images today, they tell the story!!

Penny said...

I love that you put L D down for a nap! That is very sweet X

Carla said...

I'm pretty sure that watery path in front of you was what it looked like up at the farm. My neighbor up there sent me a picture of our pond overflowing into their acreage.
Yeah if we move there you can come visit in your camper. LOL