Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Needs SANTA When I Have a GRANDMA?

I could NOT resist dressing the quads in some of their Christmas outfits!
It IS Christmas Time!!

I am certain the quads are excited because it IS their very FIRST Christmas!!

Santa's not the only one who loves these babies! 

So does their Granddad!!!

AND their Grandma!!!

Who could HELP but love these Fabulous FOUR??

I couldn't resist! I unwrapped the denim play mat I made for them today!
They have grown so fast it no longer fits the rubber play mats 
Amber likes to put down for their 'Tummy Time.'
Now.....just LOOK at this picture!
Do you see what I see?
Trystan is pinching Logan's little ear......
and of course Kailey and Harrison are holding hands!
Shades of things to come? 

My day started early this morning. 8:30 IS early, RIGHT?

After helping Amber with the first feeding of the day - which includes a spoon feed of cereal and fruit....
I enjoyed a cup of coffee - and a gingerbread cookie from Trader Joe's. 
Have I mentioned how much I love that place?
I find such INTERESTING things there - and at such GOOD prices!

Amber prepares her own baby food and freezes it in little cubes.
This morning they had cereal and pears.
At lunch it was sweet potatoes and apples.

Mike's mom gifted them with this awesome machine which makes the whole process easy peasy!
It steam cooks as well as PUREES. (I can NEVER pronounce that word!!)

Louis Dean arrived later this morning in Quadville and left earlier this afternoon than I did.
We are BOTH here on Tuesday and Thursday so Amber can get out to do the things she needs to do!

I admit I am now officially concerned about him!
For a whole week he has been suffering big time with his asthma.
The good news is that he isn't any worse - but then again he's not any better!
It may well be this Houston weather which is more humid than in the DFW area.
Or it may be allergies which would be different from what he was used to.

I was back at the camper before 7:00 this evening having stopped at the grocery store.
He was already in bed and had been since 4:30 or so.
I came home, unloaded, dealt with Lucy, put up the groceries, and did 'Damage Control' - there is ALWAYS damage control when Louis Dean has been home alone for ANY time at all! 

I have all the ingredients for a hot toddy when he gets up.
We have tried EVERYTHING! 
I have listened to him cough and hack and sputter....
all of it together has simply worn him out!
Hopefully THIS will help!

He is off tomorrow and then it's the weekend and then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I am hoping and praying he gets to feeling better very soon.


Bernice said...

Sending many prayers for LD to be back up and making messes, and lovin on those Grandbabies in time for Christmas.
Love all the pics of those babies, they are so so cute. I am sure even at thier young age they are going to have one heck of a Christmas:)
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

ksjjpalmer said...

Maybe he has pneumonia. It is pneumonia season. He should probably go to the doctor and get his lungs listened to. I have been reading your blog since Amber was pregnant. Just a lurker from Seattle. I enjoy your blog and love thrift shopping and babies as well. I am an RN who is a bit concerned obout LDs symptoms though. "Laboring to breathe" is not normal.

Bev said...

Wonderful prayers are with LD...and you!!

Kelly said...

The babies are all so adorable in those photos. This is going to be such a great Christmas for Amber and Mike being new parents. The babies are starting to look different from each other now. I bet that helps in telling them apart. Of course, I'm sure y'all have been able to all along! Have you had LD looked at by a doctor to confirm it isn't anything else? I would hate for him to have walking pnuemonia or bronchitis and not know it. Does he need an inhaler? That could help too. I have a tendancy for upper respitory problems from allergies. Could the camper have something in it that is causing it? It could have mold somewhere that is the culprit. I ask that because it was sitting idle for so long and if there was any water leakage, there could be some mold growing somewhere. Can you tell I over analyze everything??? LOL! Hope he gets better soon. Otherwise, he may need to get checked out before Christmas.

darlin said...

Wow, the babies have grown so much and they keep on getting cuter and cuter! I adore their Christmas outfits, so sweet and precious!

I hope LD starts to feel better real soon, I hope the hot toddy's help him sweat it all out. If nothing else after a few of them he should sleep like a log!

Wishing you and all of your loved ones a blessed and a very Merry Christmas Linda!

Vee said...

Oh joyful post...the quads wear red so well and their antics are so cute. It's true! Everyone loves the quads.

Praying that Louis Dean feels much better this morning.

Wishing you all bright, beautiful days!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

LD... Is it time to zap over to an ER, and get some Rx's for some inhalers or some such? Wearing himself out, trying to breath, doesn't sound like a good thing to continue doing... Without looking to some doctor-type-help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
I read you blog daily, love those babies, and love you and LD! Please, get that man to a doctor, or the ER, ASAP!

My prayers are with you both! God Bless!!!

Susie said...

Linda, I agree with Auntie...I thought I read where LD had some heart issues . If this is true..get him to the drs. I don't say this to scare you. I pray it's absolutely nothing. But let's not take chances. oxoxox, Susie

Linda said...

Thanks for your concern! Allergies down here are ridiculous! We've been down this road before but I still get concerned. He had a full check up earlier this month. I didn't mean to alarm anyone.....but when I read the comments to LD he admitted it makes him feel good that he is so cared about!

MadSnapper said...

these photos get the stamp of approval from Sandra Clause... Ho Ho Ho... love those red suits and about getting a man to the doctor, i could write enough for a book

Karen said...

Those babies are really starting to get some hair !!
Sweet little Angels !!

Does Louis Dean use an inhaler or something ?
Maybe it is time he gets re-checked out ??

Chatty Crone said...

Awe - I love those little babies - they are so cute. sandie