Thursday, December 6, 2012

Return to Quadville!

We woke VERY early yesterday morning - early as in 3:30!!
We were on the road by 4:20 and arrived in Quadville at 10:00 am!
Louis Dean drove the whole way - stopping for breakfast at Sam's Cafe in Fairfield - and I SLEPT!
I love to travel in this manner!

The night before Louis Dean had packed the truck full of 'things from home!'

This included Christmas things - decorations, books, and clothes - plus firewood, a blower, and the odd items leaving room for Lucy's kennel and the ice chest for the food!

He was adding more 'coolant' to the A/C when our daughter in law arrived.
Sherry and her sister came by to give me some baby blankets that were used by Cindy's baby girls - both of whom are practically grown now! We can't even SAY Sherry's name without SMILING!
She is THAT kind of person. She pitched right in and helped Louis Dean on the truck. It was good to see so much of our family on this trip home. Monday I had lunch with my good friend, Brenda, and the Tuesday Ruth Ann and I did what we USED to do every Tuesday! We went to the movies at Starplex where it is only fifty cents all day long long! We saw 'Looper' and we both agreed it didn't really have an 'ending.'
It simply STOPPED. But we still had so much fun it was ridiculous! We hit up the Goodwill on our way home. I made us a glass of tea and we picked some pecans for her to take with her completing a very GOOD day!!

I had an arm full of babies by 10:30 Wednesday morning!

So did Louis Dean! We couldn't get to them fast enough!

In the afternoon I went with Amber and Mike to take the quads in for their 6 month check up - can you BELIEVE they are SIX MONTHS old?? I have a hard time believing this myself!!
You can check out her blog post about it Here!

The quads got great check ups......and FOUR shots EACH!!!
Poor babies!

Logan was pretty serious about it all!!

Kailey was waiting her turn!
These doctor appointments take a LONG time since you're dealing with FOUR appointments all in one!

What was Granddad doing while WE were gone?

He's been awake since 3:30 that morning, remember?

This is Kailey after we returned home. Babies are SO expressive!

Last night we started unpacking some of the truck. I've never decorated a camper for Christmas before but  I figure - how hard can this be?

I am home now after our second day back in Quadville.
Dinner is cooking - scalloped potatoes, black eyed peas and baked fish.
Christmas music is playing on the radio.
This angel is on the table as I sit here writing .
I rescued her from a shelf at the Goodwill Tuesday.
I only paid $4.99! The price tag on the bottom says $115!
I added a small poinsettia wreathe and tiny electric candle I was already using here by the window.
The two look perfect together!!

I hope to finish all the decorating Sunday afternoon!
It's a GOOD thing to be back in Quadville! I just brought Christmas back WITH me!!


Deb said...

glad you made it back safe to the quads...

Bernice said...

Welcome back to Quadville:)
Cannot wait to see your Holiday decorations:)
The angel is beautiful.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness four shots each = 16 shots - that had to be heck! lol sandie

Linda said...

There was a great deal of CRYING at the end! They save the shots for the last!

Linda said...

Thank you, Bernice! I always enjoy your comments!

Vee said...

Oh those poor babies with all those shots. I hate shot day! They have certainly grown even in the week since I saw them last. Unbelievable! Are they getting Miracle Gro in those bottles? So you're off to the races and setting up your home away from home. I am not at all surprised. Some might say that Christmas could be skipped. Not you! ☺

Carole said...

that is a lovely angel. And the babies are filling out so very nicely - beautiful to see

Kelly said...

The babies are getting so much bigger now. They're starting to get baby fat which makes them even cuter! I can imagine that you are such a big help to Amber to go with her on those check-ups. It's nice that you get to be such a big part of their everyday lives. Lordy, I remember when I had to take mine to the doctor for vaccinations. One child was bad enough (because of the crying). I can't imagine 4!!

Kathy said...

Welcome back to Quadville. I would have trouble switching back and forth but you just take it in stride. I love the Christmas angel. So beautiful. And what a bargain!

Poor babies. They don't understand that those shots are to keep them healthy. Sometimes when I get a shot I feel like crying too! I can't believe it is 6 months already. They will be walking and talking before you know it.

Shelly said...

What beautiful, beautiful babies! A quadruple blessing, to be sure~


Linda, you are the Grandmother of the year 2012! How wonderful the quads's first C'mas and they've grown so much! They look adorable, adorable! I hated shots, hubs would enter Dr.'s office with my daughters and I stayed outside til it was over, I just couldn't even see it! Thanks for your lovely and sweet visit darling and I know you're enjoying the Holiday season.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Hooray for a good trip.

Oh those babies are so cute, I can certainly see how you miss them, when you are away. :-)

And your decorations are coming beautifully.... As always....

Susie said...

Linda, Your LD is a wonderful man. You are lucky to have each other. The quads are blessed to have you both. Wow, can't believe those beautiful babies are 6 months old already...where is the time going. Much love and blessing to all of you.xo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

I've had such fun waiting and now following the Quads. They all look wonderful and what a blessing that they are all so healthy. What a great Christmas celebration your family will have!

Angie said...

Glad you had such a great visit at home and you all had a safe trip back to Quadville. That LD is a trooper doing all the driving and letting you sleep. There is NO WAY I could drive that early in the morning!

6 Months, WOW!!! Miss Annalee will be 5 months on the 13th of December. Time sure doesn't stop for us does it? I can't believe she is already that old. I was telling Hubby yesterday that in another 6 months she wouldn't be a baby no more. We would have 2 toddlers at home instead!

LOVE the angel. What a great bargain. Can't wait to see the rest of your decor.

Carla said...

There you go again finding the good stuff at Goodwill. I agree with a comment above. You should get Granny of the year award and LD should get a Grampy award too!