Sunday, December 9, 2012

A December Weekend in Quadville

One of the perks in living so near Amber and Mike is we can join them on Friday night 'Dinner and a Movie' - IN HOUSE, of course!!

That evening was pretty special since it was the very FIRST one of what will be many more in the future!

This was the scene as we entered.
I had gone back to the RV Park (aka 'HOME!') to get Louis Dean.
On our return the babies had been fed, changed and were ready for bed.
The last thing Amber does is read to them.
Last night they had a special 'Guest Reader' - Lisa!
Everyone loves Lisa! She and Amber were room mates in college and Lisa has a little boy just 16 days older than the quads Harrison!

As soon as the babies were asleep (and that didn't take long!) our dinner and movie started!
The dinner was Amber's famous Sausage Skillet Dish and the movie was......

Amber and Mike knew Louis Dean would love it!
It WAS a good movie - based on a true story.
I was completely exhausted by the time it ended!

I brought the dessert - Fudge Brownies, Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream and an assortment of toppings!
The party was over by 10:30 - it SEEMED so very LATE to all of us now that we live in Quadville!
Nice to have our little camper home only 6 minutes away!

We were back Saturday morning! Amber and Mike went off to a hotel in Houston for a little time away together. They were able to be a 'normal' couple for a whole day and night! Seeing a movie, going to dinner, shopping, looking at all the Christmas decorations - small pleasures that make all the difference!

We sent them off to have a bit of R and R while we took care of the quads!

Louis Dean has such a way with them!
Harrison DOES love him so!

Little Logan Bear is SO adorable!!!
She loves this bouncy thing!

Kailey had fun with this one!
While they don't have FOUR of everything they do at least have TWO!!

Harrison is using his boppy in a whole new manner now!
They are GROWING!

Look! Trystan is showing a little leg!!
She LOVES fabric and usually has a blanket or piece of SOMETHING in her hand - even if it is Grandma's shirt!

The Super Nanny, April, came for several hours arriving in the afternoon.
April is SUCH a blessing and helps in SO many ways!
She and I had put our heads together and came up with a few craft ideas for the quads.

One project is a secret for Amber from us (April, the quads and me) so I can't show that - yet!
It required FOOTPRINTS which then required some CLEAN UP!

We made this wreathe using the babies hand prints!
Guess how we made the holly berries?
We used Harrison's BIG TOE!!
This looks pretty just like it is.......

or you can embellish it even more!
April loves art and painted in some holly leaves to balance the canvas out!

This is how old the quadruplets were when we did this project.
I propped it on Amber's piano so she could see it when she got home this afternoon.
They LOVED it!!

It is a wonderful thing that the babies all sleep 12 hours at night!
They were asleep by 8:00 Saturday night and woke up around 8:00 this morning.

The parents came home shortly after lunch today. We are back in our camper where I have been finishing up my Christmas decorating and waiting for the COLD front that was SUPPOSED to have arrived this afternoon!

I took a break to soak in the hot tub for a bit.
Only in Texas would you use a Christmas towel at the pool in December!

Louis Dean was waiting for me when I got out with the fire burning and the lights on!
We sat out for awhile enjoying the smell of 'Christmas'.......

the tree, garland and fire!

Sunday Night Football is on and that will keep LD occupied while I fluff up with place with more 'debris!'
I have to admit he is SUCH a good sport about it all!!


Deb said...

the cold front hit us up here..brrr...what a fun and tiring weekend you your lights and tree...

Amber said...

A good weekend for everyone!! The quad's Christmas canvas is hanging by the front door :) Thank you!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Such a lovely visit today, I enjoy every post you write. What a rich and loving life.

Lynne said...

Hey there darlin's! You are all always in my thoughts and prayers...and yesterday...I was CHEERING for you!
Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M wins the Heisman!!!!!

The babies are beautiful! They are growing so fast! I just can't get enough of their cuteness! How sweet that Amber and Mike got away...You and LD are the greatest!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness they are 6 months old already? And I love the art projects. They let you watch all four babies and they went to a hotel? Gosh my DIL would not let me do that - I barely get to see him - lol. sandie

Angie said...

I am sure Amber and Mike TRULY appreciates getting a break here and there. I have 3 kids (not all the same age) and honestly it can be exhausting. I can't imagine having 4 BABIES!!!!

LOVE the wreath. What an absolutely adorable idea!

Oh and I wouldn't mind using a Christmas towel at the pool in December. I love warm weather. I so wanted to go South again this year.

Sweet Tea said...

It all looks and sounds like a wonderland! One year, when our first grand was born, we put paint on her ears and used the imprint as "angel wings" on an ornament. Such fun!

Kathy said...

You have had a busy few days there. Love the wreath. What a clever idea!

I wish I lived close enough to share your gazebo with you. So pretty.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

All your photos are precious. It's so hard to choose an "I like best." But that first one is so lovely....


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And how lucky they are, to have you all there, to let Mommy/Daddy have some just-us-time!!!

Bernice said...

The Christmas wreath is darling, what a wonderful keepsake.
Amber and Mike are truely blessed to have you and LD there to watch the Quads while they get away for a little while.
Stay warm, tv says the cold front made it thru TX

MadSnapper said...

a delightful project and i can't believe how fast 6 months has gone by and it amazes me they sleep all night and for that long. i only had 2 and they did not sleep all night for years. i love your cozy porch

Kelly said...

How nice of y'all to keep the babies so Amber and Mike could get away. That is so important for them to do from time to time. Love the artwork y'all made with the babies hands! That is precious. I saw that movie too (Lawless) and loved it! We saw it at the movie theater. My husband and I try to get away while our youngest is at school sometimes. We caught a matinee. Jealous of you in the hot tub. I bet that felt so good!

Vee said...

You are amazing...still taking care of the babes and thinking of such an amazing Christmas project for them to do! That wreath will be treasured for years to come. Those quads make awful good little elves. They all look so happy and darling. Such sweet personalities. (I know. I can't hear the crying.)

Chatty Crone said...

Do I have your email address? Mine is
skcz at Comcast dot net

Thanks. sandie

Nonnie said...

That wreath is gorgeous and those babies just get cuter all the time. The cold front hit us yesterday just as it was SUPPOSED to.

Judy said...

I can not believe that all four sleep for 12 hours at night! Our twin granddaughters never did that for years...if ever. They are so sweet...all four of them. Love their artwork! And you are all so organized over there in quadville!

Carla said...

Wreath is too cute. I can imagine the clean up. LOL