Monday, December 24, 2012

Surprise Visit and a Crispy Critter!

Louis Dean and I were still sipping our morning coffee when he saw a big black vehicle pull up to the camper. He said, "There's Mike!"
Oh, my goodness! It really WAS! WITH Amber and all FOUR babies!!!
Can you see the delight on Louis Dean's face??

While they didn't get out of the car - they ARE still under Quarantine during this Flu/RSV season - it was so much fun to see them right HERE in the RV park!!
We're planning a big party when they are out of 'Lock Down' mode!

This cool party area is just across from our camping space!
We love this RV Resort! 

We visited with everyone for a few minutes then they were off to drive through Sonic before heading back home. I thought it was GREAT they could get out and about for a bit!

Louis Dean was feeling better so he went off on errands after putting the Christmas ham on to cook in the roaster.  I fluffed up the camper while he was gone.
He still has some of the asthma/allergy thing going on so after lunch I left him home to nap while I went over to help with the babies.


Kailey will be the first to TALK - because she has so much to SAY!!
AND she will be the first to CRAWL because she has so many places she wants to GO!!
She's already doing the little inch worm thing!!

I did some Christmas dinner prep while I was over there and then headed to the store on my way home for a few last minute things - like orange juice and biscuits for in the morning.
Louis Dean called me to say he had got up from his nap and THOUGHT he turned the ham OFF!
(I had turned it off before leaving!) Instead he had turned it all the way UP!!

Our Christmas Ham was now a Crispy Critter!!
So I bought another one and we're starting all over!!
Lucy didn't mind. A bone is a bone and she LOVED it!!

The 'new' ham is now cooking out in the gazebo in LD's nifty new roaster!
It should be done soon and then it will have to cool before Louis Dean can carve it up!
That means we'll be up LATE this Christmas Eve!
I hope they still play the Hallelujah Chorus on the radio at midnight as they used to do!
If not I have Josh Groban on a CD!!

Where ever YOU are and whatever YOU are doing this Christmas Eve of 2012......
Louis Dean and I wish you a blessed


Deb said...

Merry Christmas Linda

Luann said...

AHHH The Babies first trip to Grandma's house and on Christmas Eve to boot! That is so awesome. Merry Christmas.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness that van is awesome! How nice they came to see you! Looks like you had a great time.

MERRY CHRISTMAS. And you are right - they don't need the flu! It is a bad one.

Kelly said...

Merry Christmas Linda and LD! I hope you had a good one today. We ate ham last night with my family and then again today (left-over). It was good! So glad that y'all were able to have a visit from the quads at "your place". That was a nice surprise! We have enjoyed a day of rest today and it has been a welcome one. Everyone had a nice Christmas here. Now we're waiting on a bad storm to pass through tonight. Hopefully, it won't cause any damage.

Vee said...

John was toodling off to bed after a full and busy day and insisted that I find "the Quads" (he thinks that's the name of your blog) so he could see how Christmas went. This was good stuff and he got a kick out of seeing them out and about, too. Will catch up with you in closer time at some point. Merry, Merry, Christmas!

Angie said...

I say all the time Annalee will crawl and talk early. She is already such an active gal. Much more so than Axle ever was!

Hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas!

Judy said...

I'm laughing at your ham fiasco. It happens!

So glad the quads could come for a visit. Too cute!

Debbie said...

The babies are just adorable! They have gotten so big!