Monday, December 17, 2012

'Spring' on a December Day!

Gone were the stormy rains of yesterday and in its place was blue skies and warm temperatures!
It was short sleeves and bare feet around the Chapman Camper as I cranked open some windows and flung open the door.

Even the tomato plants think it's spring!

There is ONE ready to pick!
(I'll let HIM eat it!)

The only 'Christmas' around here today was in decorations and music.
This was a perfect day to start my traditional Christmas Letters.
However, this year I don't have the drawer with all my pretty papers and such so I have opted to use a box of cards. They are all the same design and I will write my 'letter' inside.
Every year I write to all my children and other special people in my life.
My oldest daughter, Summer, started this tradition when Amber and Ben were babies.
I still have the letters she wrote all those years ago.
Louis Dean went off to do errands and give me some alone time. Letter writing requires thought!

I kept busy doing some of my favorite things on this the fourth and final day of our 'Staycation!'
Over the course of this long weekend I finished a bottle of delicious Pinot and them promptly turned it into a wine light as a gift to Amber's nanny. We have come to think of April as 'family' during the time she's been with us. I'll give this to her at the little party we're having later this week.

The denim play quilt I was making for the quads is all done.
Washed and dried it is ready to wrap!

I noticed a small tear in the sheet I used for backing so I patched it with a denim heart.

You'd never know there had been a tear under there!

I rolled it up with the heart shape showing.
Louis Dean said I should have sewn FOUR hearts since it's for the quads!
I like to think of this as my Grandma Heart!
Each strip, seam, square represents love and prayers from THIS Grandma's heart for the babies.

Louis Dean returned from his errands and I had a good lunch all waiting for him.
Afterwards I thought this would be a good time to take a I sent him outside to 'play.'
It was so nice out I was certain he could find something to do!
It was a risky thing to do!! I know! I KNOW!!!!

When I woke up and opened the camper door to see how he was doing......

THIS is what I saw!!!
To be fair - I had not told him NOT to unload the entire contents of his truck onto the patio!!

To his credit I snapped this.......

just as I'm closing my post! 
Not entirely clean but MUCH better!!

Now I'm off to have Tea Time with my husband!!
Tomorrow it will be back to Quadville to care for the babies!
Wonder if they missed me?


Blondie's Journal said...

Your quilt turned out absolutely beautiful! The red heart is perfect, tear or no tear! It's a wonderful gift!

You remind me that I have to start on my Christmas cards...I actually bought stamps so I wouldn't have an excuse!

Have a great week, Linda!


Bernice said...

What a beautiful tradition of writing a Christmas letter to your children.
And the quilt with the heart is beautiful, what a special gift that will be for the Quads, not just now but in the years to come.
Have a Wonderful Christmas Linda, and thanks for sharing:)

Vee said...

Reading one of your posts and I never know whether I'll laugh or cry. Today, it was mostly laughter at LD's cleaning out of the truck. Now I bet the truck looks better, too.

The quilt is wonderful for those grands to roll about on. I should pay attention to how you do those.

Your letter-writing tradition is probably always the best gift of Christmas. It is a very special thing to do. Does Louis Dean get one, too?

bj said...

You are such a busy bee...and the King Bee seems busy, too. Cleaning his truck...then getting the patio all pretty for tea time with his sweetie girl.
Ya'll are such a sweet looking couple...and very much in love...I can tell. :))

Love your quilt...I am getting in the mood to make another quilt...maybe in the fall. We will be moved in by then (I hope) and I'll be ready to tackle one.

Anonymous said...

linda, i so look forward to your posts & check every day...your upbeat, happy heart does me good!
it is so obvious in the way you decorate, "make a home", cook, love your children, grandchildren, mom, family and your hubby...your painting talent, writing, sewing, reading, faith....well you inspire me to be better! i live near you, burleson...& some day, when you return to your home and life before the quad squad i want to meet you for lunch! oh, & yep, i do know the quads sweet faces before i scroll down to see their names! pam

Linda said...

So.....anonymous!!! I hope you see this 'reply!' Thank you SO much for the lovely comment and I would LOVE to have lunch!! I am in Fort Worth once every me! My email address is posted on the side bar my blog. This would be so much fun!

Merry Christmas and THANK you so much for your encouraging words!!

Changes in the wind said...

The quilt turned out soooo nice am sure it will be appreciated.

Bev said...

You make my day Linda!!.... just love you both...and that Louis Dean....what do you expect hehe!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

A tomato!!!!!! -grin- And you are giving it to him, even after he put so much stuff onto your patio!!! -giggggggggles-

Chatty Crone said...

What a beautiful grandma you are. ♥