Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bacon and Eggs, Anyone??

I've been making 'Bacon and Eggs' at Christmas time for nearly 30 years!

These are fun and OH SO EASY to make!!

Just white chocolate bark melted and dropped by spoonfuls on waxed paper.
Pretzel sticks stand in for the bacon and yellow M & M's are the 'yolks.'
I even made a few double yolk ones for the RV park office people here.

I took this plateful over to Quadville today to share with Amber and April.

The babies can't eat them yet but you can count on us having fun making them together just as soon as they are old enough!

It was a good day in Quadville.
April constructed a corral of sorts.
They roll around and back and forth now. Soon they will be all over the place!

Amber kept Christmas movies playing all day so I joined Logan and Harrison on the floor to watch.
HE held on to my finger and SHE kept a grip on my sweater!
That just made me feel good!

April is no longer called the 'nanny.' 
She is more like 'family' now.
She'll be moving away all too soon to a college town and we will miss her.
However that is still weeks away so we all had a little celebration this evening.
I made this delicious Roasted Garlic Brie in Puff Pastry from a blogger buddy.
She shows step by step directions.

Friends and family are important all year round but seem especially precious here at Christmas time.
I am SO excited about seeing my youngest son soon!
He flew from California to DFW this morning so he is IN Texas!!

I haven't seen him since early December LAST year!
Summer is going to pick him up and bring him down to meet the quads for the very first time.
They plan to come next weekend and I am thrilled!!
Guess where they are going to stay?
With us right here in the camper!!
This place will actually sleep SIX!
That's SLEEP six! 
There's not really enough room for six people to be up walking around in here!!
I am so excited that I will have young first born and last born under the same roof with me - at the same time -  for the first time in YEARS!
The camper is all decorated and even though they will come AFTER Christmas - 
it will be Christmas in our hearts and we will still be celebrating!

I'm SO glad I have the traditional N O E L here in the camper.
I've not missed a year of hanging it since 1965!

We're going to take lots and lots of pictures!!

We are convinced Louis Dean has a bad case of allergies and if you have ever lived in the Houston area you know how common it is! I had a visit with our pharmacist down here and he, too, is in his first year as a Houston resident. He was coughing as discreetly as possible when I was asking him about medications - he's having the same problems!! Although he is over 40 years YOUNGER and it doesn't take the toll on him that it's taking on an older person!

It's late as I write and the dog is asleep at my feet. Louis Dean has been in bed for hours now.
I think I'll make me a cup of tea and catch up in my Country Diary before nesting down in the girl bunk with a book. I LOVE staying up late since I know I can sleep in!
It's the WEEKEND!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

The little ones are growing so fast - and their individual personalities are shining in the pictures you are sharing. You will have a lovely Christmas/after Christmas. Hope LD is feeling better soon (even somewhat better if not all better, allergies are so consuming of energy).

Lynne said...

Oh what joy you have been displaying! Yesterday's post with the quads and you in your Christmas red was just darling! Linda! The quilt is wonderful! You can tell that the babies love it!

I so enjoy watching the four little miracles grow!

I hope LD can get a handle on his allergies. I am sorry to hear that they are keeping him under the weather!

It's wonderful to hear that your son is home.
Merry Christmas Blessings to you and your family!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

All precious pics, of course. You have so much "precious-ness", to picture!!! :-)

Sorry April have to be leaving, but she has been wonderful to have around, for this amount of time. Hope someone wonderful, can be found, to step into her shoes.

bj said...

O, how the babies are growing. Just amazing.
So glad you are having your family around you for the Christmas season.
Love those Bacon and cute they are.
Have such a wonderful holiday and blessings to April on her move.
xo bj

Bernice said...

So sorry to hear about April leaving,I am sure she will be missed alot. Your puff pastry looks so yummy..recipie please after the holidays. Happy to hear LD is doing better:)
Very busy but Merry next few days,dont know if I will be getting back on computer so want to take this opportunity Linda to Wish you and your Beautiful family a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas.
Please wish Amber,Mike and those babies a Very Merry Christmas, give them lots of hugs;)

Linda said...

And to YOU, our Dear Friend!! You have been such a blessing to all of us during this whole Quad Experience!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Vee said...

Oh sweetness to the tenth power. Texas must be that much brighter with your baby in it. =D The quads never fail to bring a grin to our faces. Yes! Thank you for continuing right on with Christmas...I will be, too! I'm sure that it will be like living in a Clubhouse for the four of you all together in such small quarters. Fun times...let'em roll. Praying that LD will feel much better asap.

Angie said...

Those Bacon & Eggs are absolutely adorable! What a cute idea.

Sounds like your Christmas is going to be so exciting. Your going to be surrounded by those you love the most! That is what makes Christmas perfect!