Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Little Family Time!

We arrived back home by 10:00 am yesterday. It was a LONG day since we got up at 3 AM!
First we dropped Lucy off at home so we wouldn't have to haul her around all day in the back of the truck!

Be it ever so humble - there's no place like HOME!

Then we headed straight for Fort Worth to see Mother!!!
I never realized how much I would miss seeing her every week. 
Normally I do the Friday morning beauty shop run.
Now this falls to my sisters. One drops her off and the other picks her up.
Both of them make Mother's life SO much more enjoyable!!!

My sister, Deanie, is AMAZING!!!
She is a December Baby and since I won't be here for her birthday I brought her a little something!

Her favorite cupcakes in all the world!!!
They are from Ooh La La and they are d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Seriously so!

The first time she had one from there was the day after the quadruplets were born!
She and I loaded up the back of her SUV - it was STACKED with box after box of cupcakes!
We took them to the hospital for the doctors, nurses and staff.
Ever since then - it is a tradition that we get a cupcake from Ooh La La whenever she is in town.
Town being Houston/Katy. I don't think there are any here in the DFW area.

They always feature a cupcake of the month.......
Let me tell you this 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' was wonderful!

You'll never guess where we took Mother that afternoon!
Now - bear in mind this was someplace Mother REALLY wanted to go and there was something she REALLY wanted to see!!

The cemetery!!
She had long wanted her headstone done and she wanted to SEE it!!

So there it is and she was happy!!
Deanie had driven all the way out here the day before just to make SURE and certain it was all as it should be before bringing Mother out.
Mother's daddy and mother, sister and brother are all there.
I'm not sure why this was so important to her but it was!
Deanie pays attention and spent a great deal of time getting this done.

Thank you, Deanie, and HAPPY  a few weeks early Birthday!!! 

From Fort Worth I headed to Arlington to see my oldest grandchildren.

They had a Reading Under the Stars activity at school that evening so I took them!

That pizza was pretty darn GOOD!!

It was late when we got home last night.......
let's just say we slept very well!
At home and in our roomy bedroom!

About the time we come home we are SO ready to BE here!!
Then when it's time to go back down to the camper we are SO ready to GO!
It is working out nicely living in these two completely different worlds!


Judy said...

You are leading two busy lives, it seems! And they are both packed with so many good things. Enjoy your at home time!

Deb said...

busy...busy...but full of fun and great memories...

Deb said...

oh I love your new look too...

Vee said...

Wow! What a whirlwind you're living in! Does your entire family know how amazing you are? I think they do. Your mother is so cute to want to see just how things have been taken care of. It seems good and normal to me. She's a strong gal!

Kathy said...

You look so much like your mom in that picture of you three (with your sis). Your sister's got good taste. I'd rather have a cupcake than a cake. And those look delicious! Your grandkids are so cute. What a great idea for reading their school has. Have fun while you are in your "big" home.

MadSnapper said...

your life is wonderful to me and very very interesting. love the pics of you and mom and deanie and the first one of you and your mom is really good. you are blessed, a mom and 2 sisters. I only have a brother and it is just not the same. he is 10 hours away from here.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Lovely for all of your Family. Yes. But, my Dear, you are looking tired.

I know, it's not, not, not the thing to comment. I know! People will want to "beat me with a wet noodle." For saying that. But... I don't want you to be extending yourself, too far.

OK, I will go away now, and be quiet.

Gentle hugs...

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh your life is just a whirlwind there girl - but a fun one. I hope you had a nice weekend. sandie-

Anonymous said...

Auntie Sezzzzz,
I am Deanie one of Linda's sisters, I would like to confirm your statement. Linda is looking tired! we don't want her to hit bottom because it is harder to come up from that place! she needs the hot tub & a good book,then climb into bed & have a couple of days to herself!

Carla said...

Love this picture of you, your sister and mom. Your sister Deanie needs to sit on you when you're in the Big D so you'll relax.

You back down here now and I'm just reading this post. Too much and sew little time. :o)