Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas From Texas!

This picture has been going around Facebook the last week or so.
I SO love it!! 
While it says 'Season's Greeting' I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sunday Louis Dean and I had planned to visit Surfside, Texas and walk on the beach.
As it happened Sunday was a heavy rainy stormy kind of day.
So we are saving this for later this winter.
Walking on a beach in the winter has got to be one of my favorite things!
I remember taking Louis Dean to Galveston for his very first time in February one year.

We have been setting record HIGH temps for the last few days here in the Houston area.
A cold front is supposed to arrive tonight and I am looking forward to it!

The following is the story that goes with the picture:

The Night Before Christmas (Texas style)

T'was the night before Christmas, in Texas, you know.
Way out on the prairie, without any snow.

Asleep in their cabin, were Buddy and Sue,
A dreamin' of Christmas, like me and you.

Not stockings, but boots, at the foot of their bed,
For this was Texas, what more need be said,

When all of a sudden, from out of the still night,
There came such a ruckus, it gave me a fright.

And I saw 'cross the prairie, like a shot from a gun,
A loaded up buckboard, come on at a run,

The driver was "Geein" and "Hawin", with a will,
The horses (not reindeer) he drove with such skill.

"Come on there Buck, Poncho, & Prince, to the right,
There'll be plenty of travelin' for you all tonight."

The driver in Levi's and a shirt that was red,
Had a ten-gallon Stetson on top of his head.

As he stepped from the buckboard, he was really a sight,
With his beard and moustache, so curly and white.

As he burst in the cabin, the children awoke,
And were so astonished, that neither one spoke.

And he filled up their boots with such presents galore,
That neither could think of a single thing more.

When Buddy recovered the use of his jaws,
He asked in a whisper, "Are you really Santa Claus?

"Am I the real Santa? Well, what do you think?"
And he smiled as he gave a mysterious wink.

Then he leaped in his buckboard, and called back in his drawl,
"To all the children in Texas, Merry Christmas, You-all"


Nonnie said...

I would love to have some of that rainy stormy weather here in North Texas. A walk on the beach sounds wonderful!!! Merry Christmas!

Vee said...

So how warm has it been? I'll Google to see... How cold does it get? I'll Google... I liked this retelling of a familiar tale, Texas style.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Texas Christmas there girl.

Bernice said...

This is the first time I read the Texas Version of "Twas the night before Christmas" Very cute:)
Were you and LD both born and raised in Texas?
Thanks for sharing:)

Deb said...

we are getting a heavy rain as I right...feels like spring instead of that version...

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh! This is so dang cute!! Hope you get that walk on the beach! We are supposed to get our first snow tomorrow and it's going to be bad!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very, very cute! A walk on the beach would be a wonderful. It's been raining here.
Have a merry, merry Christmas.

MadSnapper said...

to funny poem... love it. and the photo to. that could also be a Florida Santa. we are like summer here. the Christmas of 84 we spent the whole morning on the beach...that year it was hot like it is this year. even our normal winters allow beach time though, just have to wear clothes other than a bathing suit. Merry Texas Christmas.

Angie said...

We have a cold front pushing in too and we are supposed to have SNOW!!!
Last Christmas we were in Orlando at Sea World wearing shorts. I love warm Christmas weather too. I'm pretty easy to please.
Merry Christmas to you and yours! It's Merry Christmas in my house as well :)

Kathy said...

I've seen this on fb and thought it was really cute. Thanks for sharing it here. Walking on the beach in winter here would not be a nice thing to do. Enjoy your warm weather and think of us freezing up here in the northeast.

Carole said...

Linda, wishing you and your whole family a truly great Christmas. It is high summer here and a storm is predicted to hit us around Christmas (leftover from Cyclone Evan which hit Samoa and Fiji a few days ago). So we may not be getting to the beach for a wee while.