Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing Up the Camper

We have spent most of this New Year's Eve Day closing up the camper
 in preparation for our January trip home!
All of Christmas is down, packed and loaded ready for us to leave in the morning after our coffee.

It's been a cold, dark, rainy  day here at the RV park.
I actually LOVE cold, dark, rainy days!

While I took most of the decorations down - and all of the colored lights -
I ADDED a strand of white lights here over the kitchen window.

I kept the winter white cool LED lights over the bed for now.
It just looked too pretty to take down!
The Christmas wired paper ribbon is gone.....
but the LIGHTS remain......a little to Louis Dean's dismay!

I'm also keeping the winter garland over this window.
How can Louis Dean argue with keeping a WINTER garland up??
He really is such a good sport about all my 'debris' as he calls it!

My chickens are back!!
I've missed them!

However, I have kept that LARGE tiny area of counter space to the left of the sink free and clear!

I took Lucy for a walk and we both enjoyed it!
Dark, misty and subdued.
Good for a bit of reflecting while I walked.
2012 is all but over.

2013 is stretching out before us.

We'll close out the year here.....and head home for the first week of the New Year.
We will see family and catch up with everyone 'back home' before returning.
I have many things to write in my Country Diary tonight -
recapping the year with its highs and lows....
challenges and victories.....
struggles and failures.....
accomplishments and successes.
I have much for which to give thanks.
Louis Dean and I are closing out our 8th New Year's Eve together.
I am so blessed!


Deb said...

have a safe trip home......

Vee said...

Happy Trails as you head home for a bit. It's always good to rest again in your own bed. One of the great successes of this year, I would imagine, is playing such a supportive role in the arrival of these darling grands of yours. It's really an incredible story. Ever think of writing a book? Amber could edit it! =D

The camper is looking as cozy as ever. I'm so glad that you're leaving a bit of Christmas/winter out. Lights are very cozy. I doubt that I'll pack mine up anytime soon either.

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy New Year to you, LD, and your beautiful family. Safe travels!


Anonymous said...

happy new year linda & ld, you have a wonderful week at home! have so enjoyed the holiday posts with amber & family & you & family & all the decor. i so agree with vee....write a book, with your blog & journal, it's all there, linda!
safe travels, pam
(i'll be hitting the road as well coming from early to burleson ending family visit)..

Chatty Crone said...

I thought you might be going home permanently! I see you will be back. Happy New Year! sandie

Kathy said...

Happy New Year, Linda! Hope you and LD have a safe trip home. Enjoy your time there. Glad you are keeping some winter up in your camper.

chris said...

it sounds like you and your family have had a lovely holiday! best wishes in 2013 - should be a year of real fun with all those babies!!

Pondside said...

You two are amazing. Have a safe trip home and back!

Lynne said...

Hi darlin'!
Safe travels to you and LD this morn'!
Thank you for the miracle ride of 2012!
Happy New Year!

MadSnapper said...

bob and I just had our 28th new years eve together... and that is a blessing. I agree with pondside, you two ARE amazing.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh yes, we just HAVE to leave up some of our Faerie Lights! I agree!!! ,-)

Have a lovely time, at home for a while.

Safe traveling!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And new look here on your blog!!! Had to mention that!!!!

darlin said...

8 years, that's wonderful! I'm not putting away my decorations just yet, I'm too attached to them now that I may just leave them up all year! lol

I wish you and LD a blessed and very Happy New Year, as well as a safe journey home!

Kelly said...

Hope you are enjoying being back home. I just have to laugh at LD calling your decorations debris! Too funny! He should just appreciate how homey you make everything. My husband says how organized everything is in our camper after I've gone along on a trip. Then he takes it out with his buddies on a fishing trip and it's all a mess again. I quickly have to restore order again. LOL! Hope you had a nice new year's day.

Carla said...

Debris.... I love it. I may have to use that term again soon lol