Friday, December 28, 2012

Everything is Better With BACON!

Who doesn't like crispy brown BACON??

The grease is like a secret ingredient when I fry potatoes!
I bought a package of maple cured bacon yesterday mainly for the BACON GREASE!
 Everything tastes better when you fry something in a little bit of bacon grease!

I am always amazed at how MUCH bacon shrinks!
It goes from THIS.....

to THIS!!

All to get THIS!
The 'secret ingredient!'

Louis Dean and I are sitting in our warm little camper waiting for my youngest son and my first born daughter to arrive!! I have a pot of potato soup for them and will be making some garlic toast as soon as I hear they are close! I am so excited you would think I'm in a Hallmark card commercial!
Our first overnight guests in the camper!!!
Benjamin is the reason for the grease!!
I boiled some potatoes when I got home from Quadville today and will fry them up along with some onions in a little bacon grease for breakfast in the morning!
This is his FAVORITE meal!!
He's been living and working out in California and tonight will be the first time I've seen him since early LAST December! 

As cold as it is (and it IS cold in Houston tonight!) Louis Dean and I put our gazebo back up!

I plugged the lights in and it is all bright and welcoming!
I think they will find us!
Like Motel 6 - we're leaving the light on for them!
We'll be waiting!


Anonymous said...

you're the best! yummmy, bacon, potatoes, coziness....have a wonderful visit. 3 of your kiddos together at one time!! have fun. stay warm. hugs pam m. texas

Sweet Tea said...

My, that bacon looks good!!
You're gonna have a great visit - you can all cuddle together and stay warm and cozy.

Pondside said...

What a sweet mum you are - your Benjamin is going to swoon when he smells those potatoes frying in the morning!

Kathy said...

I saw your post on fb that they are there! Have fun with your kids. Can't wait to see pictures of Ben meeting the quads.

Vee said...

Such fun you are going to have! Hope that. Breakfast exceeds all expectations. :D

Changes in the wind said...

Your bacon grease got me to thinking if you can freeze it....yep you can I am learning some new things.

MadSnapper said...

bacon is one of my favorite foods and we have given it up except when eating breakfast out which is about once every 2 months. you are so right, bacon grease makes anything taste better. mother kept a tin bucket of it on her stove and used it for every thing. my mother in law used to brush it on her biscuits and the were killer tasting also killer on the diet.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I am so happy Summer and Ben will be there this weekend! Ben is in for a big surprise !
Love to all, Nita

Novabella said...

Yes, like Sandra I grew up with a pot of bacon grease on the back of the stove-- favourite ingredient of my Ukrainian relatives. For health reasons we no longer do that but there truly is nothing like potatoes fried in bacon fat. Makes the mouth water just thinking of it! Enjoy your visit!

Nonnie said...

It's hard to believe we used to cook a pound of bacon at a time - just for breakfast for two!!!! We love potato soup around here, too.
Enjoy your weekend with your family and make it a Kodak moment (you seem to have a great talent for that)! ;-)

Judy said...

I looks quite welcoming over your 'mini motel 6'!

I smiled when I saw the title of your post. I just came from reading Bev's recipe on Mennonite Girls Can Cook this morning, and she starts off by saying 'everything is better with bacon!' I made a specialty beef dish last night...which had a bacon filling. Yup...everything is better with bacon! Enjoy your family in your cozy camper.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh! Potato soups sounds wonderful! We are so cold here today...28 degrees! No gazebo for us!

Enjoy your time with your family. You've made me hungry now!


Kelly said...

You're such a good mama!! I can only imagine how excited you are to see them after it has been so long. We use alot of bacon grease in our food too. It adds so much flavor. I save it in the fridge and scoop a little in our beans while they're cooking on the stove. We eat BLT sandwiches, so it'a a great opportunity to save the bacon grease!

Aloha Acres said...

So exciting! Love family visits. Enjoy every moment. Can't wait for the pictures.

Carole said...

Have a lovely visit Linda. I have never fried anything in bacon grease - and I am so going to do it now! Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Looks like you've had a great Christmas, Linda, and still more celebrations to come.

We're bacon fans here too - but as I remember, American bacon is slightly different to British bacon. Was that your experience?


Oh, Linda.. the luckiest grandmother of 2012!! I know you had a terrific C'mas with your family, been you are such a good mama and grandmama. The food sounds yummy too! I love bacon and we have a great one around here also seems like anything you cook with it comes out, JUST TERRIFIC!!Thanks for your visit and for all your visits from 2012 and hope to always see you around here..I so appreciate it. May you have a happy, blessed and healthy 2013 too. xoxo