Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweater Weather!!!

The 'Cold Front' - such as it was - finally arrived in the night and it was sweater weather today!
We enjoyed the little electric heater in the camper while we ate our stick to the rib breakfast of hot oatmeal, buttered toast and hazelnut coffee!

While I wore a sweater - a CHRISTMAS sweater - the quads stayed warm and toasty in their new PJ's!

I gave them all nice hot baths AFTER their lunch of spinach!
Not their favorite by any means and made for some interesting diapers later in the afternoon!

Two seriously pretty little girls!
Can you tell who they are?

Here's the other baby girl!She was helping her mom with the Christmas cards!
Amber can type like the WIND!!! Rightly so since her business is WORDS!

I did light duty today in Quadville. I arrived at noon and did the baths then left at 2:00 to do TWO errands (the bank and Sam's for a RX) which took TWO hours! I went back to the babies for TWO hours and it was time to go home! This day went by fast!

Louis Dean is working on HIS blog post as I'm working on mine.
Dinner tonight is a turkey and dressing casserole we froze at Thanksgiving along with garlic cheesy potatoes and Ranch Style beans.....and it's all nearly ready to eat!

I'm enjoying our Christmas Camper all decorated up!
Just need to do some 'damage control' before I can take pictures.
Leaving Louis Dean home alone for over 6 hours left some areas that need to be 'fluffed!'

Fortunately he wasn't in the bedroom so I do have ONE clean room!
Of course, there are only THREE 'rooms' in here and one of them is a tiny bathroom - which has its own Christmas tree!!!

My Santa (with his broken glasses which I have been meaning to fix for YEARS!) turns his head. I plopped a larger Santa hat on him and he can STILL move his head from side to side! His arm is also 'broke' so the candle is hitched on his belt. I need to mend a few things!

Above him hangs the largest Santa I have painted to date.
I like looking at him.

Tomorrow BOTH of us work in Quadville!
 Louis Dean misses those babies when he skips a day with them.
The weather forecast says the temp will dip down into the 30's tonight!
Perfect time to see if that electric blanket of ours still works!


Kathy said...

I think the picture of the two pretty girls are Logan and Kailey. I think Trystan is with Amber. Am I right?

How beautiful your bedroom is. And I love your Santa painting. You are very talented. Have fun in Quadville.

Bernice said...

I think the two cuties are Kailey and Logan, and Trystan is at the computer with Amber.
Love the Snowman pillows on your bed,nver thought of putting lights aruound a bedframe, very pretty and kinda romantic, stay warm tonite;)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Hooray for some cool weather, for you down in TX!!!

Wishing we'd get snow and cold, up here. -sigh-

That last Santa is so cooool!!!!

From "The Land That Winter Forgot"

Lynne said...

Such cuteness and coziness!
The babies grow between your posts! The camper bedroom is a perfect picture of comfort and Joy!

Angie said...

Your Santa paintings are absolutely amazing!
Enjoy your cooler weather friend :)

Chatty Crone said...

I love everything you have going there - oatmeal and those beautiful babies. How are you going to celebrate Santa with four babies????

Linda said...

Bernice, you know those babies SO well!!

jamarson1 said...

I love how you say "fluffing" up the camper!

Linda said...

What about doing a Santa painting in a shop window near you, complete with red hat?! I thought my artist did very well to ignore all the passers-by taking photos of him.

Those gorgeous babies are looking really sparky and interested in life - what a joy Christmas will be for you all this year.

Pondside said...

Stay cosy down there, Linda. I like sweater weather too, but up here it's raincoat weather!

momto8 said...

I cannot even imagine 4 at the same blessings all around!!
beautiful photos.

Carla said...

Debris, fluffing. I need to remember these words and use them. Love your blog.

Susie said...

Linda, Your painting is just wonderful. And those gorgeous babies, hugs, hugs hugs. I hope you and Ld are truly having a great fun time. xo,Susie