Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Monday Home and Tuesday's Treasures.....

 Jesse and the kids returned from the Reservoir Sunday night......

I love seeing the big old white truck pull up with it's lights all burning bright.

Here are the boys enjoying the homemade pizzas Sherry had made for them.
We only had two nights at the ranch this visit but they were good ones!

We were up bright and early Monday morning!

All four of us suited up and went to the apiary.
Sadly, our bees are not thriving....and I pray we don't lose the three remaining hives.
Not one frame of honey to harvest this year.
The drought, the heat, the mites, the absconding, so many things have happened to our bees this year.
We started beekeeping in 2019 and this is the first year to not harvest.

While the boys fished up at the tank, Jesse and I set about closing up the camper and packing and loading the truck for our trip home.

We stopped twice on the way.
First at Gerik's Ole Czech Bakery for goodies to take home.....

and then at El Conquistador in Hillsboro for lunch.

Jesse was a great driver and got us back home in Irving at 3:30 - exactly the time he was shooting for!

It was a hot ride home, though!
It's hard for the AC to cool down enough to be comfortable when traveling in such intense heat!
I think it was 108 degrees.

The guys were amazing and unloaded all my stuff and then put all the trash out to the curb. 
No trash pick up in the country so we bring it all home with us plus some.
I took advantage of the opportunity to clean up some of the 'debris' around the place while I was there.
Louis Dean is partial to trash but I don't believe he will be missing any pf it!

The house looked great when I got home.
Yes, he cooked, but he cleaned up so well!!!
He even made a big pitcher of ice tea for when I got home.

He was so excited to see me and I to see him!
Only the weekend away and yet it seemed so much longer.
At least I think it was seeing me that made him smile and act so happy - but it may have been getting his truck back!

I came in and put on cooler clothes and went right to bed for about 3+ hours!

Then we sat out on the driveway with a glass of wine for the first time in a long time!
It's good to be back home again.

I love seeing this little girl in the window.


Today I called about the CT scan and chest X-ray Louis Dean needs and was able to schedule it for this very afternoon!

Louis Dean even had a good time doing it!
He took one look at that big machine and remembered his beloved Ellen having to get a CT scan once.
She was extremely claustrophobic so Louis Dean told the technician ne would stay in the room with her. He said NO WAY! Well, it didn't take long for them to come out and get Louis Dean so he could calm Ellen. She was beside herself having a meltdown and giving the workers one of their own!
I was waiting outside the door and could hear him talking and laughing as he was telling the story.

We were at a Baylor Surgery Center and it was decorated so beautifully!
I like this industrial table design.

I've used a piece like this before but it did NOT look elegant!

We stopped and Louis Dean put gas in the car for me and then he ran into Auto Zone on our way home to get a couple of those windshield heat protectors.
I wish I could get some more to shield some of my plants from this intense heat!
And for my doors and windows here in the house!
I'm keeping everything closed up and dark but it's still a struggle to keep it cool. 
Good thing we have several window units or it would not be comfortable in here!

LAte this afternoon I decided to unload my trunk at the Goodwill and do a little Goodwill Hunting.

A new beach cover up.....not that I'm going to the beach or even the pool much lately.

This comfy top was brand new with tags.

Candle warmer.
I started not to get this because the packaging made it look yellow like it'd been aged.
But I pried up a corner of the plastic cover - it was new and in the original packaging - and it was a really clean white!!

I always walk down the book isles......

This one for me.....

and this one for Louis Dean!

That's how we've spent this evening.....in the den, AC on and reading.
Perfect for a hot July evening.

It's after 10:00 as I write and it just dipped under 100 degrees so I am going out to water the front.
We are asked to conserve electricity from 2-8 PM and now we are asked not to use sprinklers.
We only use a water hose anyway and just give everything a 'drink'.

A friend sent me this today.......
and this is so true.

We have an appointment next Wednesday with Dr. Maddox to talk about the results from the tests.
I plan to go to church on Sunday and and there is absolutely nothing on my agenda or calendar until then. I don't think this has ever happened before.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your beach coverup is so pretty that you could wear it with jeans as a blouse. The surgical Center is decorated in what I call Farmhouse Chic, so pretty! what a wonderful sight your kitties in the window are! Did they come running to you, or were they mad that you left?

Rita said...

Hello Linda! So very nice to meet you. So glad you stopped by my little blog. I will be trying the followers list or readers list or whatever Blogger calls it--so I am your newest follower. I will have to go back and read to find out what Louis Dean had a CT Scan for. They are the easiest of the three kinds I have had--very quick and less claustrophobic than the PET Scan or an MRI. But they are all doable when you know you need them. ;)

Love your sister kitties. Hopefully will figure out how to find you again--LOL! I have people on my following list when I did look that haven't posted in many years. I don't know how to delete them, either. Old dog. Nice to meet you. :)

Kathy said...

So glad you got home safely. It's a shame about the bees, though. People don't realize how important bees are to our ecology.

Things here are all dried up too. Not as hot as you are, but we are setting records here too. I thought I would have beautiful green beans this year, but the plants all turned brown and died.

You got some great buys at Goodwill this week.

Brenda said...


Hootin Anni said...

I think an empty agenda is just the thing you need. A slow pace to calm down & restore energy. Great book finds. Hoping all the tests results are perfect!
I too love seeing the kitties in the window!

Arlene G said...

So glad you had a good time with your boys. The heat here was bad as well but now seems to be back to normal summer weather. Hot but not in the 100s for the heat index. I am so sorry about your bees. We loved keeping bees but it was hard for us to keep them here.lol We had that one great year, then they absconded. Hope LD gets a good report.

Estelle's said...

I so relate...can you believe this HOT summer we are experiencing? it's BRUTAL! Glad you had some ranch time with your boys! Hoping for a good medical check up!

MadSnapper said...

I have never read the words, nothing on my agenda, on this blog before. Proud of you. rest is good especailly in the extreme heat, the news says 13 states are suffering and Texas is one of them. glad you are home safe from the fun filled Mini MiMi camp. prayers for a good result from the tests.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We've been watching the hot temps there and hoping everyone is OK. It's hot and humid here but usually around 90 for a high. Take care and enjoy your week. Take some time for yourself! Hugs, Diane

Vee said...

Oh that is a long stretch of empty, though I am convinced that you will fill it up with good things.

Yay for arriving home to Louis Dean and a tidy kitchen. That's wonderful!

So sorry about the bees. They have a lot to overcome this year.

Praying that the harsh weather will moderate. Lord, have mercy!

So good that you had a great weekend with the grandsons and your son.

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you all had a good time at the ranch but so sorry about the bees. You all worked so hard and know it must be hard to lose them. Glad you are back home and all is well.

Deanna Rabe said...

God has been giving you lots of joy in the midst of your sorrow. It's just like Him, to care for our tender hearts.

So glad all was tidy and nice when you arrived home. I know Jesse and the boys will always have fond memories of this weekend at the ranch with you.

I'm praying you'll get a break in your heat soon, at least for it to moderate some.

I think days with no plans, a new book to read, and air conditioning sound just right!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Such a wonderful post filled with happy news and times with your sweet family. The camping trip sounds like it was a big success. Happy memories being made with your cute grandsons before they get too big to appreciate it. I hope they always will. Praying for good results from the CT scan. Glad you have some time to just rest. You need it. Please stay cool, calm and collected! God bless you.

Susie said...

Hi Linda, So good of LD to clean up his mess. Fun with your son and his sons...family time helps us so much. Glad you and LD are not over doing in the heat. Be safe. Praying for good results of the scan. I cried reading the little note at the bottom of this blog. Today is my last appointment with my grief dr. He is going to the west coast for more training. I like his gentle voice. I know grief has no time limit, it can come and go...and we never know what will make some days harder than others. I am so thankful I can talk to God anywhere , anytime. Blessings and love to all of you, xoxo, Susie

Jackie See said...

Linda, so glad you and LD seem to be moving in a positive direction after such loss. I love the saying your friend sent to you, I may copy it and save it. It is so true. I wish I was there for a Tuesday Treasure Hunt! We would have a ball! A visit to you and the gulf is on our mind but right now this heat may send us up north or back inside! Tell LD hello and we pray that all tests come back healthy! ~jackie~

photowannabe said...

Wow, that is really hot!!!
Sorry about your bees..that makes me really sad.
Our temps are 104F yesterday and today...
Too hot to do much of anything. though Dave and I don't feel like doing anything since the Covid hit us almost 3 weeks ago.
We sure don't bounce back the way we used to.
Take it easy and enjoy your quiet time with LD. Praying for good results on the scans.

Debby said...

It's hot all over - We're at 108 but that's normal for us and the heat isn't as bad as you guys because we are dry. We're now in our consistent 105+ temps that will last until Sept. I just hope we don't have any heatwaves of 115 like we've had in years past. The hottest was 121.

I enjoyed all your photos - sorry about the bees. It's a crisis all over which affects everything.

The Mexican food always sounds great. I especially love to eat it when it's boiling hot out. Strange aren't I?

Take care and keep cool.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. So glad to hear that you are home safely. You found some great things at Goodwill. Very troubling about what is happening to our bee population. We NEED bees! It's been hot here too. Salt Lake City set a new record of 107, but it cools down at night. It is not as bad here as it was in Phoenix when we lived there. I hope that both you and LD get good health reports. It's great that you have some open days to just relax. Take care and I will see you again soon!

Carole said...

I read a Diana Gabaldon book which stressed the importance of talking to your bees and telling them about comings and goings - you could tell them about Nita... Kia kaha

So Much Glory said...

I have followed you for years but never commented because I had erased my own blog. Not sure I'll be blogging again, but......I enjoy beekeeping too, and have been so pleased at your success! I have kept bees for 6 years now, and what really made a difference for me was treating for varroa (I use formic acid) spring and fall. I sure do hope your bees survive!
Also, I'd like to extend my sympathy to you and your family on your loss of Nita. It is a blessing to know she is with the Lord, however. And so glad that Louis Dean is feeling better!
You are a blessing with your blog posts, more than you will ever know this side of heaven. Thank you.

Carla said...

That's too bad about the bees. I hope they survive to create honey another day. It has definitely been hot. Whew.
I can't believe you got Jesse and the boys out there to play with the bees. Don't be insulted if I make up to the ranch and I decline. LOL
YAY for LD. You didn't have to pick up his debris after cooking. Of course how can you complain too much since he's cooking something good.
The Baylor Scott & White in Temple has great décor too.
Both books sound interesting. You and LD might like the book called the Heart Mender by Andy Andrews. It's got some history, love and forgiveness.
I love the pictures of the kitties in the window.
Hugs. Stay cool

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Linda, it's too bad the bee hives have apparently got the worst of this heat wave among other things. Glad all made it home safely from the getaway and sounds like a great time. It was so sweet of Louis Dean to have ice tea ready for you. Many eves lately we have been sitting and reading and we really enjoy spending time together this way. Do enjoy your time with nothing on the calendar as these times are rare for you,