Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Christmas Bedroom!

I woke up this morning and, after a quick morning routine, went straight to work and have been working in a frenzy ever since!!! DECORATING!!! I have been in the throes of DECORATING!!

I do believe this is our FINISHED bedroom all dressed up for Christmas.....and January and part of February!!! I didn't do THIS much and work THIS hard for three weeks!!

THIS was the earlier 'finished product!'
MORE is always BETTER is my motto!

Last year the only red I used in here was on the pillows and a red felt ball wreath.

This year I decided to go all out!
I played Christmas music on the CD player that is on my radio!
I had forgotten about it but now that I remembered it - I will play music all the time in here!!
I admit to lighting this Yankee candle BEFORE the room was 'done' since the fragrance gives me inspiration!

Nothing looks quite finished to me unless it has some fairy lights!
This is Louis Dean's bedside table.

I found several of my good pearl necklaces draped over a centerpiece that has been stored away all year! I forgot I actually WEAR these when I packed them away last year!
Now they circle a candle and I can see them in case I want to add them to an outfit!

The Christmas tree is lit with a single strand of 20 count lights because I am totally OUT of lights!!!
I buy HUGE quantities every year AFTER Christmas when they are on sale and this year I used nearly all of them up! I still have 100 count and a few 300 and such but that's a little overkill for such a tiny tree, don't you think?

I'm loving everything about the bedroom this year!

I didn't take the rose garland down from above the bed.....I just added to it!
And WHY have I never thought of adding a WREATH above the mirror before?

My bedside table - and there's still room for my book and my phone and iPad!

I seldom throw anything away!!
This Taffeta skirt is perfect on the white wicker basket that holds my purses!

This is my favorite corner in all the house to rest when I take a break.
I can prop my feet up and read and I'm also semi-hidden! Louis Dean can't really see me when he comes down the hall and if I am quiet he never even knows I'm sitting in here!
The quads find me every time!

I'm already looking forward to going to bed tonight in this my ONE clean and decorated room in the whole house!!

Earlier this evening Louis Dean and I took a little break out in the back yard.
I needed to rest a bit and he had lots of old papers to burn plus a big basket of last years pecans.
This made a nice fire so we poured us a glass of wine and sat out in the gazebo with our feet up!
We pretty much talked ourselves out of working any more today!

Earlier I DID work a little more in the dining room.

I added stars and white feathers along with another small strands of lights, ribbons and pearls.

I love stopping on my way down the hall to look at this.

Such an elegant Santa!!

Yes, this is done.
And so am I!!
At least for today!
Looking forward to church tomorrow and then I will back at the decorating!


Vee said...

You're going to have a sweet sleep in your newly decorated bedroom. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You have a heart of gold Linda. Beautiful Christmas Home.

Laura said...

What a beautiful Christmas wonderland you have created!
I know exactly how you feel.
Now put your feet up!

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Debbie said...

The bedroom looks amazing Linda, truly amazing!! I think we all need a "spot", I have one where I knit......but everyone know where to find me!!

ps Linda, I am in the hospital, I don't know when I will be able to visit again!!

Blondie's Journal said...'ve worked or magic again! This looks so festive and I love it!

Can I say I would love to be a guest in your home as I know that gorgeous lighting would make me look abut five years younger! lol!

Great job!

Jane xxx

Hootin Anni said...

Your exuberance and eye for color and beauty continues to astound me.

Susie said...

Linda, When you get done decorating there...could you do the windows at Macy's in NYC?? LOL. You are wonderful at decorating. I love that Santa dressed in white. and all the twinkling lights...they make me smile. Blessing for a great Sunday. Love you guys, Susie

Arlene G said...

Where do you find the energy Linda??? I love the decorating but the putting away is not as much fun!! We hope our little house in GA will be done next Christmas and I plan to take part of my Christmas stash over there! Because of course it must be decorated too!!

MadSnapper said...

your room is so festive and beautiful. i would never have thought of the pearls around the candle, it looks so pretty. magical is your thing. i am smiling because while i put up my ONE tree i turned on the music channel of the TV that was playing Christmas music and by the 3rd song i was done, it was making me crazy when they started on white christmas.. i put a Hallmark Christmas movie on instead and decorated during commercials. when i am working i want total quiet. i would be out side with LD playing with fire.

Wanda said...

I know this is way too personal......but can I move into you bedroom.

Nancy Chan said...

Wow! Your decorations are so beautiful! I can hear jingle bells ringing and the Christmas songs playing.

Stacey said...

Your room looks so pretty and cozy. I agree with you that a sweet smelling candle is inspiring. :)

White Lace and Promises said...

I'd like to see a close up of the wreath on the mirror above the bed. This bedroom belongs in a magazine. Just love it! Awesome!

Nonnie said...

Linda, I think you have the Christmas spirit more than anybody I've ever known. I love the stars and feathers.

bj said...

ahhhh, Linda...I love your beautiful bedroom and laughed out loud when "the quads find me every time".
I, too, thing MORE IS BETTER....I do like a lot of stuff ....xoxo

Bev said...

I envy your decorating talents!!.. I found my Christmas decorations..spent an hour trying to decorate... It looked bad so down they came....

BeachGypsy said...

Oh linda it looks just beautiful and so snug and cozy and romantic! I just love where you put that wreath! You asked if we were at the macys parade and nope...those were just pictures i made watching the parade on tv! I do love that parade each year! Your house looks great... Im like you....more is more! Ha!

Jaybird said...

SO lovely..... Since I wandered in today from Stacy's, I am reading backward. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful home!! Thank you so much for sharing.
Blessings to you,

Carla said...

Love how y'all end the day with a glass of wind.
Love the bedroom!