Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tuesday Christmas Tea and Wednesday Quad Day!!

My game was a little off on Tuesday morning! I woke up so excited! The day of my annual Christmas Tea had finally arrived! My happiness took a little dent when Louis Dean woke up - sick!
We think it is an allergy induced asthma thing but he stayed IN bed (in the guest room) ALL day and evening thereby totally missing my tea! He had planned to sing some of his favorite Christmas songs for us - like The Angels Cried and Pretty Paper and Angels Among Us.
I carried on without him but really missed him being part of this happy occasion!

I'm grateful to my friends, Debbie and Vallerie, for taking pictures!
I think I took only 4 or 5!
Like I said, I was off my game!

THIS is one I took! My sweet Summer came after work!
My friend, Pat (in the right hand corner) and her granddaughter visiting in the gazebo.
Pat used to come to my art class long years ago! As a matter of fact - this was the first time we've seen each other in 30 years!!

Amber gave Harrison the option of staying home with Dada or coming to MeeMaw's Christmas Tea Party. He chose PARTY!!!

The girls were all dressed up in red Christmas dresses!!!
The weather remained WARM and several guests lingered outside where you could catch a breeze.
I actually turned on the attic fan for the party and I didn't even light candles because they DO give off extra heat!

I took this picture, too, of our dear family friend, June.
She is much loved by Amber and Ben and now the quads!
She used to be in my art class too! SO was her daughter, Kimmy!
They visit every Wednesday they can so they can see the kids.
She has that special gift of paying attention to children. Not all people do that!

Outside by the gazebo.

Funny to have snowmen up there and complain about how warm it is!

I am loving the dome LED multicolored lights!

This is Trystan's favorite tree!

The snowman will play some jazzy music!

Earlier in the day I baked a delicious Kentucky Butter Cake with rum glaze.

It was seriously good!!!
I found the recipe on the Internet and just substituted some white rum for the water in  the glaze,
A slice with morning coffee - that sounds wonderful and I think I will have just that very thing in the morning!

I always prepare more food than I need!
Louis Dean's chicken salad was a big hit!

My friends took these photos......

and I thank them!

My favorite tree!

In the den.......

Tree in the sewing room......

The stockings are hung!

My very first lady to arrive for the Tea was a special one!
Betsy is a sister Texas blogger so I was really excited to meet her in person!
Her blog is Estelle's and you will love visiting her!
She is every bit the lovely lady I knew her to be from her blog!!

The evening just flew by!!
Three of us sat in the living room talking after everyone else had gone.
That's the thing about my Christmas Tea. For many this is THE only time of year we get together!
Cathy and her daughter, Joy, and Val and I all talked of this and that - just enjoying being together.

I am very grateful for my friends!
It is a busy season and I knew full well that everyone wouldn't be able to come.
For those who couldn't - please know you were missed!
For those who did, thank you for that precious gift of TIME.
Time to sit and chat. Time to sip some tea. Time to visit and mingle.
It means a lot to me!

There was something very melancholy about putting the house back in order after the party.
It's almost like you blinked and wondered if it really happened!

Today was Quad Wednesday and I was so relieved when Louis Dean GOT OUT OF BED!!
That was a very good sign!!!

Today was much cooler than yesterday - I was SO wishing for THIS weather for my Tea!!! - and the sunshine always does a body good!!!

The quads arrived in long pants and sweaters!

They were reminded about the Fruit Snacks Kimmy and June had brought them so they headed straight to the basket and scooped up a few packets before coming back outside to eat them.

Leaves + rakes + children = FUN!

Leaf Angels!!

We ate a picnic lunch out on the side deck - I had plenty of food left from the party!
The kids were tired and so were we. Nap time in the den was just wonderful!!!
Louis Dean had asked me while we were still outside eating where the kids would be napping. I told him and then Trystan turned around and said, "Yes, Granddad! We will all be sleeping in the den!!"
She said it in that same tone and manner as in - "Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!"

After our SWEET and long naps - I even slept over an hour - it was craft time!!!
You gotta love a man that will do crafts with the grands!!

Our next activity was a Christmas Tea Party!
They each had their own tea pitchers - also known as creamers!!!
But to the kids they look like small tea pots!

They are getting good at control and I am happy to say there were NO spills today!!

Next was art appreciation.
The Arrival of the Shepherds was right in keeping with this Christmas season.
When their Dada picked them up tonight, they took the picture and a small nativity set and said to him, " See, they MATCH!"

Granddad kept the kids entertained with a Paw Patrol while I cooked dinner.

We ate at the big dining room table and the kids were so well behaved.
I love to treat them like 'Big Kids' - as they call themselves!!
It was a good day!

Poor Louis Dean is feeling a little worse this evening so I am off to make him a hot toddy before he goes to bed.


Jutta said...

Lovely moments!
I try to figure out which table is in which room but O still get lost in your home - excatly like I did in real when visiting! It all looks so different now with Christmas decorations. A huge change indeed - no wonder it took so long days from you to change the ornaments.
I hope LD will recover very fast and be in a great condition when he wakes up in the morning. Hugs from the rain. Right, we had a tiny bit of snow but now it is back to rain again. Bummer!

Stacey said...

Linda, your tea looks like so much fun. You do so much and I know your ladies enjoyed it. How fun that you and Betsy got to meet. We missed you at the blogger's tea but are planning to get together more in the new year. :)

Deb said...

It was a great evening I always look forward to your teas...I'm so happy I got to see the quads...

PATI CLARK said...

You & your Kentucky Butter Cake with rum glaze look beautiful !!!! What is your favorite tea? I really enjoy Harney & Sons and they have a few Christmas flavors I want to try : Holiday Tea & White Christmas tea ....Tea makes everything better !!! Quote: A woman is like a tea bag ..You never know how strong she is ...until you put her in Hot water -Eleanor Roosevelt

Estelle's said...

Oh the tea was so fun!! I so wish I could have stayed until the end I so wanted to meet your sweet LD and hear him sing. Go happy he is feeling better! However, I did have the pleasure of meeting your lovely, lovely daughters and the precious babies! Linda...your home is magical and warm! You are amazing and cute as a button! I was so happy to finally meet you! Please come to visit me too!

Arlene G said...

Hope Louis Dean is doing better. It is HARD to party and hostess when you are concerned about your hubby. Everything looked lovely!!

Debbie said...

Well the tea certainly looked like a HUGE success. Sorry LD was not feeling well! Hope he is 100 percent soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Nita said...

I spied Leah & Patrick's picture on your favorite tree. Your home is so festive and inviting. But I thought it was so cute to see Trystan helping herself to all the teacakes. Hope Louis Dean is feeling better.

Bev said...

What a fun day!!

MadSnapper said...

I hope LD feels better this morning than last night. so sorry he is sick. the party looks like a blast and so festive... of course Harrison chose party... who would miss a Linda Party

Nonnie said...

This is a seriously beautiful post. What lovely pics of everyone and your photo is especially nice. What a great wife, mother, grandmother, friend and person you are!

LD, get well.

Nancy Chan said...

You have a great, fun tea party! I hope LD is feeling better now. Beautiful decorations and yummy food. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos too.

Carole said...

Linda, you have reminded me - I'm getting out my beloved nativity set - my parents bought it in Jerusalem in the early 60's - it is made of olive wood and is just beautiful! After our shift it got packed away - off to get it now! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


I am sorry that Louis Dean isn't feeling well, and I'm certain he is disappointed to miss out singing for everyone!

Your tea looks like a delightful time, and how fun that you met Betsy!

The quads are really growing up!


Linda said...

Now we've got to get ahead of this sick stuff with Louis Dean. As I remember, you were both sick off & on last winter. Don't want to do that again. Here's to a healthy winter.

Unknown said...

what a great idea, and how I wished I could have attended as it looked such fun** I do hope your darling recovers soon, its awful to feel ill when its the holiday times.. Hope you all have the best Christmas yet and a very happy New Year to you all.x

Cheapchick said...

What a neat idea, a nice way to see all your friends in the holidays. Glad LD is on the mend, hoping he is back to 100% soon!

Debby said...

I said this before but your home has to be so great for Christmas. Love the quad stories. I hope that LD will feel better or if not go see the doctor. In case I don't get back to you, Have a Merry Christmas.

Vee said...

Two full days! Very full! Your home looks so beautiful all dressed for Christmas. I know that the children must love it there. What a blessing for them to have such attentive, loving grandparents. The sweetest photo ever is the one of them looking wonderingly at the Nativity. Teaching them the real meaning of Christmas...a very good thing. I hope to hear more about the Ladies Tea. I am jealous of Betsy for getting to meet you and I am jealous of you for getting to meet her! Praying that Louis Dean is feeling much better today and that there are some quiet moments in these days before Christmas.


Girl friend! So much to comment, what a great post! Ok, I'll start by saying that your quads are gorgeous, adorable. Those videos are so much fun, so sweet and they must be eager for C'mas to come. That cake looks scrumptious and lovely. Yes, do post more about those lady's tea party.
I hope you LD gets well soon and doesn't ailment progress. Thank you for dropping by sweetie, you are one the friends that always make my day! Hey, I forgot to tell you we just got a new bundle of joy from DD Alex. If you want, I posted about it just before the tablescape one you just visited.
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


I almost forgot! Your house looks gorgeous and so festive, just like if you were waiting for baby Jesus to be born!

Penny said...

What a lovely post (as always). No matter what life throws at you Linda, you make the very best of it. What a shame LD was unwell for your beautiful tea party. Everything looks so gorgeous, your guests must have felt like they were being welcomed in to a magical christmas wonderland! X