Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Setting the Stage......

Decorating is much like painting a picture. First you prepare the canvas and paint in the background.
Then you base in the larger areas with your colors before you are ready to add all the details.
It is a process as is decorating!
Every year I do things a little differently. 

Tonight I started putting the basics in on the front porch..
Last year I used white but when I looked in the storage room I found three new rolls of the red.
The white must be in a tub so red it is!!
A tree will go in the space to the left of the door - decorated in red and white.
I left the porch to do tonight so I can see how it looks in the dark.

Louis Dean and I always have coffee and our Bible reading and then out loud reading together before we start our day. He went off to do errands and I got ready to work!

No make up and no hair do!
Since I was going in and out and had a door open for Lucy and Maddie to wander through, I wore a soft comfy jacket my niece, Trish, gave me on Thanksgiving.
This was the third day I have not even so much as wore earrings!
However, I ALWAYS wear perfume!!!

I started work this morning in the hall and bathroom.
Last month I bought this brand new in the box Christmas clock at the Goodwill!
I have it hanging in the bathroom where we can hear it from several rooms as opposed to being in the living room where music is playing or in the den when we may be watching a program or a movie.
Want to hear what it sounds like???

I hovered there - perched up on a kitchen step ladder - just waiting for the hour to chime!

The work I did in the hall was to wrap all the canvases on the wall with Christmas paper and put them back in their frames. I'm not certain if it looks clever or stupid!
When I get around to unpacking the decorations and find the garland,  I am going to drape some of that soft limp greenery around them and that may very well be the deciding factor as to if I like it or not. Still - they are wrapped and hanging and I'm not going to take them down so it will just BE what it is!!!

The dining room was next!
I took down my easel and stored away all my canvases in the alcove off the sewing room.
That empty spot is where the Red Cardinal Christmas Tree will stand. 
It goes there in the same place every year!

One thing leads to another.
I found a tub of Christmas linens so I partially set the table.

The side board is polished and ready to receive added decorations.

The chalkboard is updated for December.

The 'painting' is beginning to take shape.

When I work in a room - the one next to it gets even more trashed!

However, I seem to know in my mind what things to do first to make quick work of restoring order.

While it is still a work in progress - at least it's ready to decorate now.
A Children's Tree will go on the table.

I didn't do anything to the gazebo today.
That will most probably be the very LAST 'room' I decorate!

The foyer has been cleaned up and fresh lights strung up. 
The small tree to the right stays up year round and I used a strand of garland cluster lights on it!

It is strung with two golden pear garlands from Restoration Hardware.

I wish I could show you the lights out in the big pecan tree - which gave us NO pecans this year!!
My sister, Nita, gave me a laser light that looks like thousands of small lights shining in the tree!
It is so beautiful! I just love to take a break and go out there to look at it! That reminds me! I need to turn it off now!

I am feeling a little better today with this cold. At least I haven't felt like I'm drowning so I think that must mean I am getting well!! I hope so because I still have a lot of WORK to do before I can have FUN decorating! The kitchen and den both need to be cleaned before I can do anything else.
When I get a bit overwhelmed I think of this verse:
Isaiah 28:13
"Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, and there a little."
That's the easiest way to do anything - order upon order.
It's impossible to do everything all at once!


NanaDiana said...

You are "painting" a beautiful picture there, Linda. It looks great so far. I think the covered paintings is a really cute idea myself.

I have that same clock-or did- I gave it to one of the daughters last year so her kids could enjoy it.

Hope you continue to feel better and get everything done you want to do. xo Diana

Arlene G said...

I love your header for December Linda and I wish I could come and take a walk through your house when you have it all decorated!!

Linda said...

Beautiful, Linda...your home, your decor and your Christmas blog theme! Love everything. :)

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda, you have decorated your house so beautifully. You have done a great job. What a stunning sight to behold when it is night, when the lights are on.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Well you sure have a great start on all your decorating! It looks just beautiful! I frequently don't put on my make up and earrings when I KNOW I am not going to leave my house....but I NEVER don't spritz on a touch of perfume, lol. Now I know somebody who understands, lol. And oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE! that clock! My grandkids would too! Looking forward to seeing your finished product, but goodness it does look like quite a bit of work....I thought I was bad, lol. Enjoy your day sweet friend!

Susie said...

Linda, Glad you are doing better, with that cold. I like all your twinkle lights. You are so good at decorating. I love seeing all your trees too. Blessings to you and LD, love you, Susie

Bev said...

Looking so Festive!!... I've been trying to locate what Christmas stuff I kept.... since we weren't sure what we were doing when we sold... I didn't keep it all....but now as we are getting ready to move in... I need something!!

Changes in the wind said...

Love that verse:)

MadSnapper said...

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas popped in my head as i read the post. i always liked to go stand in the street and look at our outdoor lights.

Nita said...

Looks like you're decorating right along ! Glad you're feeling better.
You always make everything so pretty and festive.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love this. Bit by bit, it'll get done! I like your analogy as well, likening decorating to painting a picture. Its so true!


Vee said...


Jan said...

Looks wonderful!

Carla said...

As always your paintings on or off canvas turn out FAB U LOUS.
I love how you can turn disorder into Order.
Did I miss your painting of the pictures covered in wrapping paper. That sounds like a nifty idea