Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Simple Sunday and an Evening Stroll

Today was literally a day of rest for me! For some reason when I woke up this morning I found that my 'Get up and GO' had 'Got up and GONE!!!'
After a cup or two of coffee and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese - I crawled back in bed. When I say CRAWLED that's what I mean! The bed takes up the whole bedroom in the camper and the only way IN is to crawl!

Louis Dean took himself off to Sunday School and church.
This was the first time he's been to Sunday School at this church and he was late!
He really liked it, though, and plans on going back next week.

He returned home bearing Subway Sandwiches because he said -
"I just KNEW you would be starving when you woke up!"
Really? ME? No, HE was starving!! He still got 'Brownie Points!'

I spent the entire day resting! (LD watched football.)
Finally, about 3:30 I starting getting dressed and we went to the movies.

Louis Dean will only go to the movies if it is a Studio Grill or a Movie Tavern so he can eat and have a beer. Win! WIN!!! Works for me!

We came home and Lucy was ready to go for a walk.
So we went with her!

Our gazebo area is now part of our LIVING area as the weather has cooled.
I do my art out here and this is where Louis Dean plays his music.

The rec center is right across from our campsite.
Let me tell you - those rocking chairs are so relaxing to sit and watch the little lake in front! I often sit here when talking to my Mother or Summer on the phone.

We walked outside the resort and along the road.
Kind of scary at night with all the traffic but we kept way over on the side of the shoulder. LD and Lucy walk this all the time. Tonight was my first!

We walked way back from the RV Park.
I think it looks so cozy at night.

Then we circled back to the entrance.
I love this pic of LD.
He is so patient with me taking pictures.
Actually, he is patient with everything I do.
Bless his heart!

And here we are!
Home again! Home again!!

I'm grateful for a day to just STOP and catch up with myself.
Tomorrow's Monday and we'll all be back at it!!!


Deb said...

I'm surprised you haven't crashed are sooo busy...glad you had a day to you will be recharged...

Kathy said...

Everyone needs a down day and this was yours. Glad it was a good one. Love the evening pictures. Everything looks so cozy and homelike.

Pondside said...

I know that the quiet time you have with LD is what feeds your spirit to be 'up' for the busy days ahead of you with the babies.
I like that photo of LD in the street light in front of the flag.

Nita said...

I'm thankful you went back to bed to rest. We get to the point when our mind says enough, your body isn't doing one more thing right now. Take care of yourself! You do an awesome job of caring for others,you need to add yourself to your care list!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Sooooo glad you listened to your body, when it told you; "Time for rest!" We can keep going a lot longer, if we do this... Listen to our bodies. Our body knows what we really, really need. :-)

You do know how to make a home! I can just imagine how sweet it is, to approach and see your sweet Halloween decorations/lights beconning to you. :-)


Bernice said...

So glad you stopped and got some much needed rest, you do so much for everyone but you do need to stop every now and then. Love your patio area,I can understand why you spend so much time out there. Love the evening pictures.

Changes in the wind said...

I am sure it was a needed rest after the way you go, go, go.

Bev said...

so glad you hear you do run out of energy... I was getting worried... I get tired just reading what you do and you keep going!! Sounds like a delightful day!

Dee said...

I would have crashed a long time ago...your amazing.

Carla said...

As much as you're on the go I'm with everyone else I would have crash long before now. You're a little energizer bunny. Y'all be carefull walking on the busy road after dark.. Some people can't drive or see in the dark.
Glad LD took care of food even if his stomach was the motivation. LOL