Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lighting Things Up!!!

It's official! 
 There is a magic moment in my decorating when it goes from calm and serene to total chaos and that moment happened today!

I started on the trees and the lights!
I had to pull the trees out of the storage building so I could get to the tubs of other decorations so I decided to try to get as many trees UP today as possible!

Since Louis Dean was helping me, I rewarded him with a good macaroni/egg salad lunch and an old episode of The Closer. We still love watching reruns of that our MOST favorite TV show!
I added a half glass of wine since my niece asked me to save wine bottle for a craft project she is working on. Silly girl! She asked for EMPTY bottles!!!

We worked most of the day and when I told Louis Dean I thought I had accomplished a lot -
HE said, "Yeah, me, too! A lot more than I MEANT to!!"
Silly man!!!
Seriously, we have so much fun together!

His son taught me how to string the lights on a tree!
You go inside and back on each branch as you go around and up the tree!
I do NOT know how I went all these years stringing them around and around!

This is the tree I bought last year at the thrift store for $24.99 - less 25%!!!
It is beautiful and I am so happy with it! The needles are not the paper kind that fall off.
Actually, it has three different kinds of needles on it all made from a little different material.
This tree has more than 1,000 multi colored LED dome lights on it!
These are Louis Dean's favorite and we like to look at the colored circles they make on the ceiling!

I added the tree to the front porch but need to find more lights for it.
These are the old fashioned kind - NOT LED!

I worked on the foyer which always has an angel theme.
Still more to do but it is a work in progress!

I am loving the golden glow in there!

I am learning to pace myself.
I used to do all the decorating in a week but I got to thinking about that and remembered I had kids at home to help me! Now it's just me unless I get Louis Dean involved - which is not always a good idea!

The dining room tree is up and lit. NO tree is really decorated yet. Just up. And lit.

This year I have TWO trees in the dining room.
There is a small one here with the angels and a lighted wreath.

I forgot to take a pic of the sewing room tree which is also up AND lit!
Thankfully I put that one away last year with its lights still ON!

Just as we were turning out lights and closing up the house, I glanced over at Maddie on the baby grand piano. I thought this was just too pretty not to take a picture!
This morning she came in and got in bed with me after Louis Dean went to put on the coffee.
She seldom does that. Also, we noticed her running around all day zipping in and out of the rooms.
Finally we realized that this is her FIRST Christmas with us.
She is probably in sensory overload!!
So am I. 
So is LD!

I think it's time to go to bed!


Deb said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! Your posts always make me smile

Kathy said...

I am so totally not into Christmas this year. I'm trying though. Your posts make me feel more like the season. I think I'm going to try to decorate some today while I have the day off. Your trees are beautiful. My sister and I put both white and colored lights on the same tree.

Nancy Chan said...

Looking at all your Christmas trees all lit up is causing me some excitement. I have delayed putting up my tree because I find my old ornaments too small and boring. Hope to get some new ones. Have a lovely day!

Estelle's said...

How DO you do it?! Stunning and SO festive! We are going to brave the attic this weekend and tackle all those bins! Wish us luck!!! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It's all looking beautiful! We put lights on they way you said that Dean taught you. It makes the tree glow from the inside! So pretty! I do mostly white lights but my son's little tree in his room has color lights!

Your home is festive!


Susie said...

LInda, I swear you and LD are the working-est two people I know. I love all the lights !! I need to buy some of those led lights. they save on energy too. I wanted to tell you, I have a brand new great-grandson. His name is Max. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Love the angels and lighted wreath

Bev said...

You guys have so much fun...the lights are beautiful!!

Vee said...

Oh that is amazing! Love Maddie's photo all cozied down. What gets me is the amount you do in the same amount of time it takes me to do one tree! Louis Dean's wry comment made me chuckle.

MadSnapper said...

it took me two days to put up one 2 foot tree and i decided against the other two foot tree... i love all your trees and my favorite is the thrift store tree. i love to LOOK at trees but despise decorating them. if i could get one fully complete and just plug it in i would have several. that shot of Maddie looks like a kitty kat nativity

Nita said...

Your decorating is going very well, I do love the front porch and entry way. Everything has such a beautiful warm glow.

Debbie said...

Wow! what a beautiful glow coming from every nook and cranny here! Each tree is lovely all lit up. I especially love the photo of your cute kitty... so warm and cozy next to the lights. What a great post!

Wanda said...

There is truly something magical in your home. I love what you do, and you are the only person I know that decorates like you do. You should be featured in a magazine.

Sending love and hugs and wishes for a wonderful Christian Season.

bj said...

OH I hear house has looked like a bomb exploded in it for 3 solid days....I only have ONE tiny 4' tabletop tree...but all the lights were burned out..Mr. Sweet got the wire cutters and cut them all off, I bought new ones and now the tree is up, lit, and decorated. Next is stockings,the little turquoise kitchen tree and a wreath on the front door....whew...
All of yours looks GREAT...(and I like for Mr. Sweet to be gone when I start decorating...)

Nonnie said...

Your enthusiasm and your gift for making things glow are simply amazing. Love the pic of your cat with the lights. I have a feeling that although our husbands have much in common, my DH would not be up to all of this! Your home should be on the tour list.

Carole said...

Linda, I'm not sure we'll be doing a tree this year - I'm adopting some of yours! Cheers