Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Layer by Layer!

In art class we paint layer by layer and it is the same when I decorate.
FIRST, I had to clean the kitchen which took quite some time.
Remember! Louis Dean was left 'Home Alone' last week for 4 days AND he BAKED so I had a good bit of damage control to do!!! HOW in the world anyone can TRASH a refrigerator is beyond me!!
I found Tupperware bowls of MILK? Why?
And several containers of what looked like grease and one of oil!
Not to mention that suspicious zip lock bag that Louis Dean SWORE was a perfectly good chili dog!
Okay! I heated it up and added some shredded cheese and extra chili and served it to him for a late lunch! It DID smell good and he ate every bite - and so far he has not been sick - so I guess it WAS good!!!

I pretty much stayed in the kitchen all day.
The needle works I have done through the years are all hanging on the cupboard doors as they always do. I change a LOT of things up every year but SOME things remain the same year after year.

The one at the far end in the keyhole was my very first Christmas needlework - my first needlework of ANY kind! I stitched it in 1969 when Summer was 6 years old and Jesse was 3.
The one on this end was stitched in 1991 when - as it just so happened! - Amber was 6 years old and Benjamin was 3! I treasure those two hangings more than all my others!
The one next to the end was stitched the year the quads were born - 2012.
I haven't done any since then so perhaps next year I will!

My house burned in 1983 and I lost all the contents - but for a very few things.
The Peace on Earth was a work in progress and I had it with me in Colorado working on it when the fire happened. Both Summer and Jesse were home at the time and thankfully got out just in time!
Those Van Guard Heat/Fire Alarms saved their lives - and the grace of God!!

I added a wreath above the kitchen sink this year!
I bought this at a Goodwill and added lights to it.
I will attach a few more apples later.

My favorite Christmas dishes! Summer and I bought these at Target back in the 90's and I use them every day during the months of December and January.
They are stored in a cupboard above the fridge and one year Louis Dean was helping me get them down. He MOVED the fridge to make it easier and then the cupboard FELL on him! Thankfully the corner of the refrigerator caught the brunt of it but it could have KILLED him!!!
Only ONE CUP was broken and he put that cupboard up so sturdy that I can put absolutely anything in it and it will HOLD!

I took a break and went outside to revel in the FALL we are finally experiencing!!
I always clip some mint to go in my daily pitcher of iced tea - green tea with pomegranate today.
The mint usually thrives here year round and I have a ton of it - thanks to me deciding it was an inexpensive plant and I put in in flower beds where it has grown profusely ever since!! As a matter of fact - my second blog post back in 2010 was devoted to mint!!

While I was outside watching the leaves fall and I could hear Louis Dean in his room playing his YouTube music! That guy LOVES YouTube!!! He ALWAYS has a song in his heart and on his mind!
The world might be a better place if more of us had music in our hearts!

Instead of moving on to the den, I brought a few things out of the Christmas Storage and decorated a bit in the dining room. This isn't a good photo of a beautiful piece I bought when Deanie and I were in San Antonio last February. I will probably buy white or red pillar candles to go on it instead of these.

The white candle was a gift from Summer and is so fragrant!!
I may go with white and gold and silver in the dining room this year.....

I decided to put my silver tea sets here in the living room. I recently bought a silver pitcher and I wedged a candle light down in it with a silicone bulb and anchored it with some greenery and pine cones from an old garland I have had since the 1970's! It has slowly disintegrated over the years but the pine is plastic so I just snipped it into pieces and continue to use it,

It will all come together bit by bit!

In my rummaging and stacking of books today I came across a perfect one to read this month!!!

I close this journal entry with an updated pic of our front door,
I found the Martha Stewart wreath I used out here last year and just added some red to it!
I am hoping to make a LOT of progress tomorrow!
If I can just get all the trees UP - I can decorate them at my leisure and perhaps the quads will help me next Wednesday!! I have a LOT of trees!! One in every room AND in the gazebo and on the front porch!! I'm sure the quads will be a lot of help and maybe they will KEEP helping me as they grow older! 


Nancy Chan said...

I am enjoying your pretty needle works and beautiful decorations in your home. Love your silver tea set, candle stand & your door wreath. Looking forward to see your Christmas trees!

Kathy said...

I showed Joe your pictures and he was very impressed at how much you decorate. Everything looks beautiful. I haven't done any needlework in ages. Maybe that is something I can get back to when I retire.

Hootin Anni said...

Awesome header Linda!!! You KNOW I love anything Santa.

And of course, I leave here with awe. Your post is terrific. I'm not so sure I would have cooked up the 'chili dog'. LOL

Such a super holiday atmosphere you've created.

Debbie said...

It's all just beautiful! The patience you must have girl to get that all up and looking so good is amazing! And all those amazing needleworks!
What a good idea of how to display them. A tree in every room?! Looking forward to seeing that! Enjoy yourself as you get festive!

Unknown said...

I love your blog. It's so beautifully well done! What amazing decorating you do!

MadSnapper said...

good news on that fire alarm working. fire is a horrible thing. mother loved to do needlework back in the late 60's and she helped me do one piece. an owl and daddy framed it. that was my only try... your house is almost layered and i like the new wreathe. you are cozy and ready for the holidays as soon as you get those dishes on the table

Cranberry Morning said...

Everything is so beautiful and festive, especially the needlework pieces. I have those same lovely Christmas dishes which I inherited from my mom. We use them every Christmas Eve.

Susie said...

Linda, You have been busy and it looks so good there. I love how cozy and welcoming your home looks. I like you letting us hear LD music. That is a wonderful that share his love of music with others. Now that fridge thing...WTH. I laughed though. Remind me to never tell you something may be good enough to eat. cracked me up, feeding that hot-dog to LD. Big hugs to both of you. I love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Bev said...

Well at least LD cooks!!.... :) Mine hmmm not so much.... I wouldn't have to worry about anything in the fridge....your decorating is so festive!!

BeachGypsy said...

Oh it all looks so merry and bright!! Love the front door!! And your new header up the old fashioned "santy claus"

Sweet Tea said...

Everything always looks so festive and bright at your house, Linda, you've got the decorating gift. I'm gonna take some photos of my Christmas things to put on my blog but my is MUCH less ornamental. Love yours!

Vee said...

Everything looks so beautiful! The mirrors, the lights, the reds and golds... Charming! The dishes are beautiful...glad that they didn't suffer in the fall and glad that Louis Dean was not hurt any worse. I can just imagine that he shored that cabinet up right.

God has been so good in protecting your family. You can point to His protection time and time again. You could write a book!

I also enjoyed seeing the needlework and hearing the stories bhind them. I had not realized that your two sets of kids =D are the same years apart. Very cool!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

needle work was my favorite growing up. My mom, on the other hand, did and still does some amazing crochet. Your house looks a lot like Christmas. So cheerful and bright.

Stacey said...

Linda, your house looks so pretty! I have Christmas dishes that date back to the 90s too and we use them every day in December. :) Great minds think alike!

Carla said...

House looks awesome. Love those dishes