Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Left Quadville and we are Home Together Again.....

It was so nice to have Louis Dean spend the night with me in Quadville on Monday!
He had a rough night after starting out in the guest room together.
The allergy 'stuff' meeting the asthma 'stuff"is what is causing him such a problem!
Amber texted me around 3:00 this morning wanting to know if he was okay.
He was coughing and gagging and choking and hacking. 
She was frustrated because she couldn't get downstairs to check on him and I was asleep and not answering the text! Louis Dean was being gracious and went in the living room where he would not disturb me ......not realizing Amber would be concerned!

While LD and Amber slept on.....Kailey was the first to wake up this morning and since I had slept a good 8 hours I went up up and brought her downstairs and tucked her into bed with me!

She dearly loves looking at 'pishers' on my iPad!!!'
We had a very nice day in Quadville!!
Louis Dean spent quality time with the quads and played his guitar in the guest room where they could hear him - and Kailey went in to sing with him for a few minutes!

Mid morning we had a Nail Salon event right there in the living room!!
Amber is so good at keeping things interesting with the quads!

She painted a total of 50 fingernails - which included her three daughters and herself and ME!!!
I was reluctant to get MY nails painted since I have ugly hands. I have been a life long nail biter and just recently stopped. BUT I relapsed and have bitten my right hand only - leaving my left hand in pretty decent condition. Amber was so gracious and gave me a very nice set of nails.
Isn't it amazing how daughters - my Amber and my Summer are proof in point - see only the best side of their mothers?? I am forever grateful!!!

Do you see that set of miniature manicured nails dipping into my lunch salad???
That would be Logan who is my Mini Me!!! She thinks what's mine is hers and she is so right!!!

Granddad just melts when Kailey tells him she loves him!!

Louis Dean went back home after lunch and the quads went down for their naps.
Amber and I dearly love watching a movie together and we try more times than we succeed!!!

We did it today!!! Both of us folded laundry and got Amber's closet all organized while watching this really cool movie! Granted - it was a chick flick but since we are a couple of chicks - we LOVED it!!!

Amber is recovering nicely after her foot surgery and her knee injections.
The whole purpose of us being in Quadville the last few days was to insure she didn't overdue it!
Telling a mother of four to stay off your feet for a few weeks is a hard pill to swallow!!

After naps Amber had printed out some papers for the quads to watercolor.
She always has some activity up her sleeve!!
She is teaching them to write their name in a multitude of clever ways!

Kailey is very much an individualist!!
She prefers pictures to letters!

Harrison has got it down!!!

I left Quadville this evening after Mike got home from work.
Louis Dean was glad to see me and, after I did a certain amount of Damage Control, we had a nice evening together! Apparently the storm on Saturday had tripped a breaker and and it wasn't until tonight that I could help him figure out which breaker it was!!
Now our coffee pots are all ready to come on in the morning!
And I am ready to go to bed!!!

I close with this picture from 3 years ago!
Here is Uncle Ben with Harrison and Kailey!
This seems like so long ago.....and yet like yesterday!!

Back in 2012 Louis Dean and I were living in our camper down in Katy and Summer and Benjamin came down to visit us right after Christmas.
What memories I have of this time!!!
I am so grateful for all four of my children!!!
I hope and pray I will ALWAYS be a part of their lives!!!

It seems fitting that today I helped Amber as she is is recovering from her foot surgery - which is a direct result of her quad pregnancy. 

And here we all are are in 2012!

Families are all about history!
I do love that!!!


Small Kucing said...

Sounds like a bad night for Louis Dean and Amber. Am glad things turn up better in the morning.

Yes there is no rest for being a mom...especially one with 4 young ones. It's a blessing that you were there.

Have a great 2016, Linda. May this coming year brings good health for everyone

Susie said...

Linda, Like I have said many times...Amber is blessed with a good mom like you. It is so obvious how much you love family. I am so glad you can help Amber when she needs it. You are all a blessing to each other. Those little ones...how cute, learning to spell their names and write them. Harrison is going to be the best boy ever. You and LD rest up while you can. Wishing you a peaceful day/. Love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda, you are one great mom to your kids and a great grandmama too. I hope Louis Dean is well. I look forward to your family posts. Keep warm and safe.

Arlene G said...

Gotta have that coffee pot set...glad you got everything back to normal. We are having a quiet week, looking forward to 2016!

Diana Ferguson said...

Such sweet memories for you through those pics!

Vee said...

Awwww...sweetness! I remember the time Summer and Ben stayed with you. It was like a camping trip. Still praying for Amber. Read some after you told us about Tenex...very interesting. Still praying for Louis Dean to feel lots better. Those quaddies are the cutest!

BeachGypsy said...

What are they doing to her knees? Curious because i get shots. Love all the precious pictures!'happy new year...its almost here!

Sweet Tea said...

Hope LD and amber are soon feeling better. So good that you can help. May you have a Happy New Year, friend.

Gypsy Heart said...

The quads are such cuties and so smart! Of course you knew that didn't you? :) Amber is amazing with them...I don't think her mind ever shuts down. She has so many creative ideas for their activities. Hope LD is better and that you both take time to rest this year!


Penny said...

Such beautiful photographs, from now, and in the flashback pics too. Lots of love shining out of everyones' faces! X

Carla said...

Man it doesn't seem possible that the little Bells were so little and now it won't be long before they start kindergarten. Okay not yet but not far off. lol