Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday FUN!!

I have been working long and hard on all the Christmas decorating!!!
Monday was a marathon of a day!!
I got up and got with it!!

The kitchen is now DONE!!!

It's always nice to see my little treasures every year!

Amber painted the Gingerbread Angel back when she was a little girl.

Benjamin painted the three trees back there in the corner when he was about 12 years old.
I keep everything!

As in this plastic wreath that has all but fallen apart.
This is from the late 60's or early 70's.
When my house burned in 1983 most - not all but MOST of my Christmas decorations were stored outside in a storage building. I have been very grateful for that!

I promised Louis Dean I will take everything off the kitchen stove when he goes in there to cook or bake!

Every room has a tree and some rooms have more than one.

The kitchen has three this year! All small ones, though!!

My oldest two grands made these potholders for me one year.
I will never USE them because I love to display them!!

Before I went to bed last night I had managed to do a good amount of work in the den!

I am CLOSE to being done with my decorating!
The sewing room, gazebo and the guest room are still 'under construction' as I write!

I got up EARLY this morning and went right straight to the den and finished up the decorating and the cleaning while watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. This was my FIRST one of the season but I have recorded several more!

By noon I was showered and dressed and headed to Rowlett by way of George Bush Toll Road to spend the rest of the day as well as overnight!

Sabrina treated me to a deluxe pedicure at V.I.P. Nails and Spa!

I have long heard both Summer and Sabrina brag about their wonderful nail place and I was fortunate to experience it for myself this afternoon!!!

We sipped glasses of delicious homemade sangria - the owner's own personal recipe!!
Oh, MY!!!! Ruth Ann and I may have to drive all the way over here to Rowlett to get our nails done from now on!!!

After a quick bite at Fuzzy's Tacos, it was time to pick up Rayne at school.
You should have SEEN her face when she saw me!!!

Our afternoon was filled with art and talking.....

making funny faces and talking......

posing for pics and talking.......

Rayne can even talk while she is taking pictures!!

I love to hear her talk!!!

We had several art projects to do....
AND I gave her a brand new - never been dipped into paint before - paintbrush to use!

She was impressed!

We had so much fun today!!

As seen on Facebook - a sleigh and reindeer - still to be completed but the hard part is done!!!
Then she went right into the  Joy to the Work sun catcher.

After dinner and bedtime for Rayne, I worked on several Santas and finally completed this one - plus two more! Those two are important because they are for gifts.

It's been a good day and I have enjoyed my time in this beautiful home.....

it's all quiet now but the trees remain lit. It is their custom to keep the tree lights on once they are up.
I like that tradition. That would sure cut down on the time it takes me to go around turning all the lights on in the mornings and then off again at night!!

Good night and sweet dreams from Rowlett, Texas!!


Kathy said...

Rayne is the cutest little girl ever! Love that she's so into art. Summer's tree is beautiful. I like that she leaves the lights on. I do too.

Deb said...

What a awesome surprise looks like y'all had a blast

Wanda said...

You two are quite the pair. Just love to see the smiles and love between the two of you.

Jutta said...

Summer's home is so beautiful!

Nancy Chan said...

What a busy and happening day for you. Rayne seems to have your gifts and talents. What a happy and fun pair.

Susie said...

Linda, You are a whirlwind. I can't believe how much decorating you have done. I also love to see and hear Rayne's . She's a cutie pie for sure. Love those trees lit up. Blessings to all, xoxo, Love you, Susie

MadSnapper said...

while looking at all of your Christmas things and how pretty your home is and how festive, i saw LD and thought you should do an interview of LD on What is it like to live with the opposite of a Grinch... i googled oppostite of grinch and it says celebrator, life of the party and live wire. and you are.. but there is not word for it

Estelle's said...

Rayne is a cute little cuddlebug! Precious Linda!!!

Nita said...

Busy as always...Summer & Sabrina have a beautiful home and decorations. Rayne loved being the first to use a paint brush that as never been used before.

Vee said...

Hi. I was here, but have lost three comments. I'm cooked.

Vee said...

Loved it all!

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh. You were just 5 miles from me!! I live in Rockwall. We are going to figure out how to get together asap!

bj said...

what a great post...you have fun wherever you are...and your photos are great. All those Santa's on your wall...you painted them all..?? Amazing..and I am so in love with your header...xoxo

Carla said...

Timers.. that's my answer to the lights. Love the look on LD's face. And yes my dear if you want some good cooked food you might want to remove the debris as LD calls it off the stove top. LOL