Monday, January 7, 2013

We DO Love A Fireplace!

We have so enjoyed our fireplace during our time at home.

This is next to the last fire we'll have this month.
One more for in the morning while we read and have coffee - 
then we'll have to let it get cold so I can clean out the ashes before we leave very early Wednesday!

Normally I like to eat at the table but tonight I made an exception.
Pinto beans and cornbread by the fire - just too good to resist.
We didn't want to miss one lick of the flames.
It's amazing how you can lose yourself just gazing into the fire.
We love it.

I snapped this picture of Louis Dean this afternoon when we got home from the dentist.
So we have had THREE fires today!
Morning, afternoon and evening.

Louis Dean has enjoyed that easy chair and the big screen TV!
We've pretty much enjoyed everything about being home this trip.
I missed seeing my family - they have all been sick.

We dropped some goodies off yesterday for some favorite friends - they used to live across the street from us and we have kept up with them even after they moved. We have watched their children grow up and the older two are full fledged teenagers!
 My next door neighbor walked over for coffee this morning - we love her like family. It was wonderful to sit down and visit.
 We had a front yard chat with our other next door neighbor and their 2 little girls - who shyly told me they missed us and our camper! Kids! Who knew they liked seeing the camper parked between our houses?

LD is still sitting by the fire as I write. 
We've watched an episode of MONK and are winding our evening down early. 
Maybe a good game of Dominoes - the only game he will play!
A little out loud reading and then climb into a comfy bed made up with freshly washed flannel sheets!


Vee said...

Such a cozy room with so much atmosphere. Love the fireplace. Goodness, we love the dvd fire. Can you imagine what might happen to us if we had a real fire to gaze into? Ha!

Happy trails tomorrow...

Nonnie said...

Pinto beans and cornbread in front of a beautiful fire with the one you love. Doesn't get much better than that.

Kathy said...

I love watching fires too. I wonder what the attraction is with people and fires. So nice you got to see your friends before going back to those beautiful babies. Have a safe trip.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Your home is so cozy, Linda! (I know that you will be snuggled in those fresh flannels as I write tonight). Sweet dreams!
Safe travels back to Quadville!

Angie said...

You just described the perfect "cozy" day! If I had a fireplace I'd sit by it all the time. One of these days in my "dream home" I will have SEVERAL fireplaces including one on the front porch :)

I love pinto beans and cornbread. So yummy in the winter time!

Glad you two have enjoyed being home so much this time!

Bernice said...

Oh I wish I had a fireplace, it has been to cold for us to sit out by by the fire pit..warmer weather is on its way the next few days and we hopefully can:)
Have caught up reading your posts, hope your family is feeling better, ashame you were not able to see them.
Hearing on the tv that you all are having some severe T-storms take care and be carefull especially when traveling back to Quadville.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Enjoy every minute of your big-home-time. :-)

Sorry family has been sick, but glad you have a very good reason, for not visiting. !!!!! If you didn't have the reason (the quads, etc.) you probably would have been tempted to go visit anyway. Thus exposing yourself to sickness. So glad you didn't.

HOOTIN ANNI said... most definitely have me in a state of serenity!!! A cracklin' fire, a game of dominoes...dinner by the fire. This, can't be duplicated in any way, shape or form!!!

I'm lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely,lovely room, so snug and welcoming. Unfortunately I don't have a log fire...what am I saying? Of course I have, I just had to get one from Amazon after Vee told me about her virtual fire. And she's right, they're really good!!
I'll post some pics when I can, in the meantime enjoy your real one!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

At home or always seems cozy over here! Now I'm wanting some cornbread by a fire. :)