Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Decorating the Gazebo - With a Little Help From the Quads!

Never let it be said that I CAN'T get up early in the morning!!

I was awake at 5:45 AM and was sitting in the living room at Summer's house drinking my coffee shortly after 6:00! By 7:00 I was dressed WITH make up, jewelry and perfume!!
Rayne woke up and found me in the bathroom combing my hair.
She and I first searched for and found Oscar the Elf!  We next opened the Advent Calendar and then headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I toasted two round waffles, buttered them and sprinkled both with cinnamon sugar. Yum! I didn't cut them up as my kids always ate them like finger food. This was new to Rayne but she was a good sport! She doesn't like the crust so I ate around them and she ate the middles! Win! WIN!!

I had her AT school at 8:00!!! The bell just sounded as she walked across the crosswalk!
See? I CAN do it!!! I was just asleep on my feet all day!
I was in Rowlett and here it was EARLY in the morning. Too early to go by and get the quads so I went to Central Market on Coit St, and had another coffee - and some sausage in a bread roll that was SO good!!! I talked on the phone to Louis Dean before shopping the store for some cool treats!

Like this really good gingerbread!!
Warmed and served smeared with butter and a glass of milk - oh, MY!!!

I picked the quads up at 10:00, trading vehicles with Amber.
Louis Dean had been left 'Home Alone' but the damage control was not significant and he had blown all the leaves off the decks, patio and out of the gazebo so the kids could play.

I already had the tubs of decorations out there so 8 little hands starting pulling them all out and admired each one before hanging them on the tree,

They were a festive group!!!
Sometimes Trystan looks around and says, "There's a LOT of kids!!"

She was my best decorating buddy and didn't leave my side until the very last ornament was ON the tree! The very favorite one of all four was a candy cane that had seen better days. As a matter of fact, I intended to throw it away but each one would take it off the tree and rehang it somewhere else - over and over again. That's the one Trystan is hanging - for the last time in the photo. I could see by the look in her eyes that she just LOVED that candy cane! She had pretended to lick it earlier so - right as we finished the tree I told her that NEXT Wednesday I would have REAL candy canes for them to hang on the tree and that they could all eat one!!
It just makes my heart rejoice at how easy it is to make our time with the quads and Rayne so special!

The entire gazebo is all dressed up in Snowmen!!!!

It had been a long day so I fixed a super simple supper of pizza and chicken noodle soup with a slice of buttered gingerbread. I also let the kids watch Paw Patrol while they ate - probably not the best thing to do - but they loved it! I blame it on Granddad!!! HE is the one that put it on!!

Tomorrow is a special day for me as I will be participating in my first ever Blog Hop!!!

Stacy at Poofing the Pillows invited me to join a group of Texas gals in sharing our Christmas decorating.

Today she featured:
 Kim at Hunt and Host
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I hope you will 'hop' over there and visit them!!
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Now I am off to finish THAT post which I will publish EARLY in the morning!!!
TWO early days in a row!!


Linda said...

Always enjoy your blog. Especially enjoying your Christmas decorating. Far more than I can ever imagine doing but I certainly enjoy watching you do yours.

MadSnapper said...

a couple of weeks ago, i said to bob i wish i had a piece of ginger bread and now i really do want a piece. the kids did a great job decorating and i can hear the sheer joy in their voices.. the gazebo is ready.. you are creating so many memories for them

Gypsy Heart said...

They are totally in a festive mood and so, so cute! Just amazing how they're growing. I love the fun they're having with the decorating and you're creating such special memories with them. Thanks for allowing us a look at their fun!


Carla said...

YOU can do it!