Sunday, January 29, 2023

Weekend Celebrations!

We celebrated Lonnie's 68th birthday at El Fenix in Fort Worth.

We used to be four we are three.
This was our first birthday celebration without Nita and it was bittersweet.
And this was the last place we were all together last summer.

I remember her laughing and going from table to table talking to everyone.
Every memory of that day is a special gift .....

and we made new memories yesterday together.
Lonnie calls Michele his 'beautiful bride' and so she is.
She's also an angel and takes such good care of our brother.

I do love a good margarita and this was the first one I've had in a long time!

We shopped Tuesday Morning which was just around the corner from the restaurant before coming home.

I've been wanted to change out some of the white in our bedroom for soft shades of green.
I found a new comforter and some curtains and they go well with the rug I have in there now.
I LOVE this rug!

Instead of 15 or more pillows - I only had 4 plus 2 throw pillows.
However, if you want to prop yourself up in bed and sip coffee, read, pray and meditate - you need more pillows. 
So I cut the number in half and added two more which makes 6 bed pillows - and the 2 throw ones.
I can sleep with that - since I always have a couple on top of my feet when I go to bed.

We had meant to drive down to the ranch this morning but the rain has made for a mud event down there and the weather forecast is for cold and more rain.
So we went to church instead and Logan and Kailey came home with us!
Win! WIN!!

Logan helped  me get a fire going....

and then helped make lunch - Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice.
We watched an old Gunsmoke while we ate - at their request!

The new curtains were a little too long for the bedroom back door so Kailey hemmed them up on the sewing machine. I love that all my grands know how to sew!

Next up??

Kailey started a penguin -

Logan is painting Kona and Cash!

They each painted at home recently in acrylics.
Today they painted in oils.
They didn't get to finish them but I sent their palettes home with them along with a small bottle of turpentine.

We went over to watch Harrison's hockey game and Amber had brought warm coats and extra socks for the girls since they were still in their Sunday clothes and shoes.
It was really cold today!
Even COLDER at the hockey game!

Look how grown up Harrison is!!!

As football season is winding down, I am looking for things on TV that Louis Dean would enjoy.

Tonight we watched the first two episodes of Season 1 of 1923.
The way it's made with one scene morphing into another scene set in a different place makes it difficult for him to follow. He likes the western scenes and fight scenes, of course, but he can't really track the plot. 

Logan pointed out to me that Gunsmoke comes on back to back Monday - Thursday and suggested I record them for Granddad. She's so sweet and I intend on doing that very thing.
Louis Dean loves watching them because the good guys always win and there's a moral in every story.

While we celebrated Lonnie's birthday yesterday, his actual birth date is today - January 29th.

It was 4 years ago today that all of Mother's living children were together as we laid her to rest.
We often laughed about how happy she would be knowing her funeral was on Lonnie's birthday.
Mother absolutely LOVED a good funeral!

I was born in 1948 and half sister to all my siblings.
Deanie was born in 1951, Nita in 1953, Lonnie in 1955 - these three are full siblings.
We four grew up together.
Luann (to the left of Lonnie) was born in 1957 and Shari was born in 1958 and they are both full blood sisters. Shari was a twin and her brother died shortly after birth.

I love my Memories on Facebook!
This is June and Benjamin - whom she loves dearly - in 2019 at the funeral home.
You can see Sweet Summer just beyond Ben's shoulder.

Louis Dean is watching the Kansas City Chiefs' game and I already know they won!
But I'm letting him enjoy the suspense!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your bedroom is so gorgeous, like the ones you see in magazines. The quads are almost totally grownup! Have you seen those commercials on T.V. where the husband is trying to get all the throw pllows off the bed, and the wife is hollering in to him? They are a scream, and always make me thing of you. In the first one, the man is taking all the pillows off so he can get in bed and the wife hollers in "Honey, are you laying on the boudior pillow?" and he mumbles "What the heck is a boudior pillow?" In another one, the hapless husband is throwing them off the bed onto a chair, and she hollers in "Be sure you stack them in the right order!"

Unknown said...

Happy 68th birthday to your brother Lonnie and many, many more.

Anni said...

Another great celebration of another birthday!! You all look so happy!!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to brother Lonnie!
And the girls like to watch Gunsmoke?? How wonderful is that?!!
Have a sweet and peaceful week dear lady...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday to your brother. It's wonderful you have so many siblings! I think the nicest thing about memories is that we get to keep on making new ones and you seem to do a great job of that!

Arlene G said...

Oh I remember growing up when a western came on every night. Other kids would talk about Lost in Space on Thursday at school but my daddy had to watch the Virginian...which was 90 minutes long!! I am surprised there is not a western channel for all the old west fans. My mother watched the game show network most of the time but she also enjoyed Gunsmoke. It is rainy here as well. We will go back to Grimmwood next week to start going through Mother's things. We had done a bit of it but we still have a big job ahead of us. Your grands are the sweetest and most thoughtful. I enjoy seeing them growing and learning but I do like to remember those sweet toddlers I first met on your blog, Linda. Hugs!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Happy Birthday to Lonnie!

Your bedroom looks beautiful. It is a beautiful sanctuary!

What a great idea about recording the Gunsmoke episodes for Louis Dean. I'm with him - I like a show where the good guys win and there is a moral lesson!

I love that you are all celebrating with joy, even though you miss Nita. You know she is with you everytime you remember her!

What a great photo of you with your siblings.

Chatty Crone said...

This is funny - we tape Gunsmoke and Rick and I watch it every day when we have lunch. So 1923 is good - I will look it up.
So nice you are so close to the kids that you can have them over and go to their games.
Love your bedroom.
Love your family and siblings too.

Vee said...

What a pretty room you've created. Not sure about all those pillows, but they look good. 🙂

So glad that you gathered to celebrate Lonnie's birthday. You are still four; it's just that Nita is in Glory
and you three are still here. She may be absent, but she still very much exists.

I was thinking how tall Harrison is. It won't be long before he has shot past his mother. It happens so fast.

1923 looks interesting. Wonder if I can find it.

Have a good week!

Wanda said...

Oh what a wonderful celebration. How wonderful that you can be with all your sblings. I miss my sister terribly, as I only have one, and my one brother passed away several years ago. Nothing like "family".

I could live in your bedroom!! It is just gorgeous! Love the soft colors and the beauty everywhere. I love pillows too.

Your granchildren are growing up so fast. I'm so glad we been blog friends long enough for me to watch them grow! Love that you are teaching them all your wonderful skills and talents!! You are a very special grandma.

photowannabe said...

I'm right there with Wanda... You ARE a very special grandma.
Those kiddos are so sweet and love you two dearly.
Your room is lovely in the soft greens..very peaceful.
I'm glad you didn't go to the ranch and get stuck in the mud and deep freeze..better to be home together in your cozy home.

MadSnapper said...

The bedroom looks absolutely beautiful! And I do love that rug. Good job on downsizing on the pillows. So glad you got to be with your siblings for Lonnie's birthday. I just saw on TV that there's a nice storm coming for the Dallas area hope it's not going to get you too much. Amber's such a good mother to remember to bring those warm clothes