Saturday, January 21, 2023

Catching Up!

 Thursday Louis Dean and I drove to Lewisville to meet with the doctor for his memory tests results.
She's an A&M graduate and reminds me so much of Deanie's daughter in law, Becky. 
Both are brilliant and beautiful and they could be sisters, they look and even sound so much alike.

The diagnosis was no surprise as we were both fairly certain that he has some early dementia.
It is the beginning stages of 'Mixed Dementia' meaning he shows symptoms of both Vascular as well as Alzheimer's dementia.

We have an appointment early in February with his neurologist to go over his treatment plan.
All good news and we are moving forward in this new journey.
We are already doing most of the things the doctor recommended - stay active, eat healthy, keep busy.

The only time he gets fried foods - for the most part - is when I'm gone and he has the kitchen all to himself. These opportunities are getting fewer and farther in between!

The only thing he can improve greatly upon is staying hydrated!!!
I have often told him his life depends on drinking water and the doctor told him the very same thing!

The appointment was short and we were back home within the hour.
I think we were both exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally because by 8:00 Thursday night we were already in bed and we stayed there over 14 hours!

Friday was a quiet at home day and I am happy to say that most of Christmas is now packed away and it is in the neatest and most orderly way I have ever done this.
Louis Dean cleaned out two of his deck boxes for me and I used one to hold six tubs of Christmas textiles - stockings, tree skirts, table cloths, napkins, etc. The other one holds Christmas trees - the smaller ones - an entire box full. The larger trees he put up in the storage building attic.

Come time to decorate for 2023 - I should be able to find things much easier and faster!

Friday night was another early bedtime for in by 10:00.
So not like us and I'm pretty sure we won't be turning into 'early to bed and early to rise ' people, but we go with what we need to do when we need to do it.

You would think we would get up earlier but it's still close to noon by the time we have had our coffee and stupor time and done our reading and Quiet Time.
That's why we eat so many lunches instead of breakfasts.

The kitties are looking out the bedroom door as I have been going in and out a good bit the last few days - and still they haven't tried to escape. I think letting them out for a few hours on a Sunday may be a good idea.

It's been a good Saturday!
Louis Dean has been puttering and tinkering in his room.
He loves this place all his own.
. He moves things around and is constantly organizing and reorganizing all his 'stuff.'
This is good therapy for him.
We weren't married very long before I realized that his room was all his own and unlike any other room in the house. It doesn't have to make sense to me as long as it works for him.
I could write a book on his room and someday I may do that!
This works for him and that's all that matters.

I have been working on a baby quilt for my sister Rita's newest granddaughter.
One more to make after this for my brother Buster's new baby granddaughter!

June is still in the nursing home and doing her therapy so she can get stronger and go home.
She called me this afternoon while I was sewing and I told her Louis Dean had just come back from picking up a Rx and a pound of butter - how in the world did I run out of butter??

I had promised her a fresh batch of fruitcake cookies and the dough is now made and in the fridge.
I'll bake a couple dozen cookies tomorrow afternoon when I get home from church and take them to her while they are still warm from the oven!

The house looks a little vacant right now....
I haven't brought any of my 'debris' in to take the place of all my Christmas stuff so it's a scaled down look for now.

Tonight Louis Dean and I met in the den and I lit a candle, put a fire log in the fireplace and we each had our glass of wine while we watched a Jesse Stone movie.

The den is un-decorated but not clean - still - I lit a candle to celebrate!

A light finger food supper to go with our Chardonnay tonight.

And our sweet Samantha to keep us company!

Now as I write, we have moved on to watch the Kansas City Chiefs game we recorded earlier.
Next to the Dallas Cowboys - they are my favorite team!

I have been processing Louis Dean's diagnosis over the last few days and I admit the word 'Alzheimer's' scared me. I have worked my way past that now and moving on.

Louis Dean has given me the happiest years of my life!
Just because he has mixed dementia doesn't mean we can't still be happy.

I've always loved the saying....

Make the most of what you've got -
and the least of what you've not!

And Louis Dean and I still have so much to be thankful for and so much LIFE left to be lived.


Arlene G said...

Linda, hugs and prayers for you and Louis Dean tonight. Words can strike fear in our hearts, can't they? But you are right...keep positive. Thank you so much for your card and your note. Your prayers in the last months have meant a lot to me. Right now I am still in the is this real? phase. When we go back to Grimmwood it will seem strange not to get up get dressed and head to the Nursing Home. Life is full of changes and we will continue to Trust Jesus and Carry On!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry for the diagnosis. I know you were expecting it, but it is still hard. Have you heard that in the last month there is a brand new Alzheimer's Drug out?? I cannot remember the name, but it is in a lot of news. It greatly delays the progression. The neurologist may prescribe it for Louis Dean.

Brenda said...

Prayers…I traveled this journey with my friend…

Anni said...

When things seem to go awry with me/us, I'm always reminded that God gives us only what we can handle. Then, I get by.

Will be watching the cowboys tonight!!!!

MadSnapper said...

Yay for all the Christmas packed orderly and the two of you getting the rest you need. Like Ginny said, we expected to hear this but it is still hard. you are doing so good with this, both of you and prayers for strength for both of you and your family. you have such a wonderful attitude and that will help a lot.
we watched that same Jessie Stone movie, in fact we watched two, one each night. we love those movies and have seen all 5 of them several times each. love you

Donna said...

I believe you'll enjoy many more years to come, sweet they say, Ain't love grand. Life is too darn short.
Chin up...
Big Hug

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You definitely make the most of your life and find ways to celebrate each day together. You are both in my prayers. We none of us knows what the future holds...we only have today. Take care and happy Sunday!

MimiG said...

I have always felt "the knowing" is best - at least for me. You can plan, do things, make lists, whatever - if you know. And, not just plan for Louis Dean, for y'all as a couple, but think about the changes you may need to plan for yourself.
I love that he has his room, we all need a space to do whatever! Wishing you a great coming week Friend!

Changes in the wind said...

Thank you so much for your transparency. It can be a big help to the rest of us who may face this in our futures and your postitive, continue forward attitude is just what the doctor ordered. Hugs and prayers.

NanaDiana said...

I am right there with you, Linda. Hubby has been diagnosed with 'cognitive impairment'. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and has refused to go back for more tests. When he goes to his regular dr he lies about how he is doing. He also has 'his room' and moves stuff around all the time. He has become more and more focused on that room and stays there more and more when he is up and around. I am always an email away for you, Linda. I truly "get it". xo Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think its important that you caught this disease early on so that treatment can begin. They are finding out more and more about how to treat it. It'll be a slow process but meanwhile you can enjoy every moment you have.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. I am glad that you both know what you are dealing with. I love you positive attitude. You and Louis Dean are a wonderful, loving couple and a great example to many. Prayers coming your way.

Chatty Crone said...

I liked this today. Fruitcake cookies - they did look like fruitcake. So now you do know what you are dealing with. I love how you are there for him. Hopefully this blog will be an outlet and support for you as well. Sandie

Jackie See said...

Hugs to you both. Life is a blessing each and every day but somedays are harder than others. We are also changing with age and health. Acceptance is hard, but our bodies always seem to adjust. God knew what he was doing when he created Adam and Eve. We are praying for you both, for wonderful days filled with happy smiles and hugs. ~jackie see~

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I think I just want to hug you. You are handling this so very beautifully and it is a testament of God's grace and peace residing in you. Thank you for sharing with us. We will be praying for you and Louis Dean as you walk this new journey together. God is with are never alone no matter what the diagnosis or circumstances. Oh, I love that Louis Dean has his own "room", where he can putter and do the things he enjoys. My father had a place like that, and he spent a lot of time there. It was also his train room, where he had his toy train collection and village. It was amazing. He had old records and would sit out there and listen to his music and play with his trains for hours before he got Parkinson's and couldn't do it so much anymore. So yes, let him enjoy his space. It means a lot to have your own space. I have my little "Room with a View" that I enjoy, where I am sitting now and writing to you. The view is dark right now as it is after 7 pm, but I know it's out there...and it gives me such joy. Little things mean a lot as we age and our world narrows down a bit. Praying for you both. God is with you.

photowannabe said...

Yes...Yes,,,Yes !!
You two have so much life and love to still be lived.
Make the most of each day..
That's the way I must do too. This slowing down and life sometimes putting a few stumbling blocks in our paths is cause for holding tighter to the Lord and to each other.

Susie said...

Linda, I knew in my heart LD was having memory issues. But we pray for better answers and results. Thank God he has work hard for so many years, or he may not be as good as he is now. It touched my heart when you said LD has given you your happiest years. That is how My Teddy made me feel. I know that I was once truly loved. There are wonderful people out there in the medical world doing all they can for us. I sure appreciate them too. I love you and LD, hug him for me. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Wanda said...

Linda, a heavy journey ahead, but the Lord tells us His yoke is easy and His burden light. This is the time in our lives, with a dear spouses with health issues, that we give that burden to Jesus. I know your strong faith, and this journey will give you even more love for each other (if that's possible) and it is, as I speak from experience. Don and I have never loved each other more and we both say "This is the best time of our lives" because this is exactly where GOD has us. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul and forget not His benefits; He pardonss all our iniquities, heals all our deceases, redeems our life from the pit and crowns us with loving kindness and compassion. Psalm 103:1-4
This verse is my Strong Tower. I visit it often.
Love you forever.
Love you and L.D. with all my heart. Wanda

Judy said...

You have such a good attitude, Linda! Hugs to you as you deal with the diagnosis. My sister-in-law received the same diagnosis a few months ago. Not easy. LD is so blessed to have you at his side.

Vee said...

Ahhh, yes, staying busy, eating well, and getting enough rest sounds like the perfect recipe for a healthful life. You do so much for others and always have. You both enjoy spreading sunshine. ☀️ I especially love the photo today of Louis Dean tinkering away in his workspace. Very cool place to putter and "play."

terre said...

my friend, you have the MOST amazing friends that know just the right words to say! the encouragement here is incredible. you are a blessed gal. but i already knew that. i will keep you both in my prayers.