Thursday, January 5, 2023

Back in the City!

 I believe the cats knew we were about to go home.
They had a good time at the ranch what with their adventures in getting OUT!
They have played games of hide and seek and chase and we had fun watching them.

Here they are watching the horses after I had just given them some more good carrots!

We left the ranch right around 1:30 and here is Louis Dean and his son saying goodbye.
Louis Dean always thanks him for his hospitality and all of his help and Dean says good things back to him and they shake hands.

We stopped in Mart to buy diesel and then drove straight home with not one bit of trouble.
The truck drove well and I was so thankful!

Home was just as we left it - no surprises.
We did our arrival routine and then Louis Dean soaked in a hot bath so long I went in to check on him.

I woke up first on Wednesday and had my quiet time before slipping back into the bedroom and turning ON a few soft lights, and the ceiling fan and sound machine OFF.

He never remembers in the mornings what our plans are for the day and I wanted to give him time to wake up properly.

I made us a healthy breakfast and we navigated our way to the doctor's office in Lewisville - leaving early to allow time if we got lost.

We actually arrived early at 11:45!
Alas, the office complex does NOT look like doctor offices because it is NOT.
It houses counseling services, church offices and therapy among other things.
I drove around the whole place before I realized this WAS the place!

The suite # was 240, but we found it vacant!
I happened to ask someone and she said they moved to the third floor in July.
We went UP a floor but did not know the suite number.
Once again, a lady came by and I asked her and she happened to be arriving for work at the exact place we were looking for. She was the one who checked us in.

There were several papers to fill out and then both of us went in to talk to the doctor.
She was really good with Louis Dean.
He talked to her about his music and his life and our concerns about his memory - or lack thereof.
She is very young and didn't know many of the songs he was talking about and had never heard of  Mario Lanza and The Student Prince but she was such a good sport about it.
She's a graduate of Texas A&M and I'm sure she's been busy these last few years.

After 45 minutes or so - Louis Dean went in another room for the testing part with another lady named Kim. I kissed him and told him I would be waiting.

I went for a walk and enjoyed the ducks and scenery before coming back and reading my book Up Island and then I polished my nails in the car.
It was such a beautiful day!

Louis Dean came out smiling and I think that's a good sign!
He had been there over three and a half hours.

This painting hangs in the waiting room and we thought it was a bit disturbing.

As I sat down in the lobby of the building reading during my wait time, I did notice all the people coming and going and, truth be told, some looked very disturbed. 

We stopped at Kroger on our way home for a couple of items for dinner that night.
Sabrina and Rayne joined us for both dinner and art class.

I made a pasta chicken salad but it was nothing like the one Sabrina made for me years ago.
Next time I will be asking her to bring THAT!!!!

Art class was underway!
I taught art on Tuesday nights here around the dining room table for over 40 years.
At one point, I taught a morning, afternoon and evening art class!
That didn't last long but after that  I had art tables set up in four different rooms for the evening classes.
That was back in the tole painting days.
I cannot count the number of people I have taught over the years.
Some - like Sabrina - have gone beyond my skills and soared.

But I have to tell you that teaching Rayne her very first oil painting lesson is one of my favorite classes! She is such a dog lover and runs a rescue program back at home in Puerto Rico.
She is knowledgeable on all manner of dogs and horses and chickens and other critters.
She has a YouTube channel called Raining Sunshine that chronicles her love of critters but I can't figure out how to share the link but maybe later I can figure it out.

Anyway, she did a FANTASTIC job on painting her dog Sunshine!
She is an experienced artist in acrylics and 'pours' and has been featured in several art shows in Puerto Rico. However, she said she LOVES painting in oils.....that it's like painting in butter!

Sabrina was bound and determined to finish her canvas since she will be returning to PR next week.
Oils dry slowly and even more so in the humid climate there.

Sabrina does beautiful work and I hope to do a post of some of her amazing paintings soon.

I will paint in my mane next week after the canvas is dry.
Logan sketched the horse for me.
I can paint but I cannot draw!

Today (Thursday) has been a quiet one.
I did not take a single photo.

This morning I had a good long quiet time outside on the kitchen deck wrapped in a blanket as it was on the chilly side.

I had a lot of praying to do and it felt so good to drink my first cup of coffee while being still and listening to the sounds of LIFE.....the black capped chickadees at the feeder, the distant sound of barking dogs, the hum of airplanes overhead, the chirping of the squirrel who came so near me since I was being quiet....and the rustle of the wind as it blew across my face fanning all of the sounds into my ears.

Our oldest living relative died on Wednesday - Cousin Joyce.
She was a beautiful soul and so loved by all.
I rejoice as I know she is in heaven having a family reunion with all who have gone before.
Only her brother is left now as our oldest living relative and I am inching my way to the top.

Back in the day I was always the youngest one since I married so early and was the youngest mother for so many years. And then I was the oldest mother as I had two more children late in life.

And now I am next to the oldest in my family.
That's kind of a sobering thought.


Brenda said...

I have outlived the years my family did…unusual for us. How were the tests. Prayers for this sweet journey.

Wanda said...

Only my sister and I are left from our original family. My dearest and I are the Patriarchs of this family.

You and Louis Dean love so adorable together in that picture. Oh what a fun Art Class. What a special teacher you are, and for such a long period of time. Your students must love you dearly.
I took one adult watercolor class, and with an older lady who had been giving watercolor classes for her entire adult life. She was wonderful and I learned so much from her. I can see how your students are becoming such advanced artists with your guidance.

We started a new Daily Devotion by Pastor David Jeremiah, called "Moments with God". Also we are ready Psalms and Proverbs every day. Love our quiet times of meditation and prayer as I know you and Louis Dean do daily.

That painting at the doctor office was really "disturbing". Don't think its good waiting room art...haha
Good to read about your adventures and home and the ranch.
Love and Hugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Over three hours!! What did they DO to him? Did he get all his tests at once? I am sorry about Joyce. That is the hardest thing about getting older, watching our friends and family pass away. Sabrina's painting is GORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

Wow 31/2 hours you were both probably so tired and ready to go home. Hope all went well with his tests. I agree with you, that painting in the waiting room is kinda disturbing. They need a picture of Rayne's dog Sunshine in there instead. Or Sabrina's horse. Much more cheerful I think. So sorry about your cousin Joyce's passing. I hope she lived a good life. Wishing you and Louis Dean a happy, healthy, and safe 2023.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It appears that you are all good painters. How nice to be able to share art like that with others. Glad all went well with LD's doctor appointment and you managed not to get lost. I hate trying to find new places where I've never been before. Here's hoping the results of the testing will be just as good for him. I's need a quite day after all of that too. Get rested up for the next adventure!

MadSnapper said...

I am next to the oldest in our family, my cousin Johnny is the oldest. all the family is deceased except for cousins and of course my kids and there kids and there kids. glad that long test is over and that he was happy when he came out. that horse painting is amazing. I LOVE IT.. the mane makes me feel joy. wish we were close enough for me to take a few lessons from you.

Hootin Anni said...

I would really enjoy taking classes with you as the instructor!!! 3 hours seems a long session. Hope now he can find that it will help eventually. Glad you found the office after their move.
Kitties watching the horses is priceless.

Chatty Crone said...

I am the last one standing from my core family.

So what did the tests show or you haven't got the answers yet. I am glad you are getting help.

The horse is beautiful.

Debby said...

So nice to hear from you. That was one long appointment. I’m glad it went well for Louis Dean.

Talent from God is meant to be shared and you teaching classes is such a gift that will last long after you are gone. That’s funny that you can paint but can’t draw.

I’m the last of my family. I still have a lot of cousins (huge family) but I did not grow up around them so we’re not close. I’ve reached out to them but at this time they all stuck together - I leave the door cracked for that time when they all start dying that perhaps they will look me up and want to get to know me. After all our Grandma would have wanted that.

Take care.

Vee said...

Love that photo of you and Louis Dean! I'd be tempted to say it's the red plaid, but that's not all...those beautiful faces and your sweet smile and Louis Dean's easy demeanor.

Three hours?! My heavens! It's a miracle that he was in a good mood. That would have me cranked.

And, yes, that is one foul painting to have in a doctor's office. They should be ashamed of themselves. 😁

I like that hugs? Perhaps you gave all the hugs!

Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are talented, just like you. I wish I could come to a class.
My father had Alzheimer’s for at least 10 years. As awful as this disease is, it was very gradual. I have good memories of that time. I know that sounds strange and it’s hard to explain. We became closer.
I think that painting is weird. It’s very confusing and not appropriate in that office.
Love you and LD.

Jackie See said...

Linda, you are always in my prayers as life changes become more apparent and you have to learn a new way. I am also learning. I have become so uncomfortable around large family gatherings since the pandemic. I just realized the other day that it is because everyone yells. Our family is getting older and none of us hear that well anymore. I almost want to hand out a flag and tell them "you can not talk unless you have the flag". Or make a rule, that when we talk the tv has to be muted. This aging process does not come with a manual and it is especially difficult when I am also aging. Hugs and prayers my friend Linda, thank you for sharing, it has helped me see the world more clear. ~jackie~

photowannabe said...

Getting older gets harder all the time. I'm the last of my family except for several cousins. I am not close to them and have only visited 2 or 3 times in my lifetime. We do send cards but that's about it. Being an only child certainly narrows the field.
Praying LD's test will be positive and help you two in the future.
Like everyone else, I wish we were closer so I could take classes from you.

Rita said...

I am the oldest in my generation and in my parent's generation above me there's only one uncle left. Kind of a sobering thought--lol! But I guess we're lucky to be here still. ;)

Glad his visit went well. :) And the art is great!

Carol said...

Praying for LD and his test. I am sure he doesn't like having a lapse in memory either.

Carole said...

Sorry for your loss. Hope LD is fine. Cheers

Donna said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin, Joyce. Seems every day we lose someone. I exaggerate but it feels so...
Praying for your LD...I know it's so hard to silently lose someone.
Mart seems to be on the upward swing from rags to riches these days. Property was cheap there a few years back but no longer. Property rates are booming there.
Have a sweet day friend...

Debbie said...

as we get older, we do loose our friends and loved ones, it's so hard and especially sad!!

i hope ld feels better, i'm glad the doctor spent so much time with him, hopefully that will help her to help him!!

i know i have said it before, i wish i lived closer and could paint with you!!

Susie said...

Sending prayers and love to all of you. So good to see that sweet Rayne. I love how LD's son treats all of you. So kind and helpful. Take care, stay strong. Blessings, xoxo, love, Susie

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Love Sabrina's horse painting.
Is this the link to Rayne's YouTube channel -- ?