Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Tuesday's Treasures!

 Part of Tuesday's Treasures includes Bruno (our yard man) arriving at 10:00 to pretty up the place.
He only does the front yard and for the last month or so Louis Dean has been blowing the leaves out on the lawn and mowing them under. However, he tends to blow a good many into the flower beds and shrubs, so our place was looking neglected lately.

It took him a couple of hours and a good pretty penny to clean it up again.
Lesson learned - you don't save any $$ letting it get bad like I did.
Better to let Louis Dean blow and mow and for Bruno to continue to come and clean up.

He will be back the first  part of February to clean up the side yard for me here in the back. 
The kitchen side all the way back to the gazebo.
He will also clean out all the gutters for us.
Louis Dean does NOT need to be on the roof or even on a ladder these days!

Brenda came for a late lunch of potato soup and we visited for awhile before going to THREE thrift stores! I tend to call everything a Goodwill!

Four novels!!
Actually there were five - I must have accidently deleted a pic.
The 5th one is a brand new signed copy of Scorned Vulgate by Roger Bloom - A Texas mystery novel.

I fell in love with this vintage looking print and it now hangs in the bedroom.

Found a great quilt backing for a black denim quilt.

This sweet rosebud Queen sized flat sheet will be more than enough for two baby girl quilts.
Perhaps I can sew up a baby pillow to go with the quilts.

I thought to get this as a table runner and then I noticed the two 'holes' in it and realized it's a wrap!!

$1 for a cute pillow for next year!

$2.99 less the discount for this jar.
I like to put cookies or cereal or crackers in jars like this so I can SEE what I have in the pantry.

With the high price of Glade plug ins - I am burning more candles.

Brenda found this pair of Chico's for me and the dressing rooms are open again at Goodwill so I tried them on. A perfect fit!!!1 $9.99 less the discount.

My best find was a beautiful rug which I saw the first thing when I came in the door!
I replaced the one in the den and moved THAT one to our bedroom and moved THAT one to the kitchen in front of the sink and moved THAT one in front of the coffee cart!
The one that was there is now in storage until next Christmas!
Talk about one thing leading to another!!!

Tuesday was such a good day!
Nice and relaxing.
I got several little piddling things done like closing out a bank account and selecting a new electric plan and doing laundry and mending a pair of Louis Dean's pajamas.

Today was just as good.
We went out to do errands in the afternoon - the bank and Home Depot, Office Depot and Walgreens.
We spent some quality gazebo time - both morning and evening - today.

I'm taking a lot of the Christmas down room by room and storing it away in a more organized manner than I have ever done before.

I'm thinking I will go to bed early tonight. It is only a little after 7:00 as I write this journal entry tonight but it seems SO late!
I can go to bed and read for a n hour or more and get up early tomorrow.

Wishing you the blessings of an ordinary day!


Brenda said...

Lovely day…prayers…

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yes, gratitude opens the heart to so many positive things...including healing and forgiveness. I love hearing about your days and the things you found and used and made sound so interesting! You really know how to shop! I love that vintage looking pink rosebud sheet! Oh how lovely that will be on the baby quilts! Makes me wish I was the "baby". LOL. So sweet and dainty. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week. I am ready for bed soon now too.

Sandy in Alaska said...

We had some neat things in common today! Our's was a good day as well and my husband and I spent some quality time together and did some errands and also went to Goodwill! However, unlike you, we didn't find any treasures today. You got some really nice things and just knowing they will be turned into other nice things later on for someone else is a plus. I think I have that roses sheet also. Back when I tea dyed linens for the current 'look' I was using....Prim....I made curtains and a 'door' for our tiny little attic bedroom's door. Super cute! I never get rid of curtains or doilies, etc. So they are no doubt lurking in a storage box somewhere! :) the saying about gratitude. So very very true! Have a great Thursday!

Ginny Hartzler said...

It seems like a long time since you have posted your Tuesday Treasures. I always enjoy shopping with you so much, it is the next best thing to shopping myself! I am interested in the bee book. It is 10:25 P.M. here, so I bet you are in bed now.

Deb J. in Utah said...

I love your quote at the end of this post. I always enjoy seeing what you get at thrift stores. Charly and I always enjoy thrift store shopping. Those novels look so good. Getting into bed early and reading for a while sounds really good. Have a good day. See you again soon.

Hootin Anni said...

I aman early riser so I got bed early!! 🙂
Love the rug!!! And the kitty on top.

Donna said...

Glad you had some good days! Wonderful when that happens.

Changes in the wind said...

Lots of good finds on your shopping trip and taking Christmas down room at a time seems like a great idea to be more organized.

MadSnapper said...

i love how you post bounces from yard work to shopping to paying bills and from thing to thing. you are amazing and have enough energy to share some with me.. love the idea of the yard/cleanup guy.. we could use one. bob refuses to hire one, maybe one day

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love ordinary days when nothing is happening and there is no drama going on. Your finds are always amazing. I'd love to go shopping with you. Our stores here don't seem to have such wonderful things to find. I need to get out more and look around. Glad you have a yard man, I do too. It's more than I could poo=ssibly do by myself. And it is a small yard at that. No ladders for me, I let one of my sons do that for me. Thankfully we have good helpers all around us.

photowannabe said...

Wow Linda, you always score when you "Thrift".
Love everything and how you repurpose what you find. That rosebud sheet will be wonderful for blankets...I'd like to be that baby too.
Love that vintage print too. It definitely fits your style.

Vee said...

Thank you. As it happens, I am enjoying an ordinary day.

It is always fun to see your finds. And having a personal shopper finding things for you
is a bonus.

Great idea to keep Louis Dean off ladders. Goodness knows, I am not safe on a ladder
these days either.

Carole said...

It’s Friday the 13th here. So a quiet home day is just what is needed. Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

Ah, I love ordinary days. You had a good one.

Glad you have such reliable help, and that it will keep LD off ladders and roofs!

Your ability to find treasure at Goodwill astounds me!

Wanda said...

Oh Linda, how I would love to visit your thrift stores. We only have one that is any good, and I never seem to get there earily enought. You find such good items every time. But you have a eye for it!

I don't miss yard work living in a complex. And yesterday they replaced the dishwasher that was sounding like a hay thrasher!! They maintain things very well and promptly.

Love your vintage print. I did a pair of balerina shoes in watecolor. Will post it some time. I think it looks a little vintage!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

There is much to be said for ordinary things, Linda, but yours always seem far from that😀Thrifting is fun especially when yiu find items that can be repurposed. This week, I found 2 jar candles and like yourself we burn them vs. plug-ins which we have never bought. The candles were also 30% discounted on senior day, which is the only day we shop there😀