Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quadville! Violin Lessons and a Tea Party!

Yesterday we didn't get over to Quadville until nearly noon. I was moving in slow motion. I woke up tired and pretty much stayed that way all day.
Amber had taken the kids with her to the gym when we arrived so Louis Dean and I made ourselves a cup of coffee and sat down for a few minutes in the living room.

Louis Dean sings love songs to me and I think that's just the most romantic thing!

I had lunch ready when everyone  got home!
Just before I made this video Trystan had said, "MeeMaw, I'm glad you are here! I love you!"

As soon as lunch was over, Granddad gave all four quads a violin lesson in anticipation of Mr. Hu coming later in the afternoon to play music with him.

They each took a turn holding and pulling the bow across the strings!

That Harrison has learned to 'snort' and loves making that noise!

I guess I missed Kailey's turn so here is her pic!

Louis Dean and I gathered all the quads up for a photo!
I'm under that pile of kids!

After Amber and I got them all down for naps, she popped up a couple of bowls of popcorn for us and we piled into her bed to watch a movie! The November Man stars one of our favorite actors - Pierce Brosnan. 

We have both been really tired lately and this was just exactly what we needed!!!

I love their bedroom!!! It's like being in a tree house! THIS is the view from the balcony door.

Our movie ended just as the kids were waking up from their naps.
Perfect timing!
I changed diapers upstairs and then we all went down to enjoy some music!

Mr. Hu and his daughter enjoyed seeing the quads and the quads enjoyed the music!!

Kailey sat right in her lap!! But not for long......

her eyes were on her Granddad!!!

Logan and Trystan were watching the musicians pretty close as well.

Harrison was showing Jane the Baby Jesus in the manger ornament.
The kids are all learning so much in Sunday School and Mother's Day Out -
and of course through their mama and daddy's teaching!

Jane played ball with Trystan and everyone had a good time!
It was a wonderful visit! Mr. Hu doesn't speak English so it is always nice when his daughter can come with him.

The girls helped me bake Blueberry tea biscuits. One poured the mix into the bowl. One added the milk and then one got to do the first stirring.

I believe they are ready for a tea party!!!

The tea biscuits the girls helped make and Miss Debbie's Gingerbread Men were our 'Tea Treats.'

We have graduated to a bigger tea pot and REAL cups. 
Before we start I ask the quads to put their hands in their laps.
Then I place the treats on the table and get things ready to serve.
They are already learning some excellent table manners!

After the tea party Granddad took over and watched Paw Patrol with them while I started dinner.

I dearly love roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic!

A couple of little girls were sneaking a few early bites!

Dinnertime is always a FUN time!
Monkey faces and more snorts!!!

I love our Wednesday routine in Quadville.
After dinner we all gathered in the living room to watch Frosty the Snowman. Amber had the old Jimmy Durante one - which in my opinion - AND hers - is the BEST!

They are growing up on us!

We all pitched in and helped Amber finish decorating the tree.

I can't help but smile when I look at these photos!
Who would have ever thought we would have these precious quadruplets in our lives??
I can't imagine life without them.

Today I picked up where I had left off and continued with my Christmas decorating.

The kitchen is clean and mostly done.

The corner breakfast table is always one of my favoite places to sit throughout the year.
I relocated the lamp since the tree gives off enough light for me to read by!

This is the pond outside the kitchen door.

We visited Amber and Mike for the entire month of December of 2010. 
That's when I did this needlework.
2010 and 2012 were the only two years I did NOT decorate for Christmas!
2010 we weren't HERE and 2012 we lived in our camper down in Katy, Texas after the quads were born.
I DID decorate the camper!!!

I have such fond memories of that Christmas!!


This morning I sat right down and made the invitation to my annual 'Cup of Christmas Tea.'
Does it say anything that I do a Facebook Evite?
I can't think of anyone I wanted to invite that's NOT on Facebook!!!

I'll close with my Throw Back Thursday pic that I just NOW posted on Facebook!!!
The photos I use are from the Country Diaries that I have kept since 1985.
This was Christmas morning 1990.
You can see Summer's sweet face beside me. I still have that apron!

Only three major rooms left to decorate- the dining room, sewing room and gazebo.
Louis Dean's bathroom and the guest room are easy ones to do!

I'm getting there!!! Room by room.......


Deb said...

what a fun day with the and laughter what could be better...I'm excited for your Tea...will be my third one to come too....who would have thought we live in the same town...but met through our blogs...a small world...

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love seeing your family's picture from the past! Are the Quads taking violin lessons? I think it is so important to raise children with music. We are formed and grow in our mother's womb with the rhythm of her heartbeat, and we are born with that rhythm. Tea parties DO teach children manners, and they don't even realize it!! It is learning fun!

Gypsy Heart said...

Good grief, woman, all this is why you're tired! LOL Seriously, and as I've said before, I don't know how you do it all. I know you love all the decor but wow, what a job!

The kids are so adorable and it's fun to see your weekly visits with them. I think they're very well behaved. What did you think of the movie? I've seen it on the TV list and wondered about it.

Thanks for sharing the TBT photo ~ love seeing them! Sleep well my friend ~ :)


Kathy said...

Thanks for posting so many videos! It is like actually being there, seeing the quads' movements and hearing their sweet little voices (or snorts). I love that you have tea parties every week.

The music with Mr. Hu was simply wonderful. It is so important to introduce music to children. I know that it helped me in my life so very much having my mother as a musician and my father as a singer.

Your house is simply lovely. I have so much decorating to do. Nothing is done yet. I have today off so hoping to get something done. My sister is visiting next week and I want it to look nice.

Thanks for the TBT photo. I recognized everyone right away. None of you have changed that much (except grown up). You are right that Summer never seems to age!

Don said...

Kids, music, laughter, cookies, decorating.... what better things could there possibly be in life? And I just KNOW you're enjoying those "quads" running around the house. Lovely pictures of a lovely day!

MadSnapper said...

Love LD song to you, made me smile and feel happy, just like it feels to you. love the violin to... and all the photos of sheer joy.

Susie said...

Linda, The quads are being introduced to the love of music. That just makes me so happy. I can see the girls just adoring their granddad in those pictures. When you make Harrison do his monkey face, I had to laugh. He's seeing that if he snorts, he gets laughs. :):) I love that you and Amber like to watch movies together. That would be so fun, while the children napped. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

Bev said...

What a fun time!!! This Christmas is going to be sooo much fun with those kiddos!!

Sweet Tea said...

How big the kids are getting. I always enjoy their photos! Sorry you're still dragging. I'm sure both of us will soon be back at full speed.

Vee said...

Must fire up the PC to hear that snort and the music, too, of course! I think a lot of us still have that apron. I have mine hanging up with my other Christmas aprons. When I saw what you could do with your Christmas home away from home, I knew that you were one amazingly creative gal. Your kitchen looks so cozy and that sparkling glass of refreshment on the counter is just the right touch.

Vee said...

Oh we'd love to hear a whole minute of the musicians with the sweet audience paying such close attention.

Penny said...

All looking so festive and inviting! X