Monday, December 15, 2014

I Did My Duty! JURY Duty!

The alarm went off at 6:01 this morning!!! We don't often get up that early! That's about the time we are usually rolling over!! Not today! By 8:30 we were sitting in the Frank Crowley Jury Room in Dallas. Louis Dean was my Knight in Shining Armour and went with me! I was so glad to have him! This court house is in a really rough area and lots of road construction going on. It took BOTH of us to get there!

This was a sobering experience. We were called up to a court room and waited in the hall. It was pretty interesting people watching! All of the jurors wore badges. That left attorneys and defendants and plaintiffs! I could certainly spot the attorneys! I have had two personal experiences with courtroom situations myself and I could recognize the worried and tense expressions on some of the faces. The trial was rescheduled and we jurors were sent back down to the jury room. They have a Juror's Lounge - available to as many as can fit. While the jury room was PACKED - nearly every seat FILLED - the juror's lounge was not! Louis Dean and I waited in there! It was more private and certainly more comfortable.

My name was called at 11:28 and I was FREE to GO!!!

We praised God and celebrated with lunch at El Chico!
Errands followed and I was so sleepy I felt like I had been DRUGGED!
Louis Dean had to drive us home - I was THAT sleepy!!
While HE put the chicken on to cook for the chicken salad for my party tomorrow - I went to bed!
I don't know what's up with these naps but I have HAD to take one the last couple of  days!

When I woke up I discovered a piece of ROYAL mail had been delivered!

She lives in Scotland and I am having so much fun getting to know her!

I love the Christmas card and the fact that it has traveled all the way from her home - where she was sitting at her kitchen table just the other day addressing the package - to MY kitchen as I stood by the counter opening it up! The calendar will be much used in 2015 and I shall think of Penny!

Maddie is fitting in very well around here!
I think I shall have to trim her claws every few days......they seem to be growing FAST!

I THOUGHT I was taking a picture - but took a few short video/snapshots combo!

She and Lucy seem to be getting along fine. Read that as they have ignored each other so far.
I gave Lucy a good bath this evening, washed her bedding and began my housework in preparation for tomorrow's party!

As I was all dressed in comfy sloppy clothes with my hair sticking out and barefoot -
I thought, "This time TOMORROW I shall be perfumed and dressed and having a PARTY!!!"

Things are beginning to come together for it!
I am going to have so much fun!


Wanda said...

Busy, busy but successful day. Lunch sure looked good. Glad your jury duty is over. Spent too much time today in traffic getting to a doctors appointment, and came home and took a little nap, then watched some football, and now back to bed. Love and Hugs

Ginny Hartzler said...

If I had gotten up at 6:00, I would have taken a huge nap of many hours!! I am a late riser and a night owl. I have been chosen for jury duty several times. Phil went to the courthouse once and waited with the rest of the jury. Then it was announced that the defendant had made a plea bargain and everyone could leave. They paid for our gas. I am very GLAD of the videos of Maddie! She always has a big smile on her face! So that is how she is like YOU! What a lovely calendar! All your blog friends love you! And I love that white cabinet!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so grateful that you were dismissed ~ IMHO, it's such a blessing. I've served several times and I really dislike the criminal cases ~ scary! One time we were almost sequestered and PTL they came to an agreement.

Your lunch looks delish! Lady, the way you go and do, it's a wonder you *don't* need naps. :) Don't overdo, ok? Looking forward to seeing you.

I had the injections this morning and anxious to see how things go. One thing ~ I was nauseous alllll day and this evening and I can't sleep. Don't recall having the nausea in the past. Oh well, I'm grateful that this treatment is available, though it is a temporary fix.


Deb said...

You had a busy day I'm glad you listened to your body and took a nap..looking forward to tonight!

HoundDogMom said...

You can purchase some little nail guards for your Maddie. They slip over the tip of their nails to keep them from scratching and clawing. I for the life of me have NO idea how you go about putting them. But if for some strange reason you try it out, please post video and pictures of you applying them. :) Hope you are feeling better.

Susie said...

Linda, Bless your heart...just being in the courthouse for jury duty is exhausting. I have only had to do it once...that was enough. Your new cat just seems to be your old cat..It's like having your Maggie back. Hope you have a good week, and that your party turns out great. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Glad your jury duty was over quickly. That is never fun. I sat in on a week long trial 3 years ago and it was grueling. Love your new kitty...and have fun preparing for your party. xo Diana

Arlene G said...

I was on jury duty once and it was quite the experience. I found jury members do a lot of sitting, so I brought a book to read while waiting on attorneys, judges etc to have their meetings. Isn't it fun having a party?

Penny said...

So glad my card arrived safely!mwhatva surprise to see it here on your blog! Another lovely 'connection'! Lots of love to you, and Louis Dean of course! X

MadSnapper said...

I am thinking your body is demanding you to rest, you are on the go from dawn to dusk... glad you are listening... so happy that Lucy and Maddie are getting along . the snap/vids were really cute... i do that to because they put the video button right where my thumb rest.

Kelly said...

Ugh! I don't like jury duty either. I know you're glad that you weren't needed. That happened to me once and I was so relieved. That was so sweet of your blogging friend to send you a calendar. Isn't it fun to receive goodies in the mail like that? Glad to hear that your cat is fitting in well with everyone. I know that it always a tricky situation at first. Have fun at your party today!

Vee said...

Does this mean that you are all finished with jury duty? Hope so! Doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but somehow you always put a positive spin on everything. If today is your party, have fun, if not, I hope that you had fun. I'm so lost I don't know what day it is. < insert grin >

Vee said...

Oh forgot to say what fun to get happy mail all the way from Scotland!

Sweet Tea said...

I feel the same way on the rare occasion that I need to get up early. As much as I would like to be a "Morning Person", it's just never gonna happen...Wonderful that you have a sweet friend in Scotland!

Judy said...

My stint at jury duty was very short several years ago...and I was thankful for that! Isn't it fun getting surprises in the mail?