Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Activities Have Begun!

Our Christmas calendar with things long planned is now happening!
Last night Amber and I attended an Andrea Bocelli Concert.

First - dinner OUT!! Just the two of us!

We had such a good time together!

We were BOTH so excited about this concert!

This is just a snippet but we enjoyed every single note throughout the evening!

I have often sat in my living room with a glass of wine and listened to him sing 'Time to Say Goodbye.'

All too soon the concert was ending......but not the memories we made!

I think I blinked twice in the night and it was MORNING!!!

Time to drive to Fort Worth and pick Mother up at the salon and take her to lunch!

We drove to Granbury and ate at The Cottonpatch Cafe.
Mother LOVED the catfish!

We went to Granbury so I could do some Christmas Food shopping!!

My Christmas Tea is coming up and I needed to stock up on party food!
Hootin' Anni's  talked about the HEB Pecan Pralines and how DELICIOUS they are!!
You know the power of suggestion!! I bought cheese and crackers, deli meets, chips, cookies, veggies, wine, tea ......and PRALINES!!!! I will cut each one up into bite size pieces so we all experience the deliciousness of them!!

When I took Mother home she got quite a surprise!
Mother now lives with Deanie and she had gone over and brought back some of Mother's things.

Little things that make her feel like she is HOME!!!

We all enjoyed our visit together then I had to tear myself away and drive home.
I had missed 4 phone calls from Louis Dean and he was frantic thinking something had happened to me! He couldn't IMAGINE me not answering my PHONE!!!!

After we unloaded all the groceries, we began working in the gazebo.
It was dark by then but no worries! We have plenty of LIGHTS out there!

Louis Dean had blown all the leaves out and we began our last decorating chore.

It's all a snowman theme.

This makes a pretty spot by my chair.

ALL these snowmen used to live in Louis Dean's bathroom!!!

He's grateful they are in the gazebo now!!
The clay pot snowmen were made by Amber and Ben in 1999.

You gotta love a man that is still smiling after helping his wife decorate!

I think part of it is he likes the twinkling lights in the basket.
He untangled them and then programmed then to flash and twinkle!

He's such a cutie!!!

So this is where we are tonight!
The fire pit is still burning so we may sit out here a little longer.
However, it will take me a good while to turn out all the lights around here so we won't be long!


Kathy said...

Oh wow! Andrea Bocelli's voice is fantastic!!! Oh my, how wonderful you snuck in a little video!

Your mom is so cute. I could understand perfectly every word she said. She was really touched with her room. So nice to make it hers.

Love the gazebo. It must be nice to still be able to sit outside. Much too cold for that here.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Thank you for that video clip of Andrea Bocelli! Nussun Dorma is one of my favorites! What a treat! And it is always a treat to see your sweet Mama! She is doing so well!

Oh, and I love your gazebo too! Very festive!


MadSnapper said...

i enjoyed the short video of andrea, and i would love to see his show... your home is ready for the holidays for sure...

Arlene G said...

What fun Linda!! and it is nice that you can spend time with your mom and your daughter. Love that Louis Dean was the attentive husband...I get frantic when I cannot reach my sweetie too! I spent WAY too much money at the grocery store yesterday getting ready for some little parties here!

Jackie See said...

Oh, Linda I am so jealous! To see him and hear him live in concert gives me goosebumps! I watched your video clip over and over. What a great moment for you and Amber! We are having our BIG family gathering tonight so I am cleaning/decorating and cooking today with family coming in for the weekend the house must be ready. xxJackie

Susie said...

Linda, You and Amber are so pretty. I am glad your enjoyed the concert. Your mom is looking wonderful too. Well it just goes without saying that LD is a cutie. :):) Blessings to your whole sweet family. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Yes- ya gotta love a man like that. The one here would not be caught helping decorate! lol
Amber is cute and I am so glad you got to go to that concert. Look how spiffed up your Mom is with her hair done and lunch out. Sounds like you had a great couple of days! xo Diana

Angie said...

I absolutely adore your gazebo setting! What a beautiful festive place to sit and enjoy the holiday season :)

Vee said...

Loved hearing the twitter through the audience as Andrea's beautiful voice soared... You gals sure know how to dress up for an evening out and you looked so beautiful. Teared up at your mother's happiness with her own things in her new home. And all that's missing here are Louis Dean's dulcet tones, which I may love almost as much as AB's.

Sweet Tea said...

I think I could live in your lovely gazebo and be very happy.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blue snowman Christmas tree!!! Your mom is so full of joy and thankful to have her things and her memories around her room. This is the most I have heard her talk and she is SO happy! Your decorating is amazing, you could be a professional interior decorator. Did your phone need changed or did you just leave it in the car? No matter, he will appreciate you even MORE now!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Another great day! My daughter and I went to see "A Christmas Story" at Fair Park Musicals. She and her boss had arranged the tickets (unknown to me) and forgot that Bocelli was in town. :) Oh well...another time. So happy you and Amber had a lovely evening too!

Your mother looks really good...and I'm like her, love that catfish! I'm so glad you have a guy that will help you. I have no clue how you'd get all that done by yourself. Add in the pecan shelling, yard clean up, etc.


Penny said...

Live music is so good for the soul! Glad you and Amber had such a treat together. Louis Dean is a real honey helping you so much. You are a great team! X