Friday, December 19, 2014

A Perfect Friday Night!

I have many sisters but only ONE brother!!!

Meet my brother, Lonnie!!!
He has been experiencing some health problems lately and the Heart Cath Lab was on the agenda for today.
He passed with flying colors!!!!
WE already knew that Lonnie has a GOOD heart!!!
Now the doctors know that, too!
They will be tweaking his meds to control his blood pressure and doing some other diagnostic tests - 
but we are praising God for a good report on his heart!!!

Lonnie is blessed to have such a devoted wife as Michele!
WE are all blessed to have her in our life as well!

I know hospitals are serious places but we had lots of laughter and fun in Lonnie's recovery room after the testing!

After all was said and done - Lonnie was HUNGRY!!!!
The kind nurses brought him not ONE but TWO 'lunch boxes!!!'
He ate every bite!
Except for the potato chips and peach yogurt - I ate those!!!

My favorite story of the day was when Michele told us about the hospital admission session.
The lady asked Lonnie, "Have you been seeing any health care nurses?"
He said, "NO!!!! I am a MARRIED man!!!"
To know Lonnie is to love him - and we DO!!!!!

While Deanie and I were hovering over Lonnie - Louis Dean and Mother were out and about!
He took her to lunch at The Cotton Patch Cafe and then they spent some time in Walmart getting some new tires on our car and an oil change.
They had fun together!
Louis Dean did a little Christmas shopping!
He personally picked our t shirts for the youngest 5 grandchildren!
I was impressed! I have already bought their gifts but will be adding these with a special note!
THESE were chosen by Granddad!!!

We were home from Fort Worth by 5:00.
We changed into comfy clothes and while I emptied the dishwasher - from our party last night - HE built us a nice fire in the den.

We each have our drink of choice - I love a good margarita and he opted for a nice glass of wine.

Feet up by the fire and a drink in hand!
Add a plate of tasty nachos and a Christmas movie - 
this makes for a perfect Friday night!!!


Deb said...

A good day!!!!

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that your brother will be alright. Waiting for test results like that can be stressful. I don't blame you a bit for trying to lighten the mood in the hospital room.

Wanda said...

What a perfect Friday....and so glad to hear your brother is doing good. A good hearted brother. I had one too, and he lost his battle with cancer in Feb. He was only brother...and I have one sister..she's 79 this year and I wish we lived close to share times like you do with your sisters. One or many, we are blessed. I had a busy one today, and will do some more baking tomorrow.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear your brother made it through with flying colors. I was praying for him. I had a heart cath earlier this year so I knew exactly what he was going through. Afterwards I thought it was so much easier than I expected it to be and I hope Lonnie had that same experience.

LD is such a sweetheart to spend the day with your Mom. The t-shirts are just icing on the cake.

Debby said...

I just love your smile. You are such a happy one. Your husband and mother looked like they have been up to trouble. Is he wearing the car handicap thingie. My grandfather's name was Lonnie Leon. everyone called him Lon. You don't hear that name very much , do you. This week has been such a mess. Things are getting better. I have two days before I fly out. Oh my. We are having our Ohio Christmas here on Sunday. We have about 4 basketball games and one crazy sweater party and church before take off. Have a lovely Christmas. Hugs

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad your brother is alright! Your WHOLE family is cheerful with an upbeat attitude! Feet UP, that is what I am doing after a big shopping day. We are on the couch under a throw and watching our shows.

Gypsy Heart said...

God is good! So glad everyone had a good day...and evening.


Penny said...

Louis Dean is so kind to your mum! Glad your brother did well at hospital. I have one brother, 13 years younger than me, and I adore him. Have a lovely weekend X


I'm so glad your brother is doing fine and your only brother too, how nice...I have two I love, I'm the only girl. Yes, your LD is such a darling to your mom, but who wouldn't be, she's adorable too!
Merry Christmas to your big and beautiful family sweet Linda.

Lynne said...

Good Humor!
Good News!
...and a good cozy nightcap!
That's what I'm talking about!
Merry Christmastime!

Susie said...

Linda, I am so happy that Lonnie passed the heart tests. That was so funny what he said about being a married man. :):) I love a great sense of humor. The day ended very nicely. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

MadSnapper said...

the pefect end to a perfect day.. even your hospital visits are FUN.. so glad he got a good report from the test... good job on buying presents all by himself..

NanaDiana said...

Sounds like a perfect 'Friday night to me! The best part, of course, is that your brother's tests had good results. xo Diana

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

So glad to hear your brother's test were good results. A very happy evening. Merry Christmas Linda.

Vee said...

Yay for a good report! How any poor brother is expected to get any rest when you two are there hamming it up and stealing his food, too. LOL! Laughter is good like a medicine. I know that you were genuinely concerned so I am glad that yesterday went well and I hope that today was a day for relaxing.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You have a beautiful smile Linda! I bet you make friends easily. Your brother sounds like a hoot. Somehow, I think it runs in the family ;). Glad his test results were positive. That's a great Christmas present!

Carla said...

Glad your brother was okay. He sounds like David. Tell admissions he was married and not see any nurses would something David would come off with.
Laughter is good medicine. My Dad had us laughing most of the time when he wasn't sleeping or on meds.