Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good Times in Hillsboro, Texas! A Family Gathering.....

This afternoon we met up with Louis Dean's son - Dean and Sherry - and his grandson, Robert!

Robert drove all the way from Brownwood and Dean and Sherry drove in from their ranch in Mart.
We all rendezvoused at The Lone Star Cafe in Hillsboro, Texas!
The food was great and getting to visit together was even better!!!
We met for a late lunch and then hit the town for a little shopping!

There were thrift stores and antique shops and naturally we found some treasures!
These shoes were interesting and Louis Dean wanted me to get them!
However, I just took a picture of them instead!

The town is quaint and I get the feeling I have gone back in time!

Some of the stores are only open on the weekends - Friday through Sunday.

We all had fun browsing the shops!

We especially enjoyed THIS one!!!!

The Goodie Mill!!!
You know how much I love Goodwills!!!

While this is an antique shop instead of a Goodwill - there was still the thrill of the hunt that I love so well!!!

Meet the owner, Bonnie Burson, in the middle.
We loved that she offers wine, coffee and tea to her customers as they meander through the fairly large shop!

We had so much fun!!

And just LOOK at their beautiful cat!
He is on the wild side so no petting but he photographed beautifully!
Bonnie said they have an UPSTAIRS cat and this one is their DOWNSTAIRS cat!
The two have never met!

Notice Bonnie's clever desk!!!
I would have never thought to stack old encyclopedias to form a piece of furniture!

THIS was a couple of treasures from The Goodie Mill!!!!
A black and a brown fascinator!
A couple of ladies wear these at church and I have so admired them from a few pews back!
Do you think they will be surprised to see me wear one in the morning?

Other treasures included a set of Este Lauder eye shadow and cheek color, four gold napkins WITH beaded rings! The beautiful doll was just $5 and is now in our doll case. Since it was NOT expensive I just may let one of the grand girls hold her!
The red beaded wired ribbon will be used for Valentine's Day some way!

We lingered a little while right there on Main Street and visited just a bit more!

Small towns are interesting places and I'm glad Dean and Sherry suggested we meet up here!

Hopefully Louis Dean can start the repairs on our camper so we can take it back down  to the ranch and hang out with Dean and Sherry and the critters! April and October are THE two most beautiful months down there and our goal is to have our camper ready in time for April!

Three of my favorite men!!

I didn't get a lot of good pics but I LOVE seeing Louis Dean and his son together!

Small towns still have such beautiful buildings!

We brought home some Fried pies!
Sunday morning coffee will be extra special now!!

I did a bit of Susie Homemaker chores this evening while Louis Dean worked on his music.
Tonight I watched another Hallmark movie - okay! TWO movies!!
Louis Dean found free movies on our Verizon on Demand. We watched 'Fly Boys' this morning ! I do love a good movie!

Louis Dean called my attention to the fact that Maddie was paying HIM a lot of attention!!

You can see her pretty pink nails in this little clip!

I close this Saturday night journal entry with a picture of a man and his cat!
She's a good girl!!
Tomorrow I just may offer her some water - in a wine glass!!!


Deb said...

Sounds like a fun day!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Awwww, she is so sweet, and she is licking Louis Dean! Our cat does that only once in awhile, and I think it means they are really happy. What a great day you had! So did we, today was our 45th wedding anniversary! We didn't do anything special!! We will in a few days! Those fascinators look like Maddie would LOVE to play with them!! Are they tiny fancy hats? The upstairs and downstairs cat story is so funny! And your picture of their cat is beautiful!!! The angle of the way it was taken makes it almost look like beautiful artwork.

Diana Ferguson said...

It's been a long time since I stopped in there. Need to!!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you got to spend some time with Robert and his parents. They are all so sweet. That shop looked interesting. Boy Maddie is loving LD. :):) What a fun day you had. I want to make sure I wish you , LD, and your families a very Merry Christmas. I love you guys, Susie

Jan said...

Sounds like a great day! We love those pies from the Original Fried Pie Shop! We like to stop in at the one in Weatherford when we head out to see our son in Midland.

Aloha Acres said...

I do love a small town, but small SOUTHERN towns are the best ever.