Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Friday With Mother! AND some OTHERS!!!

It was a wonderful thing to wake up to a normal Friday with Mother!
This Friday was extra special because Amber and the quads joined us!
Since Mother had a longer appointment - she had a perm today - Amber and I met up at Hobby Lobby!  My favorite moment was when I came out to greet them - I had arrived earlier - and she rolled the window down so I could hear them all screaming and yelling about seeing Grandma!!!
Yes, they are beginning to call me GRANDMA!!!! I love it!!!
Amber and I each checked a few items off our to do list!
I had some art supplies I needed and she designs jewelry!

Harrison asked to go in MY car - his exact words were - "I go with YOU!!!" - so he and I loaded up and Amber and the others followed me to the salon to pick up Mother.

She was so excited!!!
This is a new salon but she followed her same favorite hairdresser over here and she loves it!
It is Legacy Salon and Day Spa and really classy!
We always scope out the area for convenient places to shop and have lunch.
The Olive Garden is just RIGHT THERE!!!

Win! WIN!!!!

Mother is looking GOOD!!!

She enjoyed lunch with all the quads and Amber AND me!!!
I ordered the Chicken and Gnocchi Soup - and she LOVED it!!!
A different restaurant is always a bit tricky but I think this one is a winner!
The service was EXCELLENT and it was such a good time for EVERYONE!!!

We ALL enjoyed our lunch!
From there I needed to go by Nita's to deliver some sausage and bacon she had ordered from my grandson's  Boy Scout Troop.

I called Nita and she said to make ourselves at home and let the kids enjoy her decorations and play in the back yard! So we DID!!!!
Logan said, "This is so PRETTY!!"
Only when SHE says it - it sounds like 'PRITTY!'

Nita keeps toys available for the children who come visit!
She is such a hostess - even when she's not there but busy at her work!

Aunt Deanie came over to visit with all of us!

Gotta love a little boy who likes to snort!!
Logan tries.......

Nita invited us - by phone - to open up a bottle of bubbly!
And so we did!!!!

It was a wonderful Friday and we all had such a good time!
From Nita's we went our separate ways.....Amber back to Dallas and Mother and Deanie back to her house and I stopped to do a couple of errands on my way home.

Louis Dean was cracking and shelling pecans when I drove up in the driveway!
He is worth a FORTUNE!!!

THIS is what I bought at a favorite thrift shop in Fort Worth!
The pillows are perfect for the plaid theme I have going on in the den!
The stockings are hung in other rooms and that glass is sitting here beside with Chardonnay in it.

Louis Dean loves for me to read to him and when I spotted this book at the thrift store I knew we would both enjoy it. I read the first story to him as soon as I got home. We just sat out there on the driveway and he shelled pecans while I read. Another Win! WIN!!!

He stayed out there as long as he had enough light to see by while I came in and did some decorating in the dining room.
It's beginning to come together!!!

I think it's about time to take some snacks and go back out on the driveway to finish our 'sitting.'
The weather has been warm today and the night is almost balmy!

We hope to close out tomorrow night in our gazebo with a fire in the outdoor fire pit.
Once the gazebo is decorated I am almost DONE!!!

Hope everyone has had as good a Friday as we did!!!


Kathy said...

You DID have a good Friday. The picture of the four generations is so precious.

I love the picture of your house lit up at night. So pretty.

I hope you are baking something special for LD with all those pecans he's been shelling.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Loved the snort ! Laughter and love and family . What could be better.

Deb said...

Wha a fun day! The weather was awesome today...a perfect chance to burn off some energy for the little ones

White Lace and Promises said...

What a wonderfully fun day! Oh my goodness, everyone looked like they were having a ball. I just love fun photos of little ones. Your mother is beautiful. What a treasure for her to be able to be active and enjoy those great grands. Cherish the time. It is gone too soon. I miss my parents so much during this time of year.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Tell your mom she is a happy and pretty vision in that red blouse; she looks beautiful! And you would never know she had been so sick! So she is pretty much your Christmas miracle! Your edits are so good! I love what you did with the big blue wine bottle. But my favorite sweet sweet edit is the Quads in picture #12. It is beautiful! That snort is so funny, and it seems like it comes naturally. The pillows look like presents, they are SO Christmassy! I have been looking for a Christmas throw pillow, but even at 50% off, they are still expensive! I am still adding bells and other things that I find. I think that you and I may still be decorating on Christmas eve!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I can see you had a wonderful day...4 generations together! Your mother is looking lovely as always. I LOVE Olive Garden!!

You always inspire me to get busy. I will be working like crazy this weekend to start my decorating!

Jane xx

NanaDiana said...

What really wonderful family photos. You have a beautiful family and I love that the generations can all get together. Your mother looks GREAT!

I thought I had every Maeve Binchy book there was-but I have not seen that one. xo Diana

MadSnapper said...

i am thinking having quads for lunch in Olive Garden causes quite a stir.. the perm looks great and your mothers smiling face is just beautiful. she says joy just looking at her. i started imagining me reading out loud to Bob and fell off my chair laughing.. good job LD shelling and listening... he is a keeper

Arlene G said...

Visiting from Gina's blog! What a beautiful mama you have! And those grands...just precious. Any man who shells pecans is a treasure!

Vee said...

Just a blessing to see your mother looking so beautiful and well! The entire family is looking beautiful! Another wonderful day in the can as they say.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love these fun, but simple days that make such good memories.

You are living a wonderful live, Linda!


Linda said...

It does sound like you had a fabulous friday, I am particularly jealous of the weather. You are lucky to have your mother around and she looks great! If I'd get off this computer I could get a teeny bit of decorating done.

Susie said...

Linda, That was a most wonderful day. Your mom is looking very good. She should wear red more she looks lit up in it. the kids enjoyed their play time too. What a great picture of Your mother, you, amber and the quads. A blessing. xoxo,Susie

jamarson1 said...

That's a great pic of your mom smiling with the bubbly!

Gypsy Heart said...

Your mother is looking wonderful! Love that she enjoyed some of the bubbly. I think that's the answer for anyone, any time! :) Great day with family and many memories made.


Carla said...

Your mother is looking great. I love that picture of the kids around the pole. Something about it makes me smile
My salon is by star bucks but Olive Garden sounds tastier. LOL