Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Update on Mother and a TBT Pic from London 2006!

Louis Dean and I went to bed bone tired last night and woke up this morning much refreshed! I stayed in bed until nearly 11:00!! I have spent this day resting and putzing around. I THINK I have added the last bits and pieces of ribbon to the Christmas decorations inside the house! I meant to start in on the gazebo today but have decided to wait. That's my last decorating to do!
This morning my sister, Deanie, sent me some cute pictures of Mother!

Mother is looking well and happy these days!

She does love a shopping trip!!

I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow!

Deanie is having some work done at their new home! 
They are putting in a driveway to park their plumbing trucks.
Did you KNOW my sister owns a Plumbing Company??

Mother can't wait to get her coffee and stand by the window to watch!!!

Deanie thinks she would LOVE to go out there and supervise!!!!

I will close with my Throw Back Thursday pics from 2006.

I took Amber to London to celebrate her 21st birthday!

The highlight of our trip was seeing Phantom of the Opera!
It has played there continuously since opening in 1985 - the year Amber was born!
It is now in its 28th year!!!

Tonight Amber and I will share another dream come true!
We are going to see Andrea Bocelli!!

I am SO excited!!!!
The show is not until 7:30 but I think I will start getting ready NOW!


NanaDiana said...

Your Mom looks SOOOO good, Linda! Had to laugh about her wanting to get out there to supervise. You and your Amber are both beautiful. Enjoy your Bocelli concert tonight- lucky girls! xo Diana

Terra said...

Oh to hear Andrea Bocelli sing in person, wow. Your mom looks happy and involved, and maybe she does want to supervise the workers!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The picture of you and amber, you look like sisters! Your mom really does look better than I have seen her. We love the Phantom! Your sister is a plumber? And owns her own company? I have never seen a female plummer, but I know they are out there. I commented late on your last post, only a couple hours ago. I hope you read it!!

Kathy said...

I just bet your mother DOES want to supervise. And she'd probably do a good job of it too. She looks better than I have seen her in quite a while. No one would ever know she was sick recently.

Have fun at the concert tonight lucky lady!

Vee said...

Ohhhh, you're going to have a fun time!

Your mother looks fabulous in red. So glad that she is feeling so much better. I'm sure that she could keep that crew in line.

LV said...

A lovely tribute to your mother. She looks so well and happy.

Arlene G said...

Love seeing your pretty mom...I know where you got your good looks Linda! We just saw Phantom of the Opera at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on Nov 2nd. It was wonderful!! Hope you enjoy your evening!

Susie said...

Linda, All you girls are looking good. Your mom's color is red...she looks like a new woman since she gotten over her illness. Hope you enjoy Andrea' Bocelli. I would love to hear him in person. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

Your Mom is looking great! So good to see her out and about now. You're lucky to have a plumber in the family. Loved the picture of you and Amber. So pretty! I love the phantom of the opera. Saw it many years ago. I also love Andre Bocelli. Hope you have a great time.

Don said...

Wow! Lazing in bed until 11??? I haven't done that in FOREVER! And I've been retired now since 2007. But that's nice you can do it. And I love the throw-back pictures about your trip to London. That had to be a remarkable trip.


Yes, mother is looking amazing! Amber looks so pretty and young and it's so hard to believe she's the mom of quads! Many blessings for all of you!
Happy holidays.

Debby said...

Your mom looks great. Have a great time. Exciting.

bj said...

Your mom is as cute as a button...just like you. :)
Have a great time...

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love Andrea Bocelli! What a wonderful time you are having! I love the you took your daughter to London! I've been to Scotland but I want to go to England one day!

Your mother is looking so well!


Wanda said...

Linda, you mom looks great. What special memories for Amber's 21st birthday, and you are still making memories. How nice to have a plumbing company in the family...haha

Jutta said...

The music of the phantom of the opera in great! I once went to see this in London. Yeah, ten days after nine eleven that was. I felt safe walking by myself back to the hotel afterwards because of the policemen. A memorylane again....

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MadSnapper said...

I love Andrea... and i would love the Phantom to .. what a birthday gift. i wish i was close enough to use your sister for a plumber and Deb for AC, we had two visits from each of those and it broke our bank

Sweet Tea said...

Your Mom looks wonderful in her pretty red coat. God bless her! I know you'll have a wonderful time tonight. Enjoy!

Carla said...

That picture of you and Amber is beautiful and your Mom continues to look great.