Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Guess Who Wanted to Have Their Nails Done??

Louis Dean! That's WHO!

All three of us - Ruth Ann, Louis Dean, and I - filed into the Lovely Nails salon!
The ladies there make such a fuss over him! 
While Ruth Ann and I only got pedicures today, Louis Dean went all out with a mani AND a pedi!!
He is just about the cutest thing EVER!
He did tell the lady, "Don't SANDPAPER my feet!!!!"
We laughed and talked all through our visit and when we left everyone - including other customers - waved and told us good bye!!! Louis Dean was like a celebrity!!

From there we went right next door to Empa Mundo for lunch.
This is a little place specializing in delicious Argentinian empanadas.
Louis Dean struck up a conversation with the owner and it turns out he is a musician!
Raul Gordon came from Argentina over 50 years ago and learned to speak English by watching the Johnny Carson show. He said Carson had THE best voice for learning English because he didn't have an accent.

From there we dropped Louis Dean off at home and Ruth Ann and I headed back out to do what we do on Tuesdays!!! No movie today, though! We both needed to get our flu shots so we accomplished that at Walgreens where I just happened to find the BEST Christmas presents for my young granddaughters!!!

Elsa Caps with Braids!!!!

I got Logan, Trystan and Rayne all Elsa ones and an Anna one for Kailey.
Louis Dean wants me to go back and buy one for myself!
My hair's the same color and he thinks it would be fun for me to wear it to the jam session Thursday night!

No Tuesday is complete without some Goodwilling!!!!

We hit up two thrift stores and I did find a few treasures!!!

I love the bird bath and I knew Louis Dean would love it, too!
We buy bird seed by the 50 pound bags and watching all our little feathered friends is a favorite pastime of ours.

The stocking was just what our front door needed!
Remember! My motto is: MORE is always BETTER!!!!

With my gallivanting around today, I didn't make much progress on the house.

While I didn't finish the utility room I did make a pretty good stab at it!
First of all - I took everything down and spread out a folded Christmas tablecloth.
This was a favorite and has been well used. There are a few stains and these are nicely hidden under the folds.

Nothing gets done without making a real MESS!!!

There is now a Christmas Tree in the laundry room!

My Christmas cookie jars are filled to the brim with Christmas Miss Debbie treats!

I still have much to do.......

and I will be doing it another day!

Normally I do not have art class or even try to paint when I am decorating.
Tonight I did clear off the table and get art out because I need to finish this Santa for Christmas.
Red pigment takes a LONG time to dry!!!
One last session to glaze this next week and then hopefully it will be at least dry to the touch by Christmas.

I close tonight's journal entry with this precious Angel lamp.
This was a thrift store find today and I think it is just beautiful.
The shade is an ivory color when the light is turned off.
SO pretty and it sits in the angel themed foyer where it will live year round!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day in Quadville!
I get another break from all the decorating and will pick up where I have left off on Thursday.
At least I have a few rooms that are decorated AND clean now! 
I am half way done!!!


Sweet Tea said...

Loved seeing Louis Dean getting all mani and pedi'ed. Too cute. You simply amaze me with all your beautiful holiday decorating.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The angel lamp is wonderful! And your front door just gets better and better! I just don't know how you did that to it to make it so awesome!! Louis Dean is cuter than cute! And he is right, everyone likes a man with clean nails and nice feet. Men need some pampering, too! I love your cookie jars! You must buy yourself a braid cap!! When I first saw the picture, I thought it was somehow your real hair! What fun! We used to watch Carson almost every night, it was the end of a T.V. era when he left. He really did have a calming voice. Your Santa and Jesus is so good!

Deb said...

Love that Louise Dean had his nails done too! You find the best treasures! Can't wait to hear about your day with the quads

Hootin Anni said...

First...love the background template Linda.
Secondly....You go JD!!! Be just as stylish as your womenfolk.
Thirdly....LOVE your santa painting.

Hootin Anni said...

sorry...LD....Louis. Goodness gracious. Too early I guess.

Kathy said...

Louis Dean IS a celebrity. Why, he's even known as far away as Philly! Ha ha. That is so cool that he had his nails done. I like your birdbath. I've been thinking of getting one. We have a bird feeder that the squirrels and stray cats attack all the time. Those Frozen hats are so cute. Can't wait to see the quads wearing them. And yes, you should definitely get one for yourself.

Diana Ferguson said...

Too cute! Would love for my guy to get his done.

MadSnapper said...

I love the scene with the cookie jars and that angel lamp is beautiful. you find the most treasures in good will of anyone i know... you could take one of your caps and braid some yarn and make your own hat for the party. they are really cute.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You have a very happy, fun life! Your good cheer spread all across blogdom!


Susie said...

Linda, I just get the feeling that LD doesn't know a stranger. He is so nice to everyone. I bet you guys rocked that nail salon.LOL. I wish I had your energy. I have sat down three times trying to decorate this tree. It's not being tired so much as losing my focus...I feel like there's a spark missing somewhere. It needs to be right under me arse.....haha, I need motivation. I better hop to it. Christmas is coming. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Judy said...

Smiling as I imagine your visit to the nail salon! Your front door is beautiful...and everything else looking most festive as well!

Gypsy Heart said...

I love to see a man that cares about grooming! I'm sure they were sad to see the 3 of you leave. Glad you had a great day! That Santa is beautiful. I really don't know how you do all this Christmas everywhere ~ I put up one small tree last evening and my back hurt so bad it forever to go to sleep. It's so annoying besides being painful.

Hope today in Quadville was great!

Bev said...

Loved seeing LD getting his pedi!.... Hubby loves having them:))

Aloha Acres said...

I've been trying to get my husband to get a pedi with me for 25 years! Tell LD I'm impressed!

Carla said...

I just don't know how you do it.
I'm in awe