Friday, July 25, 2014

The Stars at NIGHT are Big and BRIGHT!!! Deep in the Heart of Texas!!!

We stayed up last night admiring the stars! They are beautiful down here in the country without all the lights of the city! Louis Dean is going to try to take some night pictures this evening with his fancy camera but suffice it to say - they will not do the brilliance of the stars justice!
Along about 2:00 this morning, Louis Dean woke me up. He had set up our gravity chairs again and said I should come out and see the sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful!!! We could see the Milky Way and even saw TWO shooting stars! The words to 'How Great Thou Art' came to both of our minds and we sat out there in the midst of the glory of God and sang!

We slept late and spent the rest of the morning sipping coffee and reading.

April and October are the prettiest months down here at the ranch but every month has its own beauty.

I really enjoy all the wildflowers here. Next year I will bring my wildflower books and my leaf journal and document the dozens of different flowers throughout the seasons.

It was the afternoon before we were ready to 'go to town.'

We had to make a Sam's run and shop for Camp food at HEB.
After the slow pace at the ranch it seemed especially busy and frantic in town!
Funny how that happens. We were gone four HOURS!
I needed a nap when we got back to the camper!
So I took a delicious one - tucked under the covers and everything!!

That took care of the headache I had developed!
We spent some time down in the meadow with the early arrivals for Karate Camp.
These flags fly over the barn down there.
That is the Gonzales Flag. 

While Louis Dean is a Black Belt in Karate, our purpose at the camp is to help with the food.
We enjoy getting to be a part of all of this.

Hot dogs were on the menu for tonight.
One of Dean's students built a fire using the wood he gathered from here and there.
Everything tastes better when you cook and eat it outside!

The rest of the camp people will arrive in the morning so we may go to bed pretty soon.
That way IF we wake up in the wee hours of the morning we just may get up and watch the heavens again!


Ginny said...

He is a black belt, I am impressed!! I love your fire picture. The older I get, the more I enjoy good naps. Either under a throw or under the covers. But I have to be careful. If I sleep too long, then I am up all night.


I could do that every night!! Love just sitting in the silence drinking in the beauty of the heavens. It truly is inspiring and making one realize just how small we all are.

Enjoy your busy time.

Kathy said...

How wonderful to be able to look up in the sky and see all the wonders of God's creation! I would have joined in singing with you.

I firmly believe in naps and plan on taking one every day while I am on vacation. Funny how when I was little I fought it and now I look forward to it. Ha, ha!

Have fun at the karate camp!

Cheryl said...

Oh, I loved the picture of you and your hubby out late at night, gazing at the stars, and giving their Creator the honor that He is due!!

And I thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog! God is good!!

Sandra said...

wow how cool to be married to a black belt. LD is amazing!!! i fully understand the watching those stars. every morning at 4 am we take the dogs out and the stars are so amazing when the world is asleep

Vee said...

Oh my, Linda! I haven't done that in years! How sweet of Louis Dean to wake you at two in the morning for a view of the heavens!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Karate Camp!
I am here!
soooo late, but here! ...and singing..."deep in the heart of Texas!"
Such deep, Texas LOVE is always here when I visit!
I apologize for not leaving many comments of late. I have popped in, and checked out the happenings here. Mom had complete knee replacement surgery, and I took part in a blog party, ( I don't party often, due to my limited time for blogging!) It was a lovely experience!
I am so happy that life is treating you well under those beautiful Texas stars. I'll shoot you a star from up north tonight!

Diana Ferguson said...

Love our TEXAS! Have a great time.

Susie said...

Linda, You are even making camping sound fun .LOL. I love that you and LD sang while watching the stars. One of the nicest trips Ted and I ever took ...we had a lady trip planner with us and we sang every evening after our days excursions. Thinking of you two adventuresome people singing under the stars. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Angie said...

Sounds like you all are definitely enjoy God's amazing creations!

Carla said...

great photos.
Louis Dean has a black belt? Whoa!