Friday, July 11, 2014

MiMi Camp 2014: Closing Day!!

Today was the grand finale to MiMi Camp!!

While I slept in Granddad was in the kitchen making breakfast!
Homemade biscuits along with bacon and eggs!

I printed off driving directions and fixed sandwiches for our lunch while the kids packed their bags and loaded them in the trunk.
We were off for Burger's Lake!!!

Sam was a good navigator and we arrived without one wrong turn!

This is a beautiful natural spring fed lake!
It is super 'Family Friendly' with NO alcohol allowed!
There is plenty of shade and sandy beach areas.

Something for everyone!!!
I am one COOL MiMi!!! That spring water is ICY COLD!!!!
Sam snapped this photo at just the right moment!

We stayed a little over 5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it!!

From there we drove to my brother's house in Benbrook!
They had graciously invited me to pick peaches.
Sam, once again, helped navigate me there!
I had put in their OLD address and when we drove up to THAT house I knew something was wrong!
Praise God they had moved within the same neighborhood and I found it by memory! 

The peaches are delicious!!!!
Uncle Lonnie and Aunt Michele gave us glasses of iced tea and juice boxes which were perfect for a hot July afternoon!

Our last stop was to pop in on my Mother. The kids call her 'Aunt GiGi!'
They don't see very much of their dad's side of the family and stay a bit confused about who is who.
Faith wanted to know if Lonnie was a man or woman and if I had any sisters!

Louis Dean was glad to see me drive up the driveway this evening!
I think my supper will be a bowl of fresh sliced peaches just hours off the tree along with some cottage cheese and a good glass of wine. This will be followed by a shower and then I will climb into my comfy bed and SLEEP!

MiMi Camp 2014 is now officially over!


  1. Your peach dinner evening sounds delightful! You were what we used to call "A Good kind of tired!" I love the picture of you in the cold water! The lake looks lovely with all those special things added to it.

  2. Fresh peaches how cool! Your camp was a big success!

  3. Great MiMi Camp 2014 ! Now please give yourself & LD a quiet easy weekend! Watch a movie on TV or read. Be kind to yourself:) Lovz

  4. Fresh peaches - what a treat! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. That lake/spring looks like the coolest place ever.
    Your Mimi Camp sounded like a lot of fun this year. I know your exhausted though, get some rest :)

  6. What a cool way to end Mimi Camp. I know the kids had a wonderful time this year. How could they not? Now get some rest this weekend. You deserve it!

  7. What an awesome great wonderful camp!!! You truly are loaded with ideas and energy, Linda! And what a special time that resulted. Priceless!!!

  8. A super wind-up to Mimi Camp! Loved all the pictures and especially the ones of the grands in the peach tree. You filled up the day with love and that is a beautiful thing!

  9. yet another full and fun day. i really like the peaches in the trees, so precious.. and i would love to play in that spring and fountain

  10. Love the picture of you under the water!!!

  11. Linda, If I could have picked a grammy for myself...I sure would want one like you. You are a wonderful grandmother, fun and kind. I think the children had a blast, they seemed to have a smile on those sweet faces the whole time. Hope you get rested. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. Peaches Cream and Sugars or ice cream and peaches sounds good to me.

    That lake place looked really nice.
    Fun pictures