Saturday, July 12, 2014

A PEACHY Saturday!!

I have totally enjoyed this laid back Saturday!! No rush to get out of bed this morning so I read a little in my Fern Michaels novel and played Scrabble with my friends via Facebook. Had morning coffee with Louis Dean in the gazebo and visited with my daughter in law on the phone. An easy going kind of day! Two hours after waking up I was back in the bed for a nap! Now THAT'S a Saturday!

While Louis Dean worked in the utility room I sliced up the peaches we picked at my brother's.
A full dozen quarts are in the freezer!

While I was at the lake with the older grands yesterday, Louis Dean pulled out all the shelves, tore down the wallpaper and removed the counter above the washer and dryer.

This room looks so much BIGGER! At least it does right now!

Louis Dean will repair the walls then I will stucco, Kiltz and paint them.
He will put the flooring down and then we will install new cupboards.
LD asked me, "Just WHAT are you calling cupboards?"
Cabinets!!!! WITH some open shelving! AND a few electrical outlets!
AND a shelf above the pantry and water heater doors.
What will I put on these?
Louis Dean loved knew my answer!

We have been recording some movies and then deleting most of them after watching just a few  minutes.Louis Dean is not a real 'Movie Man!' It's not easy to find something we both like but we did manage to get interested in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. It's on pause as I write my journal entry and he takes a bath.
We hope to stay up late enough to have a glass of wine together under the Super Moon tonight.
I just love days like this one!!


Deb said...

Sounds like a good day! Enjoy your leisure time...can't wait till our fun girls trip next Saturday

Vee said...

Another project! A beautiful new laundry room will be so nice. Mine's in the dungeon.

Your comment about returning to bed for a nap shortly after waking was mu story today, too. It was great.

Those peaches are going to be a great blessing...hmmmm...

Kathy said...

You needed a relaxing day after Mimi Camp and it sounds like you had a good one. The laundry room is going to look so nice once it's done. Take pictures! And so many peaches! Glad you were able to freeze them.

Ginny said...

I hope you saw the moon! If not, it is on my blog today. You sliced a dozen quarts of peaches? Standing or sitting? Anymore, I have to sit to do things like that. Hallmark has GOOD movies! and they have their own weekly summer series "Cedar Cove". It starts again next week, and is good with good values. I can't wait to see the utility room!

Angie said...

A nap two hours after waking, that definitely makes for a GREAT Saturday!!!

Those peaches look delicious :)

Sandra said...

we do a lot of deleteing movies we record. usually if i have four on the DVR we will watch one all the way through.. that big moon is here to...

must love junk said...

A perfect day, for sure! Your posts always leave me so happy :)

Deanie W said...

Who knew that laundry room is spacious:)
So happy to know you are taking time for yourself!
I also have peaches from Lonnie and Michele, they are wonderful!!! I didn't get 12 quarts but I'm happy you did!

Debbie said...

i am drooling....over the peaches and ld!! he sure is handy and cute, but maybe not in that order ;)


Oh goodness, I love peaches, fresh and into a pie, lol! Your LD is such a worker, like Alejandro, we are so lucky! Have a lovely week ahead and thanks always for visiting me!

Susie said...

Holy crap, who needs a work crew, when you have Louis Dean !!! Doesn't that man astound you? And look at you, sleep late and still get that many peaches put up for this coming winter. LOL. You guys kill me.:):) Can't wait to see your new laundry room. I bet you are ready for it too. Hope you got to see and enjoy the moon.xoxo,Susie