Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quadville Days

Granddad and I arrived in Quadville Tuesday night so we could be here to help Amber for a few days.
She had physical therapy Wednesday morning and then had injections in both feet.....again.
This was her second round of shots and they are extremely painful.
She was on a magnesium sulphate IV for 2 months while she was pregnant with the quads.
This was what KEPT her pregnant and without that IV she probably would not HAVE the four precious 2 year olds she has now!
However, that took a huge toll on her body - and that toll continues!
All her muscles and ligaments are relaxed to the point she has many issues with pain in her joints and feet.
Treatment is helping but she simply cannot care for the quads by herself until she is physically stronger and not in so much pain.

That's where friends and family come in!
We try to pick up the slack - especially after these injections. She has to stay off her feet for a few days as she is recovering. That's hard for her to do.....

The kids have loved playing with this vintage Fisher Price Xylophone from their Aunt Deanie!

They all took turns!

I think she said it was from the 1950's!

They are also enjoying the big wooden kitchen set that my friend, Brenda, gave them.
She used it with her granddaughter and now the quads use it every single day!

The babies are changing in their looks.......
even from week to week I am amazed at all they are learning.
You can practically SEE them growing!!

Trystan was out of sorts for a bit yesterday afternoon so Granddad was holding her and the other three would stand by her and pat her!

After nap time yesterday we had a tea party!

I used the crusts from the lunch sandwiches for our snack.
I buttered them and then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top and toasted them.

It made for a good tea party food.

Since we are here for a few days we brought our cat.
The quads learned to shake her treat jar so she would come out from under the bed.

Granddad has a hard time trying to sneak off and rest.
Kailey searches the house until she finds him!!

He was the key ingredient of our afternoon entertainment!

They love their Granddad!! Just about as much as their granddad loves them!!!


All four babies are in toddler beds now.
Well, that was our Wednesday!

Since I cooked breakfast yesterday, Louis Dean stepped up to the stove this morning!

Sausage, eggs and biscuits!
We slept like logs last night and didn't wake up until 8:30 am!
That gave us enough time to get breakfast ready and the playroom cleaned up before the babies woke a little after 9:00! I LOVE it that they sleep late in the mornings!!!

Grandad read The Pout-Pout Fish books while the quads made Ocean Bottles.
Amber is constantly putting together activities to keep them challenged and makes learning so much fun!

We all enjoyed a Fish movie before lunch! I admit to sitting in there with them because I wanted to see how the story ended!

Everyone is napping as I write. Even the dogs are asleep in their kennel. The house is quiet.
I will close with this photo from 2009 - I THINK!!!

Deanie had brought Mother over for a visit as I was recovering from my right total knee replacement.
I'll be going straight to Fort Worth in the morning from here in Dallas and I just MAY be taking a very special visitor WITH me!!! No, it's NOT Lucy!!!


Ginny said...

Well, I have to admire you for not napping like the others! Poor amber! How long will she need to get the shots? My favorite here is the game of backing up and then running into grandpa's lap! We have the Pout Pout Fish book, it is great for the little ones.

Vee said...

I read this aloud to John and he says, "That Amber is going on the daily prayer list." You betcha! We know that The Lord wants her to be well and able to care for her children without pain. Also showed him the pic of you and Kailey and he said, "That baby grew into a little girl since last time I saw her." That was just before you went down to the ranch. He's in a bit of shock. LOL! You look so cute and perky...a fresh haircut methinks.

Deb said...

Can't wait to see who you are hearing all about your days with those precious babies

Wanda said...

Oh Linda...The Quads are growing and changing every time you post pictures. What adorable faces. Grandpa is so cute with the kids, and you look so darling serving tea. Love and Hugs

Simone Dankenbring said...

Linda, they are growing up so fast! Praying that Amber's pain will disappear. What a blessing to see the babies growing up.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh! Those children are NOT babies anymore!! Thank you for bringing us along on this journey! I hope Amber is well soon! I've missed so many of your posts and I need to back track.

Love to all of you!

Jane xx

Sandra said...

i enjoyed the tee potty... that is what it sounds like when they talk. so cute so sweet and so is LD being the worlds best grandpa... love the shot of the chair full of little ones...

Changes in the wind said...

Oh those babies will have the best memories of the Grandma and Grandpa..

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Oh bless her heart- I hope the shots are helping her. Thank God for family, right? Your quad grands are gorgeous little tykes and I can tell you and pap spoil them! Have a blessed weekend!

Susie said...

Linda, Thank you so much for explaining what was happening with Amber's feet. Bless her heart.I hate that she is suffering. Thank God she has you and LD and others to help out when she needs it. I would if I lived near by. I can certainly see why you were wore out and slept like logs. :):) Soon, way too soon, they will be in school. I too am amazed at their growth. Blessings to all of you, Hug Amber for me, xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

Poor Amber. I love the picture of the kids all crowded around Grandpa and Trystan. Too Sweet