Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Last Day at the Ranch.......for awhile...

This has been a lovely lazy Sunday at the Ranch - for US!!
We slept in and leisurely had our coffee and devotion time. 
I made BLT's for lunch along with some potato salad and baked beans.
While we were relaxing - Karate testing was going on down in the meadow.
We could hear the sounds of wooden weapons meeting wooden weapons all the way to our camper.
By the time we ventured down there all the Karate students were gone.

Shihan Dean Chapman!

This was beautiful to watch! I only captured a few moments of it.

This was so pretty. Pretty may not be the best word to describe it from a Karate student but it was beautiful to watch Steve and Dean 'dance.'

Last night Louis Dean and I played the 'Old Folks' card!
We went back to our camper and watched the stars.
However, we WERE there to see the glorious fireworks display!!!
I MAY get Brownie Points for holding the flashlight as Don (a Karate student) lit the giant bonfire!
It was still smoldering this afternoon when we went down there!
No pics of the awesome stars in the sky as LD and I sat there in total enchantment!
So....basically NO pics of the huge bonfire OR fireworks OR shooting stars!
Trust me! It was ALL glorious!!!!

This was our last full day on the ranch.

We are going to miss having our camper down here! It has been a wonderful thing to have a 'place in the country' we could go and enjoy the seasons.
However, our camper is 'fragile.'
We need to address those leaks over the bed!!!
They have plagued us since our Katy days!
THAT seems like light years ago!!!
I also need to deep clean every single inch of the camper!
Ants are a recent problem and are the ONLY reason I have not been napping in my favorite spot - the Girl Bunk!!!

Louis Dean is a Master at Fly Swatting!
There is an ART to it and he can explain it eloquently!
The flies are a nuisance but not nearly as bad as earlier this month when I held MiMi Camp down here!!
EVERYONE was on 'Fly Patrol' then!!

Since this is our last night Louis Dean is about to light the campfire!
We cannot leave without the ceremony of a last fire.

I have dinner ready - a 'Clean Out The Fridge' kinda of meal!
We will eat and then sit out under the stars until we see a shooting one!

Thank you to Dean and Sherry for their hospitality!
We have enjoyed visiting down here since last October!
Hopefully we will be back soon WITH a cool refurbished camper!
AND one that DOES NOT leak on MY side of the bed!!!


Anonymous said...

nice and encouraging blog, i found you thrue another blogger..i will certainly follow you
dough my blog is in dutch ...i can read inglish...blessings

Kathy said...

Ah, things change all the time. I hope you are able to get the camper fixed so that you can enjoy more lovely days on the ranch.

Deb said...

sounds like you've had a perfect get travels home...

Wanda said...

Another wonderful weekend. Love the ritual of star gazing and also your morning coffee and devotions. I love my mornings on the balcony doing the same. I can see a painting of that chicken and chicken wire in the future. I know you would just do it justice.
This has been a big and busy weekend for us...we're just sitting here sipping coffee, having a choc. chip cookies and watching the Dodgers Ball Game. Sweet dreams..with no leaks...

Terra said...

You had a nice stay at the ranch and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

Ginny said...

Phil is a master at catching flies. He catches them in his bare hand, then throws them against the wall to stun them. Flies are so bad, also those no-see-ums, do you have those? Phil got bit so bad last week and his forehead is very swollen. Your lunch sounds awesome!!

Diana Ferguson said...

Great memories have been made!

Vee said...

Perhaps it is time to release this camper in favor of an excellent Craig's List find or something... I suppose you have thought through all the possibilities so please forgive my poking my oar in. I so appreciate how you share your experiences with us. John continues to work 6 out of 7 days and that leaves precious little time for any fun in my corner so your fun becomes important to me! ; >

Susie said...

Linda, I would love to see more of Dean's art...That was good. You and LD have had a wonderful time cooking , helping and star gazing. Glad it was a fun relaxing time for you both. Blessings for a safe trip home, xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

I hope to live a retirement like you one day. You have such wonderful stories to tell! That ranch area really looks like a wonderful getaway. I have no doubt that y'all will return again soon. Maybe in the Fall? Fall is such a great time to be outdoors.

Angie said...

I've so enjoyed reading your posts from the ranch! I'm sure Louis Dean will have that camper whipped back in shape in no time.

Carla said...

Aha a project. LD and you needed a new project. ;o)